EAA Chapter 243


Chapter 243 – Unpredictable Future Part 2

Mu Ru Yue was a bit taken aback with this answer. Then, as though Qing Chu read her mind, he smiled slightly. “Do you know that there is a kind of power in this world that enables people to see the past and the future?”

Mu Ru Yue’s heart jolted. She had read this in the Xiao family archive.

It had depictions of people blessed by the heavens with the ability to see the past and the future. However, the heavens were fair, as those blessed with such powers would never obtain happiness…

How could those people obtain happiness when they already knew their past and future?


They were destined to be alone for their entire lives and live on in solitude.

“So, I had already known earlier on that I won’t die, as your appearance will save my life.”

There wasn’t anyone in the world that really wanted to die. Mu Rong Qing Chu was the same. It wasn’t that he didn’t care about his apparent death warrant, but that he already knew from the start that there would be such a result. Likewise, he knew that he would have countless encounters with this young girl in the future…

“A blessed person.” Mu Ru Yue smiled faintly. “I thought it was just something the world made up. I didn’t expect such a person to really exist.”

“The rumours of the world are fabricated according to facts. It isn’t anything out of this world for such people to exist. I can predict the future, but I have to pay some price for knowing them, every time. Even so, to repay you for saving my life, I will help predict a little of your future.”

Mu Rong Qing Chu’s gaze was on Mu Ru Yue. He knew this young girl definitely wasn’t simple ever since the first time he’d seen her.

“I shall give my thanks then.” Mu Ru Yue nodded slightly. “I’ll give you your pill in five days time.”

Looking at Mu Ru Yue’s leaving figure, Mu Rong Qing Chu gradually closed his eyes. The light of the setting sun shone directly down upon his body.

The man’s beauty looked surreal under the sunset. His sickly white appearance attracted tender feelings toward him. Suddenly, his expression changed and he spurted out a mouthful of blood from his throat.

“Can’t be seen. It actually can’t be seen…”

Her future was blank.

There were actually people in this world he couldn’t foresee…

Mu Rong Qing Chu’s complexion turned increasingly pale, a complex expression on his face. She was really something out of this world. Otherwise, he would be able to see through her. There was only one explanation for this: Her future would have countless changes that even he wouldn’t be able to predict…

“Perhaps she is the most unique person in this continent.” Mu Rong Qing Chu chuckled faintly. He was very interested in this kind of person, one he couldn’t see through.

It was unknown what her future would be like.

Moreover, it shouldn’t be simple…

Five days later.

Mu Rong Tian paced back and forth anxiously within the main branch of the Medicine Sect. His gaze often shot outside. Mu Ru Yue made him collect some medicinal plants and gave the word that she would manufacture the pill after five days. Today was already the fifth day. He didn’t know what progress the pill had reached.

He became increasingly anxious as he thought about that.

In comparison, Mu Rong Qing Chu, who sat at the side, was much more calm and collected. He had already predicted his own end long ago. He knew without error that Mu Ru Yue would save his life today.

White robes entered the room under the crowd’s gaze. The young girl seemed extraordinary as her face stayed emotionless. It was as though she hadn’t seen the people waiting for her.

“Niece Yue Er, how is it?” Mu Rong Tian walked hastily over to her and asked anxiously.


Mu Ru Yue was slightly taken aback with this answer. It was as though Qing Chu read her mind as he smiled slightly. “Do you know that there is a kind of power in this world that enables people to see the past and the future?”

‘See the past and the future…’

Mu Ru Yue’s heart jolted. She had read this in the Xiao family archive.

[Miki: Those that can see the future will hate that power, especially if you know that you will face an unavoidable terrible end. Miki wants to glimpse into her future, but also scared~ It will be great if the future Miki can metamorphose into a genuine goddess, but what if it isn’t good… haha Well Miki will take things along as her life continues XD]

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  1. The best thing to do with an ability that allows you to see in the future is make money.
    Stock markets, those fill in your number lotteries.
    Then get killed by the backlash that is supposed to come from using said power for material gain 😀

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