EAA Chapter 256


Chapter 256 Grand Wedding With Congratulations From All Directions Part 5

The young girl’s words struck Wu Xin’s heart violently. He was stupefied. The trash Xiao Feng was the young master of the Xiao family? Impossible…

“But, Xiao Feng is a trash. How can he be the young master of the Xiao family?”

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Countless gazes shot toward Wu Xin. Several people inwardly took delight in his disaster. To publicly mock the young master of the Xiao family as a trash, this person must be tired of living.


The noblemen, who gave most of their wealth to Wu Xin to be chosen to escort the Wu family, retreated a couple steps immediately after hearing his words. It was as though they didn’t know Wu Xin.

Hehe!” Senior Dan chuckled and snorted as he said, “There is someone who can call a False Xiantian expert a trash. This world has really changed.”

‘False Xiantian?’

Wu Xin’s face paled instantly. Xiao Feng was not only the young master of the Xiao family but also a False Xiantian expert? This blow almost made him pass out.

“Younger sister, they are people from the Wu family.” Xiao Feng walked to Mu Ru Yue’s side and purposefully reminded her.

Oh! This is the Wu family.” Mu Ru Yue patted her head as though she just remembered who these people were. “You are people of the Wu family from South Island? Previously, , my eldest brother met with danger and had his power sealed while he was away from the Xiao family. Fortunately, the young mistress of the Wu family has saved him so brother even thought of marrying her.”

After hearing her words,those retreating noblemen came running back to stand behind Wu Xin. They didn’t expect the Wu family would be so fortunate as to make a connection with the Xiao family.


“Head of the Wu family, you have such a great daughter.”

Haha! It seems we will be congratulating you in advance.”

The guests stood up and smiled at Wu Xin, congratulating him.

Wu Xin was just the head of a small family clan. When would he able to meet so many honorable people, especially ones who spoke and smiled at him? This made him dizzy, unable to recover his senses for a moment.

Yet, it was undeniable that he was jubilant. How glorious was it that his daughter was being fancied by the young master of the Xiao family? How could he not rejoice?

Wu Xin was too caught up in the moment that he had forgotten his previous disdain toward Xiao Feng.

“But it is such a pity.” Mu Ru Yue shook her head as she shot an icy gaze toward Wu Xin. “The head of the Wu family didn’t approve of my elder brother having a relationship with the young mistress of their family and even forcefully arranged a marriage for her.”

Those people wanting to congratulate Wu Xin stiffened from Mu Ru Yue’s words.

‘Reject the marriage from the Xiao family? Just how foolish was the Wu family?’

“So my eldest brother decided he wanted to elope with the young mistress of the Wu family.” It was as though Mu Ru Yue felt the crowd’s adaptability to sudden changes was too high that she didn’t say everything in one go. This ever-changing outcome indeed made people feel a little helpless.

She looked calmly at Wu Qing Xue as she continued, “It was more of a pity when the young mistress of the Wu family betrayed my eldest brother, and decided to accept her fiance in the end. Moreover, she just casually watched on as her fiance beat up my eldest brother who had his power sealed. If I hadn’t passed by where he fainted, I’m afraid my eldest brother wouldn’t have been able to make it!

“Even though our Xiao family doesn’t mind a female’s status, background, and talent, we do expect her to be someone who can love not the status of Xiao family young master but Xiao Feng himself. If eldest brother had made his identity known, the Wu family would have definitely let Wu Qing Xue marry my eldest brother at all costs. Someone that had given up on him due to his lack of strength, that kind of girl is unnecessary to my Xiao family.”

A bucket of ice cold water seemed to have been poured on Wu Xin’s head. He could only feel his body turning ice-cold,unable to even speak…

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