EAA Chapter 28


Chapter 28- Becoming An Apprentice To A Master Part 1

“Yes, Grandmaster Wu Yu.”

Yi Xu took out the Return of Spring Pill and respectfully walked up to stop in front of Wu Yu.

The initially calm appearance on Wu Yu’s old face changed drastically. His entire body seemed to be experiencing  an indescribable shock. He used index finger and thumb while he held the pill in the palm of his other hand to crush the Return of Spring Pill and gave it a taste.

“Grandmaster Wu Yu, how is the Return of Spring Pill?” Yi Xu was stunned as he didn’t know what happened.


With a light sigh, Wu Yu placed that Return of Spring Pill on the table. With helplessness on his aged face, he replied, “The fusion rate of the medicinal plants’ strength has reached 95%.”

“Grandmaster Wu Yu, I don’t know what medicinal plant’s strength means…”

Yi Xu expressed curiosity as he knew about fusion rate, but he didn’t know about the a medicinal plant’s strength.

“A medicinal plant’s strength is a measurement of how much of the medicinal plant’s power had dissolve in the body. Everyone knows that this Return of Spring Pill is a pill that recovers energy within a low Martial Stage practitioner. If it had 80% medicinal strength, their energy would take three hours to recover. Medicinal strength that reached 100% would mean an instant recovery.”

Yi Xu gasped in shock. It was no wonder why Wu Yu’s expression had changed drastically. The person capable of manufacturing such a pill that could almost instantly recover the user’s energy could only be discovered, not sought.

“I’ll keep this Return of Spring Pill and will personally head to the Return of Spring Hall tomorrow.”

Wu Yu smiled, how could he give up on such a good seedling?

At dawn the next day, Mu Ru Yue gradually opened her eyes and released a mouthful of air. “I’ve finally reached the Second Martial Stage. Even though my power is still too weak, it’s sufficient enough to prove that I’m no longer a trash.”

Narrowing her eyes, Mu Ru Yue had a sneer on her face. She would help the previous body’s owner by paying back her unwillingness and humiliation in recompense for using this body.

“But now, I should head to the Return of Spring Hall.”

Just as she got out of bed, a black figure flew towards her, landing steadily in her embrace and happily rubbing his head on her body.

Feeling the soft touch, Mu Ru Yue’s face darkened. “Yan Jin, do you know there are differences between males and females?”

Yan Jin rolled his eyes as he said disdainfully, “This senior is just a beast so he doesn’t know.”

It was unknown whether this manor had maltreated her so much that her 15-year-old body hadn’t matured. But after a few years, her body would become impressive. At the moment, it was a little too flat.

With glimmers of light that flickered within his domineering dark eyes, Yan Jin sinisterly smiled. ‘Little girl, this senior really hopes that you would grow up faster….

Return of Spring Hall

When Yi Xu saw a young girl enrobed in a black cloak, his eyes lit up and he immediately went to greet her. “Lady, you’ve finally arrived. I’ve been waiting for you.”

En!” Mu Ru Yue responded. In a voice that was frosty and without any warmth, she asked, “How was it?”

Hehe! Lady, our Grandmaster Wu Yu wishes to meet with you.”

“Grandmaster Wu Yu?”

Mu Ru Yue slightly wrinkled her brows. Before she could say anything, an elderly voice was heard. “You’re the girl that increased the age of 50-year-old medicinal plants and made them 100-year-old medicinal plants?”

“Indeed.” Mu Ru Yue’s raised her brows as she looked at the person walking towards her. With dark eyes devoid of emotion like the stars at night, she asked, “I don’t know why you wanted to meet with me?”

Wu Yu chuckled. “Hehe! Little girl, this elder doesn’t have any ill intention. I only want to have a private chat with you. Are you willing?”

Mu Ru Yue didn’t raise her gaze as she caressed the little beast in her embrace, before replying calmly, “Alright.”

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    1. Ya Jin is the OP spirit beast thing (I assume he is something along those lines since he is certainly not human) that was trapped in the Alchemist Book (for 10,000 years by some human) that our MC has a contract with; and also came with an absolute slave contract on Ya Jin where disobedience equals going to hell with no reincarnation chance. That being said, Ya Jin at full strength would be impossible to bind and thus the contract would break making him free. This was gone over when she first opened the book in one of the first chapters. I imagine Ya Jin’s animal form as a small black cat based on context information (so MC carrying around an OP kitty). But it seems Ya Jin is a bit of a perv and is using his position as a fluffy cat to rub on certain places… although MC also gently pinched his butt so I guess they are even? Could cause some discord later with a love triangle between Ya Jin and Ghost King (speculation so leave my comment be please moderator?). Also thanks for chapter, again.

      1. how can I not leave it? It’s an essay haah I’m not that mean as to delete that. It’s also not a spoiler as it happened before this chapter ^^ You’re welcome

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    1. you’re welcome~ Me too regarding buying of pets, but who knows what happens in the future haha Translation wasn’t what I expected I will do when I was younger since I hated learning chinese 😉 Now I’m grateful of learning it ^^

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