EAA Chapter 240


Chapter 240- I Can Treat His Illness Part 4

Not long after she came to this continent, she became betrothed to this man. Yet, so many things had happened, and so they hadn’t wedded yet…

When the crowd looked at this couple with such deep feelings for each other, they couldn’t help but sigh. This man was an undeniably good husband material but his sole defect of being insufficiently attractive that made them look incompatible when she stood beside him.

Under the lamentation of the crowd, the man’s face suddenly changed…

His previously ordinary appearance disappeared, replaced by a divinely handsome face. It made the girls present stunned for a moment as they stared dazedly at the charming and handsome man before them.


This man was both handsome and elegant. He was also so strong that it was terrifying. More importantly, he was deeply devoted in love. With his handsome appearance… wasn’t he just like a person depicted only in books?

How could such man not attract the attention of the girls?

This man’s eyes, however, seemed to only see Mu Ru Yue. Others were unable to find their image in his purple eyes…

“Sect leader!” Ye Qiu turned his head and looked at Mu Rong Tian. He clenched his teeth. “I really know how to treat the young master’s illness. Your son’s life can be saved with but a single word from you.”

Mu Rong Tian frowned and asked calmly, “What illness did Grandmaster Ye Qiu see in my son?”


Ye Qiu was stunned. To be honest, he didn’t know what was wrong with Qing Chu. He only said that in order to delay time as he knew that man wouldn’t let him go.

Once he averted this ordeal and took the opportunity to leave, what could they do to him outside?

“Sect leader, the young master has a type of intestinal parasite in his body that eats at his life force, thus resulting in his current condition. I just need to refine a pill to eliminate that parasite. It will take some time, however.”

Since these people didn’t really know the young sect master’s condition, he should be able to trick them a little. Intestinal parasites could only be found in Blood Ground. Even Wu Yu shouldn’t have seen it before.

Mu Rong Tian looked at Ye Qiu; perhaps he truly was Qing Chu’s final hope. Just as he was about to beseech Senior Dan for help, his words were sealed in his mouth as a cold voice was heard.

“Intestinal parasite?” Mu Ru Yue chuckled lowly. “When a person has an intestinal parasite in his body, the entire body would be cold and three hidden red lines will appear behind his ear. The intestinal parasite will then become active every full moon, and the person will be in intense pain. The intestinal parasite usually stays quietly near the Dantian, so there would be a protrusion in that area. The protrusion would be where the parasite lives. More importantly, the way to eliminate the parasite is really simple: You just have to use parasite grass; you don’t need to manufacture a pill. Sect leader, did what I just said match the young master’s condition?”

Ye Qiu’s expression changed greatly as he shouted in anger, “What do you know?!”

Intestinal parasites were rarely seen, and even books didn’t contain a clearly written solution for removing them. This little girl must be speaking nonsense. How could she have knowledge even Wu Yu didn’t?

“Senior Dan should know best whether I’m lying or not.” Mu Ru Yue smiled faintly. “Moreover, I also want to say that I have the ability to treat him.”

Now that she’d broken through to the Earth Stage Peak Rank, she could manage to manufacture that pill…

The crowd was stunned. They looked in disbelief at Mu Ru Yue. An Earth Stage Peak Rank alchemist could do something this crowd of Mundane Stage alchemist grandmasters couldn’t?

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  1. Under the lamentation of the crowd, the man’s face suddenly changed…

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  2. I happy yet a little sad that people are finally going to shut up about his appearance. Happy that they’ll shut up, but sad because that means someone other that MRY will know about his beauty. I’m so confused about how to feel…

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