EAA Chapter 225


Chapter 225 – He Is My Man Part 4

“Moreover…” She smiled coldly at the flabbergasted crowd. “I have always been here, sleeping with my man and never left the tent, yet someone came to find my man and told us to leave this place by tomorrow. My man was afraid she would disrupt my sleep, so he chased her out. I don’t know anything about this molesting; how did it happen? I don’t believe that with him being with me, he would still look at other women.”

Mu Ru Yue was that confident. If Ye Wu Chen had her and still liked other girls or even wanted to betray her for others, then he wouldn’t be worthy of her love…

The other people’s gazes swept across Mu Ru Yue and Ji Shui Rou.

It was really the case, as Mu Ru Yue was really that much better than Ji Shui Rou. If a person wasn’t blind, he wouldn’t abandon the pearl to pick a fish eye…


“Rou Er, what is going on?” Qin Yi’s expression darkened as he shouted harshly.

Ji Shui Rou’s delicate body shuddered. She just She just bit firmly on her bottom lip without saying a word. She had really been too careless. If she’d known that this woman was here, she wouldn’t have fabricated such a lie.

“Rou Er, apologise to Lady Mu and Mister Ye!” Qin Yi frowned, a chill on his outstanding face.

Ji Shui Rou’s beautiful eyes filled with tears. He wanted her to apologise? How could she wish to do that? Yet if she doesn’t, her cousin would be angry and wouldn’t care about her anymore. What should she do?

“Sor… Sorry.”

Ji Shui Rou seemed to have used all of her strength just to say that word. Her body swayed a couple of times and almost fell to the ground.

“Wu Chen, let’s still leave tomorrow.” Mu Ru Yue looked coldly at the Qin family crowd. When she saw that Qin Yi wanted to say something, she didn’t give him the chance to speak. “This time, Wu Chen and I will be adamant. If it wasn’t for you insisting we stay, we wouldn’t have. Since not all of you welcome us, I cannot continue to thicken my face and stay here.”

Qin Yi knew that there was no longer any possibility of Mu Ru Yue changing her mind, so he couldn’t help but glare at Ji Shui Rou.

Perhaps it was due to his kindness that he wanted to help this girl, but later, after seeing her tyrannical strength, he knew that if this young girl were to protect them, then they wouldn’t face any danger on their path.

Yet, Ji Shui Rou’s selfishness forced her to leave in fury…

He’d never thought that Mu Ru Yue and her companion had such a relationship. How laughable that he had always thought this ordinary looking man was her subordinate…

After all, the two of them looked really incompatible when they stood together.

“Rou Er, follow me.”

It seemed that he had really been spoiling her too much…

Ji Shui Rou clenched her teeth and followed him out. She didn’t know how her cousin would treat her after this incident… 

The next day, when the people from the Qin family wanted to convince Mu Ru Yue again to stay, they discovered that her tent was empty as she had already left with Ye Wu Chen. They could only head back embarrassingly to report this to Qin Yi.

When Qin Yi heard that the two had left without saying a word, he could only sigh.

Mu Ru Yue and Ye Wu Chen had indeed left before sunrise. They were lucky this time, as when they left the group of the Qin family, they found another group of people passing through the Magical Beast Mountain Range. It was due to yesterday’s incident that they didn’t initiate any contact with this group and just quietly followed them.

With their ability, these people naturally wouldn’t discover them.

After a day of walking, they finally got out of the Magical Beast Mountain Range. But just as Mu Ru Yue wanted to take another step and head down the hill, a large hand pushed her from the side. Her body rolled down the hill…

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