EAA Chapter 264


Chapter 264 – Crisis Arise Part 4

Inside the Xiao family, Ye Wu Chen’s steps faltered, his handsome face going pale under the moonlight. His heart ached abruptly, as though he was losing something…

“Mu Er!”

The man clenched his fist tightly as cold sweat started to form on his forehead. “Something must have happened to Mu Er…”

Only she could evoke such a feeling in him.



Icy sky blue flames rose. Inside those flames, she felt like her body didn’t belong to herself.

She definitely couldn’t die here, with her family and her beloved waiting for her in the Xiao family.

“Mu Ru Yue, go die! Hahaha!

Nangong Zi Feng’s hearty laughter permeated the sky.

The sky blue flames, accompanied by the crazed laughter, became increasingly violent and made Mu Ru Yue feel as if endless frost were wrapping around her.

Yet, it definitely wasn’t in Mu Ru Yue’s personality to sit still and do nothing.

A few glimmers of light danced in her eyes as she turned her head toward the cliff behind her. If she were to jump down the cliff, she would have a chance of survival. Otherwise, she would definitely die under this malevolent woman’s hand.

Power. She was still too weak to keep being pressured. If she possessed a strong enough power, then this woman wouldn’t be a threat to her.

“Nangong Zi Feng, I, Mu Ru Yue, will definitely carve this grudge from today into my heart. I will definitely pay you back for this someday!”


Mu Ru Yue’s chest was struck by an ice blue flame struck which sent her flying toward the cliff. Simultaneously, she consumed a pill then closed her eyes slowly…

Nangong Zi Feng frowned slightly as she watched the young girl falling down the cliff.

She was a cautious person so Mu Ru Yue and her corpse must disappear from the world. She wanted to cremate her into ashes to eliminate the possibility of future problems arising.

Just as she wanted to give chase, a familiar figure came over rapidly. Nangong Zi Feng’s heart shook. She hastily withdrew the blue flames that covered South Mountain and a ray of light shone in her eyes.

“Nangong Zi Feng!”

Before her, a furious roar that filled the heavens was heard. Under the moon, a purple clad figure soared through the sky and landed before Nangong Zi Feng. Boundless killing intent surged from his eyes.

‘I… am I still too late?’

“Where is Mu Er?”

Ye Wu Chen’s heart shuddered as unprecedented fear overwhelmed his heart, giving him a domineering aura that lowered the temperature of the night.

Nangong Zi Feng bit her lips. With glimmering eyes, she replied, “She eloped with Feng Jing Tian, and I saw it coincidentally. But this is great. As with this, elder brother Wu Chen will be mine, so I didn’t stop them…”

Upon saying that, she raised her head to look at Ye Wu Chen emotionally. This was the man she loved for two of her lives.

“Elder brother Wu Chen, what is so good about that slut? She will only cheat on you. I just heard her say that she actually loved a man like Feng Jing Tian, but your power was stronger so she chose to be with you. She doesn’t have the right to be with you. Only I can be compatible with elder brother Wu Chen in this world.”

Nangong Zi Feng gritted her teeth as she said each word emphatically.

As a person who lived two lives, she still couldn’t understand why elder brother Wu Chen was still unwilling to give her a glance. Senior Yue was extremely outstanding in her previous life, but her power was too negligible now…


Ye Wu Chen halted his steps inside the Xiao family. Under the moonlight, the complexion of his handsome face whitened. His heart ached abruptly, as though he was losing something…

“Mu Er!”

The man clenched his fist tightly as cold sweat started to form on his forehead. “Something must have happened to Mu Er…”

When he was worried, the person of his target of worry was sunbathing at the beach and had a cold drink in her hand (In modern time).

Miki was lying beside her, enjoying herself with Mu Ru Yue.

Miki asked, “Hey Mu Ru Yue, do you like here? Why don’t you continue to stay here then?

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  2. “Miki was lying beside her, enjoying herself with Mu Ru Yue.”

    I misread that as:
    “Miki was lying beside her, enjoying Mu Ru Yue herself.”

    Somehow… I have Miki’s character set to “extra naughty”… wonder when that happened…

  3. And here i thought that Mu Ru Yue was smart and that the flames were senior Dan or something, guess i overestimated her by far, shes completely retarded for going alone without a plan
    And seriously? “Why doesnt he like me? i mean, all i did was kill his wife and child several times!”

  4. You know, the main problem with her plan is that even after she got rid of Ruyue, Wu Chen still wouldn’t magically fall in love with her. The problem is that she thinks too highly of herself.

  5. Thanks for the chapter!

    Pfff, girl, like hell he’d believe you. Why would he believe someone who likes him and tried to kill the girl he loved multiple times in order to get him?

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