EAA Chapter 224


Chapter 224 – He Is My Man Part 3

Ji Shui Rou bit her pale lips and said aggrieved, “Rou Er knows she shouldn’t have been so impolite to Lady Mu at the start, so Rou Er wanted to apologise to her. But unsure if Lady Mu would forgive me, I thought of asking her subordinate to deliver my apologies for me. Who knew he would…”

Wiping her tears, Ji Shui Rou, using a lovable and weak voice, continued, “Who knew he would try to molest me? I ran out with all my might so I wouldn’t fall under his hand. Cousin, can you chase them away?”

Qin Yi sighed. He removed his outer clothes and placed it on Ji Shui Rou’s body, covering the heaving chest displayed before him.

It was due to Ji Shui Rou’s voice that Uncle Zhang and the rest left their tents. After hearing her explanation, everyone fumed and wanted to beat Ye Wu Chen up.


A man slag that molests women was the best at attracting hatred toward himself.

This kind of man should be cut by a thousand blades, and his corpse chopped into countless pieces!

“Young master, let’s go. We must avenge the young mistress.”

“What kind of man molests a woman, yet could continue living in this world?”

Everyone was angered and rubbed their palms, wanting to settle the score with Ye Wu Chen.

Ji Shui Rou was elated, but her face remained unchanged. Her tremendously feeble appearance made her look as though she were an ill beauty that had underwent torture.

“Lady Mu isn’t an illogical person. She will definitely give us justice.” Qin Yi frowned and wiped Ji Shui Rou’s tears then continued, “We just need to chase that subordinate away. Lady Mu doesn’t need to leave.”

Upon hearing that, Ji Shui Rou felt disappointed and sighed.

She thought that her cousin would also chase that girl away…

The people of the Qin family barged into the tent and, without understanding what really happened, shouted furiously, “Ye Wu Chen, are you the brat that tried to molest the young mistress just now? Do you still consider yourself a man after forcing a girl? If you are that desperate, why don’t you just go and seek girls from brothels? Why did you have to hurt such a weak, clean, and innocent girl?”

Ye Wu Chen’s face slightly darkened. Before he could open his mouth, an ice-cold voice was heard from beside him.

“Who keeps making a ruckus, are you done?”

That impatient voice made those that came to criticize Ye Wu Chen greatly stunned. The crowd saw a head emerged from Ye Wu Chen’s side.

Ye Wu Chen no longer looked at the Qin family crowd as he lowered his head and said with a charming smile, “You woke up? Why don’t you sleep some more?”

Mu Ru Yue sniggered. “How can I sleep after being disturbed so many times?”

Upon saying that, she lifted her head to look at the people that barged into the tent. With a layer of frost on her exceptional face, she said, “Qin Yi, have you forgotten what I told you earlier?”

‘She liked being in peace and didn’t like being disturbed…’

“Lady Mu, your subordinate wanted to molest Rou Er earlier, so we…”

Just as Qin Yi was explaining, the ice-cold voice of the young girl interrupted him.

“Molest her?” Mu Ru Yue chuckled lowly, a layer of coldness in her eyes. “My man has such poor sight?”

From her words, only a man with low sight could want to molest that girl.

Ji Shui Rou’s expression changed, her pale lips quivered slightly.

She’d previously gazed only at this man and hadn’t discovered the girl hidden under the blankets. It was due to this carelessness that she had now lost her cousin’s trust…

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  1. At the beginning of the novel I once wondered why there were so many bad female characters in the novel… Now it is the status quo. I think the only nice females were the concubine of the evil king and Mus mother and sisters….. Or am I missing someone?

    Thanks for the chapter Miki 🙂 I can’t wait to listen to the song tomorrow morning (it is 3:17 at my place)

  2. I think it is good to have detailed description rather than vague and veiled description that readers do not even know what the author is refering to.
    I dont think that we are still living in the dark ages that we have to hem and haw when writing certain parts of the anatomy or when translating intimate scenes.

    Thanks for the translation.

    | ̄””‘、
    |ω` |
    ⊂  ;゙  
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    |U”” So the reason that Wu Chen doesn’t talk much cause his afraid to wake up MRY

  4. Recently (the past 2 chapters I’ve read) there’s been this nasty video ad that forces the window to scroll to it. The source is apparently, and after it’s finished it switches to a different (not interfering) ad.

    I’m not going to turn on my adblock because of it, but I hope you guys can look into it.

    Ad problems aside, thanks for the chapters!

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