EAA Chapter 230


Chapter 230 – Medicine Sect’s Large Event Part 4

“Grandmaster Wu Yu, are you saying the grape is so sour just because you can’t eat it?” Ye Qiu complacently swept a gaze at him and said with disdain, “My disciple reached the Earth Stage High Rank at the age of twenty. If he isn’t a talent, then wouldn’t your disciple be lower than a trash? Haha! Assuming I hadn’t guessed wrongly, she should be about seventeen. She is only a Human Stage Mid Rank right now; if she isn’t a trash, then what is she? With her talent, she wouldn’t be able to reach the Earth Stage High Rank before forty. I really don’t know why you would take in such a trashy disciple. Can it be that she is your illegitimate child?”

Wu Yu’s elderly face changed. He knew that even if he explained that Mu Ru Yue had reached the Earth Stage High Rank, Ye Qiu wouldn’t believe him and would even think that he was lying, so Wu Yu might as well keep quiet. He would be able to prove his disciple wasn’t a trash later.

“Human Stage Mid Rank?” Mu Rong Tian looked astonishedly at Wu Yu. This old man had high sight. Why did he recruit a trash?

Could his disciple really be his illegitimate child?


Hehe! Grandmasters, I won’t continue to disturb you. I will let my son meet with the grandmasters at noon in the public square tomorrow. I hope that the grandmasters will be able to find out the condition of my son’s body.”

Leaving those words, Mu Rong Tian no longer spoke and simply cupped his fist toward the crowd before turning to leave. His eyebrows displayed distinct anxiety.

These people were his last hope…

His son’s status was unique. If something were to happen to him, then those people wouldn’t let the Medicine Sect off in the future.

Mu Rong TIan sighed worriedly. His steps quickened, and he soon disappeared from the others and Wu Yu’s sight. He needed to prepare for tomorrow…

If one were to say who the most mysterious person in Sheng Domain was, then one would not say Madam Sheng Yue who governed the Sheng Domain, nor Nangong Zi Feng who had made massive changes these past two years.

The holder of the position of most mysterious in the Sheng Domain was the young sect master of the Medicine Sect.

Few had seen this young sect master, especially after he vanished from the Medicine Sect due to illness a few years ago. Nobody knew where he went nor saw his appearance when he did…

The head of the Medicine Sect also gave word that the young sect master would appear in the public square tomorrow at noon in order to let all of the alchemists check his body.

Thus, even though it wasn’t noon yet, many people were in the public square.

When the disciples of the Medicine Sect heard that the young sect master would appear, they dropped what they were doing just to see his face. Even though they were disciples of the Medicine Sect, they also hadn’t seen the young sect master in the rumours yet.

Mu Ru Yue saw the people of the Qin family at a glance.

Her brows were slightly raised as those people shouldn’t be alchemists: How did they enter the Medicine Sect?

Perhaps Qin Yi felt a gaze on him, so he turned his head and met the cold gaze of Mu Ru Yue. He saw that Ye Wu Chen wasn’t by her side and wanted to talk to her. But he knew that after what Ji Shui Rou had done, she wouldn’t want to have anything to do with the Qin family.

Thus, he could only swallow his words.

“She is an alchemist?” Ji Shui Rou was alarmed. Her gaze landed on the crest on Mu Ru Yue’s chest. She slightly pursed her lips. “Human Stage Mid Rank?”

A Human Stage Mid Rank was nothing to others, yet to the Qin family, even if it were weak Human Stage Mid Rank alchemists, they must still treat them with respect.

This was the difference between alchemists and martial practitioners.

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  4. Seeing how those high and mighty masters talk I’m amazed they haven’t died for lack of a brain.
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