EAA Chapter 24


Chapter 24- Good Nephew~ Let Me Hear You Call Me Aunt

“Mu Ru Yue!”

Ye Tian Feng looked furiously at Mu Ru Yue as he shouted, “Who let you to say those kinds of words to Ting Er? Even if you’re jealous, you shouldn’t hurt a weak girl! Ting Er isn’t you, she’s so delicate that she wouldn’t be able to withstand your harsh words. Immediately apologise to Ting Er!”

“Jealous?” Mu Ru Yue laughed, shooting a gaze of mockery at Ye Tian Feng. “Who am I jealous of? Mu Ting Er? Can it be jealous for you? What I said in the throne room was the truth. I, Mu Ru Yue, am unwilling to marry stud horses during my lifetime. My husband must only have me as his woman for all his life. Which of my expectations have you reached? Even if I was blind, I wouldn’t fall for you.”

The young girl’s piercing gaze made Ye Tian Feng’s expression change.


Even though he had heard the rumours, he couldn’t believe that the girl who loved him to the bones would say such words. But now, standing in front of him was really that young girl, and she no longer had any sentiments in her gaze.

Her eyes didn’t have the slightest trace of love. It was just mockery and another emotion he couldn’t believe— disgust.

Ye Tian Feng was clueless. ‘Why is it that when I meet with Mu Ru Yue’s disdainful gaze, my heart feel uncomfortable. When has she changed?

Was it that scene she’d witnessed that day that had completely killed her heart?’

It’ll be better this way. It makes me feel much more comfortable when compared to seeing her starry-eyed and infatuated gaze.’

Ye Tian Feng ignored the unhappiness in his heart as he looked coldly at Mu Ru Yue. “Mu Ru Yue, immediately apologise to Ting Er!”

Hearing his words, Mu Ru Yue wanted to laugh. So naturally, she did.

“Ye Tian Feng, what identity are you using to order me? Are you ordering me by your Crown Prince Jing status? If I remembered correctly, Crown Prince Jing is the nephew to the Ghost King. Even though I have yet to wed into Ghost King Manor, I already have a title. According to seniority, I’m your aunt. So, good nephew, let me hear you call me aunty!”

Ye Tian Feng’s complexion turned from green to white, back to green, and then white again, changing constantly.

Mu Ru Yue chuckled lightly. Her eyes were filled with a frostiness that couldn’t be dissolved.

“Good nephew, I’ll wait for the day where you serve me tea.”

Tossing those words, Mu Ru Yue didn’t care about the Ye Tian Feng that had an ashen complexion. She slowly faded from the crowd’s sight. Her lack of rebellion these past days was due to her not wanting to speak with these people. But because some still thought she was easy to bully, today, she wanted to let them understand that she, Mu Ru Yue, wasn’t someone who would endure being bullied.

“Father and Your Highness, look at that girl!” Mu Yi Xue was so angry that she almost jumped. “Even commoners wouldn’t have only one girl in their life. She is a raving lunatic!”

Suddenly, she seemed to have remembered her spoken words as she immediately covered her mouth, looking sheepishly at Mu Ting Er.

“Elder sister Ting Er, I……”

“I’m fine.” Mu Ting Er shook her head as she gradually suppressed the bitterness in her heart. “What you said is correct. Your Highness, I don’t blame you. Who in this world is able to just have a single woman in his life? Such a matter would really be a lunatic’s dream.”

After saying that, she seemed to be muttering to herself as tears once again flowed from her eyes.

“Your Highness, if you have Ting Er in your heart, Ting Er will be satisfied.”

Her words gave Ye Tian Feng heartache as he tightened his hold on the body in his embrace. “Ting Er, don’t worry. I will definitely treat you well my entire life. I promise!”

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