EAA Chapter 177


Chapter 177 – I Won’t Let You Off Even If I Become A Ghost Part 2

“Mu Ru Yue, I won’t let you off even if I become a ghost!”

Mu Ting Er shouted with fury at Mu Ru Yue. Her heart was filled with a hatred that made her body shudder. She just wanted to shred to pieces the young girl in Madam Sheng Yue’s embrace.


Why was Mu Ru Yue so fortunate?


First, she had gotten rid of her trash physique. She then gained the acknowledgement of Grandmaster Wu Yu of the Qing Yun Sect. The publicly recognised idiot Ghost King became so outstanding. And now, she became the young mistress of the main branch of the Xiao family of Sheng Domain.

What about her?

She was dumped by her beloved man and tortured by him for what she said to Xiao Min. Currently, she’d even lost her sole identity.

She really couldn’t stand it!

“Become a ghost?”

Madam Sheng Yue laughed. Her laugh looked extremely beautiful and elegant, but it sent Mu Ting Er’s heart trembling instead. She looked with astonishment at this Madam Sheng Yue who displayed a wide smile

“I initially wanted to give you a quick death, but I won’t give you any chances since you said that. I will make it so that you can’t even become a ghost! There is a method in the Xiao family that can forcefully extract the soul of the person and use a kind of flame to burn it. The soul will then be completely destroyed. Do you think you still can become a ghost after that?”

Mu Ting Er’s face paled to the point where it didn’t have a trace of blood. Her eyes gradually widened with fear as she shrieked with all her might, “No! I don’t want that!”

“You don’t want? Why should I listen? I am a very superstitious person. You won’t let my daughter off even if you become a ghost? In that case, I won’t give you the chance to become a ghost. I want to see how you will harm my daughter then!”

Madam Sheng Yue’s face had a layer of frost as she looked coldly at the vigorously shivering Mu Ting Er.

At this moment, Mu Ting Er truly regretted it. If she’d known about this, she wouldn’t have said anything. It was really a pity that even if she regretted it, she couldn’t salvage anything from it.

“Hubby, I’ve heard that there is something called rumours in the outside world. Even though rumours aren’t scary, I don’t want rumours to spread. If not, some calculative people would definitely spread that my daughter killed her own father. Thus, I want you to dispatch people to lock these three up in a cage and parade them through the street in order to let the people know all of the mistakes they had done these past years. We will also let them know that Mu Ru Yue is our Xiao family’s daughter.”

Madam Sheng Yue’s face was like ice, and she gave a cold smile.

The light in Mu Qing’s eyes gradually dimmed as he’d lost his final chance…

“Yu Er, don’t worry. Leave this to me. I won’t let anyone bully our daughter.” Xiao Tian Yu looked at his beloved woman and said this tenderly.

Yet, he wasn’t as gentle toward others.

“Didn’t you hear the Madam’s instructions? Why aren’t you tying all of them up then? Lock them in a cage and parade them through the streets. Spread the news to everybody about what they had done to my daughter all these years.”

“Understood, young head and Madam!”

The crowd acknowledged their order and pulled up those three before them.

Mu Qing was resigned to his fate, but his daughters weren’t satisfied with such treatment so they struggled against the hold of these people. Yet, they still wasn’t able to escape the fate of being paraded in the streets, no matter how much they struggled.


If there was a medicine to treat their regret, then what use would the police be of then?

When Mu Ru Yue saw the father and daughter trio being dragged away, a mocking smile appeared on her face.

The outcome of the Mu family was a little out of her expectations, but the punishment dealt by Madam Sheng Yue was satisfying. She wouldn’t need to personally punish them then…

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  1. Makes me wonder if the ‘her jealousy is boundless’ from that prophetic man referred to Mu Ting Er? Or… well, actually, a lot of other girls fit the bill on this anyway. huhuhu I’m so excited for this. Thaaank you Translator-san!!! 😀

  2. Waaah…this was such a good read. And I finally caught up. I’ve been binge reading this and whew….I can’t wait to see more of Madame Sheng and Yue’s mother daughter interaction. And well hopefully we’d get to see the Ghost King and of course Yue’er’s Dage??? thaaaaank you soooo much for the update ?

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