EAA Chapter 286


Chapter 286 –Feng Family’s Ancestor Part 1

The wind blew by, making his enchanting blood-red robe flutter.

Feng Jing Tian raised his phoenix gaze toward the pale Feng Xiang. His eyes were sinisterly cold as though he wasn’t looking at his father, but at his nemesis.

“With what identity are you ordering me?”

Feng Xiang’s expression changed greatly. Ashen-faced, he yelled furiously, “I’m your father! You unfilial son, how could you speak to your father like this?”


“Father?” Feng Jing Tian chuckled coldly with disdain. “I have said this before; if the Feng family touches her, I will start a bloodbath in the family! It seems you didn’t listen to what I said.”

Feeling the young girl’s body stiffen in his embrace, he subconsciously tightened his hold.

“Ten years ago, I failed to protect mother from dying due to your cowardice. But I did promise her to protect the girl I’ll love with all that I have.”

This young girl was the only one he wanted to protect…

“Impudent!” Feng Xiang’s complexion ashened. Shaking in anger, he pointed a finger at Feng Jing Tian. “You unfilial son, you will anger me to death. Cough, cough…”

He wasn’t able to speak further after saying a few sentences. When he coughed, a mouthful of blood spurted out, staining the floor before him red.

Just like Mu Ru Yue, he was also severely wounded. Blood flowed from the long cut on his chest and some of his internal organs were faintly visible.

It could be said that he could stand there now only due to strong force of will as any other person would have already collapsed.

Lan Xin stared dazedly as her beloved man embraced another girl. Her delicate face turned pale. Her heart seemed to have been pierced viciously, so painful that her tears flowed uncontrollably.

‘What is so good about that woman that Feng Jing Tian had rebelled against the Feng family for her?’

‘Even Lan Yue and I weren’t able to obtain such deep feelings.’

What made Lan Xin even more heartbroken was that Feng Xiang was unable to kill that bitch. Had she died, perhaps none of this would have happened…

“Feng Jing Tian, don’t forget that our Feng family houses the lingering spirit of our ancestor! Your powers are indeed great, but do you think you’ll be match against the ancestor?”

The ancestor was only a lingering spirit, but with his ability he definitely would have a method that allows himself to fight for a short moment. If he was willing to interfere in this matter, how hard would it be to deal with a severely wounded young girl?

Currently, the only one that could deal with her was the ancestor…

Feng Jing Tian’s expression turned increasingly dark as he stared coldly at Feng Xiang, but he didn’t say anything.

The ancestor indeed was impressed by Mu Ru Yue, but he was still the Feng family’s ancestor. It was unknown if he would take their side…

Haha!” Feng Xiang laughed crazily. With a malevolent and ruthless smile, he continued, “Jing Tian, you are my son, so I won’t do anything to you. However, that woman must die. Only the ancestor will be able to deal with this situation!”

Lan Xin and the crowd’s gaze lit up when they heard what he said.

Why was the Lan family a little fearful of Feng City’s Feng family? It was due to this so-called mysterious ancestor. Even though the ancestor was a lingering spirit, he was able to keep his soul from scattering for a thousand years. He definitely possessed a treasure. That treasure might also be able to assist him in battle…


Feng Xiang took out a jade tablet and snapped it in two. He shot an icy gaze toward the young girl in Feng Jing Tian’s arms as he shouted, “I don’t know your background, but since you offended my Feng family—you must face death!”


The wind blew by, making his enchanting blood-red robe flutter.

Feng Jing Tian raised his phoenix gaze toward the pale Feng Xiang. His eyes were sinisterly cold as though he wasn’t looking at his father, but at his nemesis.

“With what identity are you ordering me?”

Feng Xiang replied, “As your fairy godfather. You know girls are evil. They only want to steal your money and soul. Don’t say I didn’t tell you this when it happens to you. Godfather knows best!” 😛 [Miki: Just can’t resist playing a joke ^_^]

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  1. Hey Peeps, a special quiz time~ If 5 people get it right, a new extra chapter will be released today. But if 5 people got it wrong before 5 people got it right, then no extra chapter will be posted today. *Drum rolls* The question is…. how old is Xiao Qing Qing when she first met Mu Ru Yue? (Strictly no referral to the past chapters)

      1. Oh nooooo, Qing Qing was about 3 or 4 years old during the “nearly got run over by carriage” scene. 7-10 would be too old to be cluelessly standing out in traffic, and I don’t know what test you’re talking about. She wasn’t preparing for any test.

      2. Well, since we’ve already failed the quiz, I’ll give the answer… Xiao Qing Qing was indeed 3-4 years old, explicitly stated in the last paragraph in Chapter 84. Sad that almost everyone in the comments section was wildly off. I realize later that the “test” being mentioned is the “potential test”, which is taken at 5 years old. And Qing Qing hadn’t taken it yet, so she couldn’t be older than 5.

  2. i left my brain in my dreamland… *sigh* i read this right away after i woke up then when i read the teaser, i was like(in my seriousness), “what the, since when did his father became a fairy?”– and i have the urge to re-read the last few chapters to check… ?

  3. Potential is tested at age 5 and there was a time skip for 6mo+ the medicine sect even and wedding. Also not sure how long MRY has been held in the Feng family? Ugh. Screw it. Still leaving my final answer as 6? Quizes are the source of all wordly evils

  4. @eksentrysyti. Keep in mind there’s over 2 years of plot already. Quin Quin was preparing for the test at the time when MRY parents went to retrieve her from Mu residence. At that time her mom said she would’ve come along to meet her if she wasnt preparing for the test. So she had just turned 5. If she was 4 before it makes sense since only a few months would’ve passed. Then from MRY coming to the Xiao family there was 6mo of secluded training. Plus the Med sect event that took about a month i believe. 2-3 mo preparing for the wedding. Plus the honeymoon and some other stuff I don’t know how long lasted. If it was in fact a year though Quin Quin would have just turned 6 or be almost 5 but close. We haven’t failed the test yet and why say you’d give us the answer and not answer it at all? (I need to stay away from comments. Sorry Miki)

  5. She was 4-5. Children have to be 5 to take the inate talent test in this novel. Remember Mu Ru Yue was poisoned by her adopted sister when she was 5 so that she would be labeled as trash when she took the test. And Xiao Qing Qing hadn’t taken the test yet when she met Mu Ru Yue for the first time. So she was almost 5 or 5

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