EAA Chapter 252


Chapter 252 Grand Wedding With Congratulations From All Directions Part 1

It wasn’t only Xiao Tian Yu and Madam Sheng Yue in the main hall; old Man Xiao had also come. Everyone was waiting for Mu Ru Yue. After a while, a magnificent figure entered their sight.

The young girl walked over slowly, her gaze landing on Xiao Feng. “I have already manufactured the Refinement Pill. Elder brother, consume this pill first. Wu Chen will assist you in breaking the seal afterward.”

Everyone’s heart clenched as their gazes fell upon the pill in the young girl’s hand.

Xiao Feng nodded before he took the pill and consumed it without a second thought. Peng!


He could feel a power rampaging throughout his body. His complexion paled within moments.


He spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Feng Er!”

Madam Sheng Yue became nervous, so she gripped Xiao Tian Yu’s hand tightly.

She could only trust in her son and daughter pair at this moment…

“Wu Chen.”

Mu Ru Yue turned her head toward Ye Wu Chen.

After they looked in each other’s eyes, Ye Wu Chen nodded toward her.


His palm landed on Xiao Feng’s body. Traces of a dark power were inserted into the latter’s body from his palm.

When the strong power entered his body, it made Xiao Feng feel slightly better. However, his handsome and cool face was still pale. His sword-like brows were furrowed, expressing pain.

Yet, no matter how painful it was, Xiao Feng didn’t let out the slightest sound…


Hong! Hong! Hong!

As the power in Xiao Feng’s body fought against the seal, Xiao Tian Yu’s fists clenched tight. Madam Sheng Yue’s heart throbbed with pain as she looked at Xiao Feng’s pale face. She desperately wanted to take on what he was currently experiencing.

Only Mu Ru Yue remained stoic. As he was a man of the Xiao family, it was impossible that he couldn’t withstand just this amount of pain. Moreover, this was a chance for Xiao Feng…

Under the nervous gaze of the crowd, a tyrannical power leaked out from Xiao Feng’s body. That power was constantly intensifying. He had directly broken through to the False Xiantian realm from the Ninth Stage Houtian realm. Furthermore, it had come to a stop only after reaching the peak of the False Xiantian realm. Mu Ru Yue believed that he should be able to directly make use of this chance to break through to the next realm.

But it had already reached the limit now…

“What happened?” Old Man Xiao was stunned. ‘Why did my grandson make a breakthrough so rapidly?’

Mu Ru Yue sniggered slightly. “Since the owner of the seal was so kind to place it, how can I not make use of it? I converted the seal’s power to elder brother’s power so that he can make a breakthrough.”

‘Nangong Zi Feng…’

Mu Ru Yue lowered her gaze slightly. She would definitely settle all debts with that woman someday.

In a mountain range not far from Sheng Domain, Nangong Zi Feng abruptly opened her eyes. Her expression changed drastically.


She spat a mouthful of blood.

She wiped the blood away from the corner of her lips. With a terrible expression, she whined, “She was able to break my seal and also make use of the its power to let that man break through!”

What made Nangong Zi Feng’s heart ache the most was that this occurred due to Ye Wu Chen’s help…

Why does elder brother Wu Chen love only that woman in both the previous and this current life? If I was able to meet elder brother Wu Chen before her in this life, would elder brother Wu Chen’s eyes still only contain her then?

The current Nangong Zi Feng had forgotten that she had entered the Zi family long before Mu Ru Yue appeared, but Zi Huang hadn’t even spared her a gaze from the beginning to the end and instead fell in love with the old Mu Ru Yue that had come later…

“Mu Ru Yue, so what if you get stronger? You will definitely have people you care for!”

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  1. It is like only Mu Ru Yue didn’t overreact as she thinks that the man of the xiao family must be tough and will be able to endure ‘slight’ pain.

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