EAA Chapter 301


Chapter 301- Everyone’s Heart Unites Part 3

Such outcome would be unimaginable…

Mu Ru Yue raised the sword in her hand to block the oncoming attack. At that instant, she felt power slide down her sword and lash at her chest.She was forced to take rapid steps back, with a trace of blood seeping from the corner of her lips.

When their gazes collided, Mu Ru Yue clearly saw the undisguised jealousy and killing intent in Nangong Zi Feng’s eyes.

She was driven to such craze for a man…


“Nangong Zi Feng, Wu Chen is my husband.” Mu Ru Yue looked seriously at the other woman’s ice-cold face. She chuckled faintly and continued, “Thus, I won’t allow anybody to fancy him, and anyway, be it the past or present life, he won’t fall for you. There has never, and will never be your reflection in his eyes.”


An intense and fervent killing intent surged from Nangong Zi Feng’s body. She felt as though her chest was going to explode from her anger as flames of fury shone in her eyes. She wanted to viciously torture the woman in front of her before killing her!

“Mu Ru Yue, I won’t let you off!”

The angered Nangong Zi Feng attacked at full power, not holding back. Intense killing intent enveloped her body, and a sinister ray of light flashed within her glacial eyes.

Under Nangong Zi Feng’s assault, Mu Ru Yue was gradually overwhelmed. With narrowed eyes, she blocked Nangong Zi Feng’s attack with her sword while taking out numerous pills and consuming them.

“Mu Ru Yue, I remembered how you previously provoked a man to force him to use up all of his power. Unfortunately for you, this method won’t work on me. I admit that I, Nangong Zi Feng, has fallen for your provocation. However, my energy as a Mid Xiantian Rank expert is several folds more than that man’s. It won’t be difficult for me to kill you before I use up all my energy! You definitely aren’t be my match even with the assistance of pills!”

Nangong Zi Feng sniggered. Nobody knew about Mu Ru Yue more than she did, especially regarding that battle with a man after the pill assembly…

Thus, she had seen through Mu Ru Yue’s thoughts at a glance.

Mu Ru Yue’s expression stayed calm and collected as she looked at Nangong Zi Feng. At this time, she was already covered with wounds that it was impossible to see the original snow white colour of her robe.


And then, a small crack appeared on the barrier. Excited, Xiao Tian Yu hollered, “Everyone, work harder! We can break this barrier and leave this place soon.”

As though reinvigorated by the crack on the barrier, everyone  focused and struck at the hindering barrier with all their might in that moment.


Smoke spread out.

The transparent barrier was pulverized by the crowd’s attack, turning into glittering specks that disappeared into the air…


Nangong Zi Feng struck Mu Ru Yue, who fell down and spat a mouthful of blood before standing up with great difficulty.

“Yue Er!”

Madam Sheng Yue’s expression changed drastically and rushed toward the young girl.

“Mother, don’t come over!”

Mu Ru Yue’s raised her gaze as her bloodied robe fluttered in the wind. Her eyes focused on the sniggering Nangong Zi Feng, she indifferently said, “I will need everyone’s help now.”

Madam Sheng Yue was startled. “Yue Er, what do you want us to do?”

With a slight smirk, Mu Ru Yue looked confident.

“All of the fire element martial practitioners here are to focus your energy onto me. Remember to empty all of your power and don’t back!”

Alarmed by her words, Madam Sheng Yue exclaimed, “Yue Er, how can I let that happen? Your body won’t be able to withstand so much energy!”


The outcome of that would be unimaginable…

Mu Ru Yue raised the sword in her hand to block the oncoming attack. At that instant, a power slid down her sword and struck her chest. She was forced to retreat rapidly a couple of steps, a trace of blood seeped from the corner of her lips.

When their gazes collided, Mu Ru Yue could distinctly see the undisguised jealousy and killing intent inside Nangong Zi Feng’s eyes.

She crazed to such an extent for a man…

Miki pondered and commented, “Perhaps all good looking parents must have their son masked until they find the one he loves so that nobody will know how the child looks~ Perhaps it will help stop females being love struck from appearance. Well not all females do but some does. XD Miki shall say this without shame that she is the latter. Kuu~ maybe that’s why she’s single as good looking guys are mostly either partnered up already or are gay. Well I’m sure there are some single good looking man out there, but Miki isn’t that desperate to seek for them~ :P”

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  1. Miki, why not try make those gay good looking man become a Bi? That way you will have a chance to make them straight again

    1. the amount of work that would be spent into that would probably have all the wonderful chapters that Miki-sama translates to stop and then after she makes him straight she would probably not have the time to restart it

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