EAA Chapter 185


Chapter 185 -Returning Home And Proclaiming Her Ancestry Part 5

Xiao Lin sighed. Just as he wanted to carry out Madam Sheng Yue’s order and protect Mu Ru Yue, who knew that at that moment, the little beast in the young girl’s embrace would lift its head. A trace of a tyrannical and cold light could be seen in its abyss-like black eyes.

Following that, he saw a black ray of light flash out. Xiao Min’s finger, which had been pointing at Mu Ru Yue, shattered. Blood immediately spluttered everywhere, and a heart-wrenching shout echoed throughout the entire Xiao family…

Xiao Lin was stunned for a moment before  turning back around, shaking his head as he smiled bitterly.

‘The eldest young mistress doesn’t seem to need their protection. The Madam had truly belittled the eldest young mistress…’


Mu Ru Yue didn’t even continue to look at the fainted Xiao Min as she turned to leave. Her indifferent appearance made it look as though nothing had happened…

Inside a training room, grey robes fluttered without any wind. Xiao Yin was currently at the most critical point in his training. He suddenly heard an anxious voice from outside the training room.

“Elder, something terrible has happened.”

Xiao Yin frowned, and with a trace of impatience, he lifted his head to look at the person that hurriedly came in. “What has happened for you to make such a fuss?”

“Some… something happened to the young mistress.” The man frantically continued, “The young mistress was hurt within the Xiao family. One of her fingers was cut off.”


Xiao Yin abruptly stood up with intense fury. After yelling out, he directly punched a great hole in the wall.

“Whomever hurts my granddaughter inside the Xiao family is seeking death!”

He gritted his teeth tightly and with bloodshot eyes, shouted with fury, “Immediately bring me to see Min Er!”

Min Er’s body hadn’t fully recovered after using the Xiao family’s forbidden technique. She was also unhappy from being defeated by a trash. Now, some damnable bastard dared to touch his granddaughter? That person must be seeking death!

He definitely wouldn’t let that person go!

Inside a room, Xiao Min consumed a pill and gradually woke up. She could still feel the piercing pain coming from her finger. She jumped into Xiao Yin’s embrace and wailed.

“Grandfather, you must avenge Min Er.”

Xiao Min’s face paled from the pain and the tears rolling from her eyes made her look really pitiful.

“Min Er, what happened?” Xiao Yin looked at his granddaughter with pain. This was the sole flesh and blood child that his son and wife left him with.

How could he not feel pain?

“Grandfather, it’s that bitch!” Xiao Min gritted her teeth with hatred when she remembered that damnable face of Mu Ru Yue. “It is all because of that bitch that I had fallen to such a state. I don’t know why she came to our Xiao family, but grandfather, you must help me kill that bitch. I must let her die a terrible death!”

Her current, sorry state was all because of that bitch.

‘From now one, it would be either you or I that lives. So long as I, Xiao Min, lives, I definitely wouldn’t let that bitch live!’

“Grandfather, she didn’t dare to put any importance on me. She surely knows some people in the Xiao family and just went along with her own ways, solely depending on her connections. But Grandfather is a founder elder of the Xiao family. If you go and plead to the family’s head, the head of the family will definitely stand on our side and kill that damnable bitch. Even if she knows people from the Xiao family, she will definitely die!”

A trace of viciousness appeared in Xiao Min’s eyes.

‘Mu Ru Yue, no matter what, you will definitely die here!’

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  1. “Whomever hurts my granddaughter inside the Xiao family is seeking death!”

    Wow a pair of chickens dreaming they are phoenixs – when did you guys become the xiao family, your just a branch family that can be broken off. I guess the family tree needs some trimming.

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