EAA Chapter 229


Chapter 229 – Medicine Sect’s Large Event Part 3

The crowd quickly reached the Medicine Sect. Their living arrangements were done according to their rank. Mu Ru Yue, as a Human Stage Mid Rank alchemist, only got a worn-down wooden house, while the Mundane grandmasters were arranged into a courtyard.

Wu Yu initially wanted Mu Ru Yue and Ye Wu Chen to stay at his place. But Mu Ru Yue, who naturally hated being disturbed, rejected Wu Yu’s kind intentions. As a Mundane Stage Low Rank alchemist, there would definitely be many people coming to look for him.

Moreover, Mu Ru Yue wanted to use this period of time to refine an Earth Stage Peak Rank pill.

Even though the wooden house was worn down, it was quiet and matched her thoughts…


At this moment, in the Grandmasters’ courtyard, as the few Mundane alchemists were discussing, a long laugh was suddenly heard. A lofty and tall figure walked inside.

Everyone looked at each other, but didn’t stand to greet him. The head of the Medicine Sect Mu Rong Tian was only an Earth Stage High Rank alchemist, so according to rank, he was still two ranks lower than them…

“Fellow grandmasters, I trust you have been well since we last met.” Mu Rong Tian wasn’t angry. He just smiled and cupped his fist toward them. “I guess that the grandmasters clearly know why I had organised this large Medicine Sect event. I don’t know how certain you are in curing my son.”

The crowd stayed silent. The grey robed elder that had mocked Wu Yu earlier, frowned. “Sect leader, we cannot make a judgement until we see the young sect master’s condition.”

Mu Rong Tian smiled gently, undisguised worry in his brows.

“I understand what Grandmaster Ye Qiu is saying. But, I want to tell all of the grandmasters that, for the sake of my son, even some of the Mundane alchemists from the Central Region have tried to diagnose his condition. It’s a pity that it had led to nothing.”

Everyone’s gazes re-focused.

What did Mundane alchemists represent? Even the Mundane alchemists couldn’t help treat the young sect master’s illness, could they do it?

“Grandmasters, please don’t give up. Those Mundane Mid Rank and High Rank alchemists at the Central Region weren’t able to figure out what happened to my son, so I have organised this large Medicine Sect event and summoned all of the alchemists here to see if anyone can diagnose my son’s illness. Even if they can’t manufacture the pill as long as they manage to find some of the problems of his body, my promise will still be the same. This is due to the fact that the alchemists in the Central Region can help manufacture the pill once the problem of his body is found.”

They naturally understood Mu Rong Tian’s promise clearly.

This was a great chance to enter the Central Region, so nobody was willing to give up. The current elders’ cultivations were already at Xiantian. It was just about the level of Xiantian Mid Rank, though. Also, how long they would have to wait to break through to High Rank was unknown.

This decree tablet was their sole chance.

“Sect leader, don’t worry. I will definitely figure out the young sect master’s illness for you.” Ye Qiu was elated. When he smiled, the wrinkles on his elderly face looked like a blossoming chrysanthemum.

“I naturally trust in fellow grandmaster’s ability.” Mu Rong Tian smiled. “I’ve heard that Elder Ye Qiu had taken in a genius disciple. He has reached the Earth Stage High Rank at the tender age of twenty? That is really something to celebrate.”

When Ye Qiu heard someone talking about his proud disciple, he chuckled arrogantly. His disciple could be one of the geniuses even within the Central Region for reaching the Earth Stage High Rank at twenty years of age.

“Twenty-year-old Earth Stage High Rank? Is it really that great?”

Wu Yu couldn’t stand Ye Qiu’s complacent appearance and snorted coldly.

If a twenty-year-old Earth Stage High Rank alchemist was a genius, what was his disciple? [Miki: Do you need to ask? She is a monster :P]

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