EAA Chapter 294


Chapter 294- The Xiao Family’s Crisis Part 4

“Elder Xiao!”

Madam Sheng Yue’s breathing grew ragged as she stared at the elderly figure standing in midair.

Power… there was still a disparity between their powers after all.

If she had Xiantian powers, would it be of any help in this situation? Because she wasn’t strong enough she couldn’t help in this battle between Xiantian experts.


Madam Sheng Yue clenched her fist, suppressing the unwillingness bubbling within her, just watching as the two experts fought.


A powerful blow struck Elder Xiao’s chest, forcing him to retreat a couple of steps. With a trail of blood trickling from the corner of his mouth, he raised his head to look at Nangong Zi Feng. His expression gradually turned gloomy.

Hmph!” Nangong Zi Feng snorted coldly in disdain and slowly put down her numb palm. With arrogance flashing in her eyes, she mocked, “Old man, you are definitely not a match for me, a Mid Rank Xiantian expert! You have reached your limit. If you continue to use your powers, you will only hasten your death. Forcefully holding on by sheer will, how can you be my opponent?”

Elder Xiao didn’t reply, flashing toward Nangong Zi Feng once more to attack.

“This senior said that if you want to touch members of the Xiao family, you must walk over my corpse. I will not let you harm them so long as I live.”

“You’re overestimating your power!” Nangong Zi Feng moved, brandishing her sword in midair.

The air temperature slowly dropped.

Snow began to drift down from the sky, pure white snowflakes sparkling and translucent like the world’s most beautiful colors… Then, those gently floating snowflakes began to slowly gather around Nangong Zi Feng.


The crowd was currently experiencing an unprecedented cold spell, making them feel as though they were suddenly inside an icehouse.

“Old man, you’re at the end of your life anyway. Since you will simply suffer even if you continue to live, let me, Nangong Zi Feng, send you off”


Countless snowflakes condensed around Nangong Zi Feng, forming a snownado. Wherever the snownado moved the surrounding air froze. This cold pierced through bones and made Elder Xiao’s face crease with concentration as he cast a flame toward the approaching snownado.

The power of this snownado was much greater than anything before it…

“Everyone, quickly get on the ground!” Elder Xiao’s expression changed drastically as he hastily shouted at the crowd behind him.

“Elder Xiao!”

Xiao Tian Yu and the others looked at the figure guarding them, with their hearts feeling like it had fallen to the bottom of a valley, leaving sorrow in its place…

As if he didn’t hear their shouts, Elder Xiao stood resolutely in front of the crowd. Countless streams of flames lit his elderly face, turning it completely red, yet his expression remained calm and collected.

He was willing to lay his life down for the Xiao family…


A loud explosion tore through the horizon.

Xiao Tian Yu quickly moved to protect Madam Sheng Yue in his embrace as he gazed at the scene near them. Upon looking, his eyes contracted. Something seemed to have struck his heart as his body started trembling violently.

Elder Xiao remained standing, firmly holding his ground in the midst of the snownado in the distance. When the wind blew, his grey robe fluttered. He just stood there silently, not moving a step…

He was forcefully withstanding the snownado, else it would annihilate the Xiao family.

In that moment, as Elder Xiao helped the Xiao family block this tyrannical attack, his elderly back looked powerful…

“Elder Xiao!”

Old Man Xiao’s eyes contracted. His elderly figure trembled violently, with tears flowing from his eyes. He didn’t care about anything other than dashing toward his elder.

Yet, Elder Xiao raised his hand, suddenly stopping Old Man Xiao’s actions…


Coughing out a mouthful of blood, Elder Xiao’s body finally couldn’t hold on, kneeling on the ground. Mouthful after mouthful of blood was spat from his mouth, as though his blood were cheap and worthless. The sight made the crowd’s heart tighten…

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  1. This Zi Feng girl is seriously needs to get laid… and i mean raped by a monkey and dogs, then thrown into a chamber full of worms with her cultivation broken.

  2. So I have been reading the raws and I am just curious. The pacing of the story to me seems faster than normal. It seems rush to me in every part of the story that is being told. So my question is… Did the author encountered a problem while writing this? or Is this how he/she writes?

      1. ohhh thanks… 😀 I actually skip this chapter because I know it is the authors thoughts.
        Is this the authors first novel so that is why the style is still in development? I haven’t really read other novels from this author.
        I think the story is really good, its just some transitions of the adventures doesn’t make sense or the timing is unbelievably accurate to the point that you will just shrug your shoulder and let it go. XD well.. still love the novel and enjoying reading it.
        BTW, good translations from the raws. Thanks for translating this. (=^_^=)v

        1. Judging from his words, I think this should be his first novel. Thanks hehe~ I also love this story so I picked it to translate~I rather like the pace of this novel though. It makes you thrilled and annoyed at some parts for a short period of time before giving you the sweet~ ^_^

          1. True, the pacing is not drag on although some parts can be elaborated and enhanced. But that is just my opinion. Maybe that is why this is only 1000+ chapters unlike other novels which took up to 3000+ chapters and still on going but the story is getting worst… XD

  3. @Miki I’m already at chapter 1028 (and counting) but I’m still reading your translations. 😀

    *I can’t seem to reply on your last comment because there is no reply link. I don’t know if it is just my computer or it appears to others to.

    1. Nah~ it is because the box will be too small to fit the number of your words so it won’t allow you to reply to that and have to reply in a new post for further replies.

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