EAA Chapter 215


Chapter 215- You Are Wu Chen, Right? Part 4

The man’s expression focused and a black wind arose, blowing the bloodmist away. However, after the bloodmist was scattered, Nangong Zi Feng had already vanished.

Killing intent radiated from his body and the man’s purple gaze frosted over. Suddenly, he could feel a familiar aura at his back, causing his body to stiffen. The coldness he emanated gradually dissipated…

Since he had changed, he hadn’t been able to experience such warmth. A trace of gentleness warmed his purple eyes.



His heart ached again once he remembered his body’s current state.

“You are Wu Chen, aren’t you?”

The young girl’s voice was extremely gentle, and had an indistinct quiver to it.

The man stiffened. He really wanted to turn around and embrace her, and tell her what had happened recently. But he knew that he couldn’t…

Mu Ru Yue moved to stand before him and lifted her gaze to look into his purple eyes. “Every single time we meet, you always feel so familiar to me,  ever since the first time I saw you. I had suspected that you were Ye Wu Chen, but your flower thief ways of coming late in the night made me decide that you couldn’t possibly be Ye Wu Chen. Yet, how could I have forgotten that Ye Wu Chen had previously done the same thing…”

As she said that, a piece of jade appeared in her hand.

The word ‘Ghost’ was distinctly displayed on that piece of jade…

“Not long ago, I went to participate in a Pill Assembly. Ye Wu Chen came into my room late in the night. After he kissed me, I lost consciousness for some reason. When I woke up, I thought it had just been a dream. Yet, I found this jade in my room so I figured out that you had come that night…”

Mu Ru Yue looked straight at Ye Wu Chen as she said seriously, “Wu Chen, I don’t know what has happened, nor what difficulties you are currently facing. I just hope you can tell me about it yourself. No matter how dangerous it is, we will face it together. You don’t need to shoulder the burden alone.”

Ye Wu Chen’s heart shuddered. He gently pursed his lips and a peculiar emotion moved in his purple eyes.

At this moment, the young girl before him stood on her toes and placed a fleeting kiss on his lips.

His mind blank for a moment at that warm and soft sensation. This was the first time Mu Ru Yue had taken the initiative to kiss him. Ripples of excitement stirred his heart.

Ye Wu Chen held Mu Ru Yue’s shoulders tightly and lowered his head to deepen that kiss.

While he was lost in the kiss, his silver mask suddenly disappeared. He had been too careless…

Mu Ru Yue grinned as she held the mask in her hand and lifted her face to look at the man before her. She was stunned  after she saw his appearance.

This man was undeniably handsome, and there was a trace of nobility in his charming eyes.

Yet, there was a Devil’s Snare-like pattern covering half his face, contrasting sharply with the rest of his beautiful features. However, tt somehow enhanced his charm to the limit. His beauty could make the world lose its colour.

“Wu Chen, your face…” Mu Ru Yue lifted her hand to gently caress his face. Her expression was complex as she asked, “Is this the reason why you are unwilling to meet me?”

Ye Wu Chen shook her head and smiled bitterly. “I wouldn’t avoid you if it were just a change in my appearance.” [Miki: To Child Of Light readers, Miki believes Zhang Gong should learn from him. :)]

“Then what for?” Mu Ru Yue’s voices trembled. “Wu Chen, you kept me in the dark when you pretended to be a fool. I didn’t blame you for that. But why are you doing the same thing again? Why are you unwilling to tell me everything and share the hard times as well as the good times together with me? Wu Chen, do you know what I really want?” [Miki: impersonates MRY I want you to die takes out a knife and looks sinisterly at Ye Wu Chen]

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  1. Thank you for the teaser, though didn’t see your usual. Always the best part of my day reading the well placed teasers.

  2. Ugggh Child of Light..Zhang Gong. That was one lousy novel. Dno yet where this one is going but at least the MC’s arent as retarded as that Zhang Gong.
    Remembering bad stuff.. I really dont understand why people liked CoL, must be due to a lack of other novels to read at that time. Although guess a good thing was that CoL didnt have all that much useless fluff in between chapters..

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