EAA Chapter 221


Chapter 221 – A Pack Of Silver Wolves Part 3

Qin Yi chopped off the head of a silver wolf. Blood spurted profusely from its broken neck, and stained his green robe red. He was dyed red in blood.

Suddenly, another silver wolf dashed toward him from the side. Despite how quickly Qin Yi reacted, it still managed to bite him on the shoulder. Bearing with the intense pain, Qin Yi raised his foot to mercilessly kick it away before stabbing at the eyes of the silver wolf.

“Cousin!” Ji Shui Rou’s face lost its colour due to her fright. Her delicate body started to sway from the shock. If there hadn’t been anyone supporting her from behind, she would have fainted.

“Young master!” Uncle Zhang moved swiftly to Qin Yi’s side to help him defend against a silver wolf that had pounced over. These silver wolves seemed to know that he was the more powerful one, so they abandoned him and dealt with the rest.


To the silver wolves, these humans were just food…

In comparison, Mu Ru Yue and Ye Wu Chen just stood at the center of the battlefield.  None of the beasts attacked them. Nobody paid attention to this peculiar sight. If anybody had, they would have second-guessed the strength of these two people.

“Uncle Zhang, there are too many silver wolves. We need to quickly come up with a plan. If not, the people of the Qin family will be wiped out!” Qin Yi, whose entire face was covered with blood, turned toward Uncle Zhang, his graceful brows furrowed in a frown.

Uncle Zhang smiled bitterly. “Young master, we should rejoice that the Silver Wolf King hasn’t made its move. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to resist for even a single moment. If it weren’t for the young mistress, we wouldn’t have to risk our lives by coming through this Magical Beast Mountain Range.”

“Uncle Zhang, don’t say such words. Rou Er is my cousin. If there is the slightest chance of her body recovering, I will strive for it…”

Glimmers danced in Qin Yi’s eyes. Those flickering lights were resolute.

He didn’t have much affection for Ji Shui Rou, but a blood bond couldn’t be severed. Rou Er was the sole daughter left behind by his aunt. No matter what, he wanted her to live an ordinary life.

Uncle Zhang sighed helplessly. The young mistress’s mother had saved the young master’s life before. It was due to this that the young master treated the young mistress so well. It was a pity that the body of the young mistress was really frail. It could be said with minimal exaggeration that she had grown up in medicine baths.

From the start, the Silver Wolf King hadn’t made a single move as he watched the group of people with bloodthirsty eyes. He didn’t even move when he saw the humans chopping off his subordinates’ heads.

Suddenly, the Silver Wolf King, who had been silently lying beneath a tree, darted out.

His target was not the Eighth Stage Uncle Zhang, nor was it Qin Yi who had killed many silver wolves. The sickly beauty Ji Shui Rou shouldn’t even be mentioned. Its target was instead Mu Ru Yue, who also hadn’t made any move from the start.

It judged that this woman was extremely dangerous, but her scent was just too tempting. It had been such a long time since he’d seen such a delicacy of a human…

When Qin Yi turned his head and saw the Silver Wolf King pouncing toward Mu Ru Yue, he instantly gasped and paled.

When the others saw the situation, a trace of distress flashed past their eyes. Even Uncle Zhang wouldn’t be a match for this Silver Wolf King. The young girl would probably have even her bones eaten by this wolf.

Even though Ji Shui Rou hated Mu Ru Yue, she wasn’t innately bad. She just didn’t want her cousin to look at this woman, but it wasn’t to the extent of wanting her dead.

Thus, she didn’t laugh at her misfortune and was similarly disturbed by this sight like the others.

When the Silver Wolf King dashed toward Mu Ru Yue, her feet began to move…

Even though it was just a light step, the Silver Wolf King felt an immense pressure racing toward him. At this moment, Mu Ru Yue didn’t hide her power. Her aura rapidly strengthened…

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    1. Oh, it gets to be pretty awesome! Then in the sequel when it gets to a certain part, you’re going to laugh and laugh…

  1. ‘Qin Yi chopped off the head of a silver wolf. Blood spurted profusely from its broken neck, and stained his green robe red. It was as though he were dyed with blood.’
    ‘As though he were dyed with blood?’ Pretty sure having blood spurting on you is the exact definition of being ‘dyed in blood.’ I imagine you would only use a comparative if it wasn’t blood but red paint, or ketchup (do they have ketchup in this Asianish universe?). Thxs for teaser

  2. Dayum 1/2 Prince was such a long time ago O.o If I remember correctly there was a scene early on where Prince killed some poor wolfes because one of them bit her in the butt.
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