EAA Chapter 216


Chapter 216- You Are Wu Chen, Right? Part 5

Mu Ru Yue was obviously angry.

She didn’t blame him for the first time as he’d had his reasons. But now, he was still doing whatever he wanted as usual. She’d worried about him facing danger every single moment of this half-year. Yet, he was by her side but didn’t reveal himself.

This man really didn’t know what she wanted.

“Ye Wu Chen, give me an explanation!”


This was the first time Mu Ru Yue had called him with his surname.

Ye Wu Chen panicked as he quickly walked forward. He reached out and grasped Mu Ru Yue’s hand tightly. A fear that he hadn’t experienced in such a long time coursed through him. This intense fear felt just like the moment he’d seen his parent’s murder under the hands of the Saintess Sect.

“Mu Er, I will tell you everything.” Ye Wu Chen held her hand securely as he feared she would disappear forever if he let go of her hand. “Previously, I had been hurt during a fight with the sect leader of the Saintess Sect and coincidentally stumbled upon a mysterious place. I obtained power from that place, but that power is too strong for me to control. I am currently trying to absorb that power, a small portion at a time. However, what I haven’t absorbed I can’t control, so it will burst out from me at random intervals. With your personality, if you knew about this, you would definitely stay by my side. Yet, I don’t want this power to harm you. If something happened, then I would regret it my entire life.”

That power could erupt at any time and even he himself didn’t know when it would . Thus, he stayed away from any contacts with other humans as much as possible during this period of time.

Once that power activated, he could definitely endanger many people.

Moreover, she was the one he feared to harm the most…

Mu Ru Yue didn’t reply and just looked calmly at Ye Wu Chen. Her gaze made Ye Wu Chen panic. He wanted to continue explaining himself, but didn’t know what to say…

“Mu Er, I promise that I will tell you everything in the future. I won’t hide anything from you anymore. Can… can you please stop being mad at me?”

Ye Wu Chen pursed his lips slightly as he looked pitifully at Mu Ru Yue.

His expression was just like a puppy that was about to be abandoned by its owner, silently wishing its owner would take it back.

Mu Ru Yue initially wanted to pretend that she was really angry this time in order to give him a fright, but after looking at his despondent appearance, her expression couldn’t help but soften.

“Ye Wu Chen, you’ve previously hidden so many things from me and I didn’t punish you for that. Now, you have done the same thing, so…”

Ye Wu Chen’s heart instantly tightened. He currently felt like a criminal being judged as he looked nervously at the young girl.

Mu Ru Yue smirked slightly. “… so I will punish you to stay by my side for the next period of time.”

Initially, he’d thought Mu Ru Yue would tell him to leave her side. Who knew it was this punishment? Ye Wu Chen’s heart relaxed. But before he could rejoice, the young girl continued to speak.

“But you must accompany me by my side dressed as a woman, acting as my maid for a couple of days.”

She didn’t even have to mention maid. Ye Wu Chen wouldn’t reject her even if he were to be her slave.

“Whatever my wife instructs.” Ye Wu Chen smiled. The Devil’s Snare on his face was a stunning foil to his smile, so that he looked simply mesmerizing. “Your husband not only knows how to wash clothings and cook meals, but he also knows how to warm a bed as well…”

Yet, he was still slightly troubled about the power in his body that he couldn’t control. Mu Ru Yue seemed to understand his thoughts as she glanced at him and said, “I will take a look at the Alchemy Book and see if there are pills that can assist in suppressing that mysterious power.”

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  1. Miki! Don’t be the devil in their relationship XD
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      1. Miki-sama, where you do live? (sweetly smiles, while plotting to find where you live, so that there will be more chapters)

  2. I really like how open MRY is. If it were any other female lead, she’d be angry and ignore him out of spite, while MRY shows patience and understanding. Instead of creating a misunderstanding, she confronts the problem head on. It’s so refreshing.

    Wu Chen, don’t dissapoint me >:(

  3. Lol, MRY is making him cross-dress! I bet he’ll make a beautiful woman, and not only that, he’ll also have guys falling for him, lol, if that happens, then this’ll be fun to see

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