EAA Chapter 302


Chapter 302- Inheritance Part 1

With her robe fluttering in the wind, Mu Ru Yue kept her back to the crowd and didn’t say explain herself. The young girl’s tone was resolute, making people unable to reject her order.

“All of the fire element martial practitioners are to empty their powers onto me!”

“Yue Er!” Madam Sheng Yue’s heart trembled. Even though her daughter had reached the Xiantian realm, how would she be able to  withstand the power of several fire experts? Her body might even explode. She definitely wouldn’t allow her to risk her life!

Just as she was about to persuade her, she heard a calm and soothing voice.


“Mother, believe in me.”

‘Believe in me…’

These three words stirred up Madam Sheng Yue’s heart.

‘Believe in her? Can I really believe in my daughter’s power at this moment? If… if she failed…’

“Yu Er!”

The warm feeling from the hand grasping hers flowed into her heart. Madam Sheng Yue lifted her head to meet Xiao Tian Yu’s gaze. She bit her lower lip and her delicate body shuddered slightly in his embrace.

“Yu Er, how long have we known our daughter? Do you still not understand her personality? She will definitely achieve whatever she promises to do. The only thing we can do now is believe in her.”

Perhaps the Xiao family could only overcome this ordeal by believing in her. They wouldn’t be able to escape this calamity anyway.

Madam Sheng Yue nodded gently. “Alright, Yue Er, mother will believe in you. But you must remember not to push yourself. If you can’t withstand it, you must tell us, and mother will stop them from sending their power. No matter what, mother just wishes that you continue to live…”

Warmth flowed through Mu Ru Yue’s heart, and she smiled gently. “Don’t worry. I’m confident.”

She definitely couldn’t fail this time…

Everyone looked at each other, and then the fire martial practitioners stepped forward and sent their most powerful attack toward Mu Ru Yue, using all of their power without any reserve.

“Let me give you a hand as well!”

Elder Xiao lifted his head slowly and a trace of flames gathered in his palm.


A tempest-like fire overwhelmed the other’s attack as it struck Mu Ru Yue.

In that moment, everyone’s heart rose…

Madam Sheng Yue fists clenched as her gaze locked on the place where the young girl stood/as she stared at where the young girl stood. An unparalleled feeling of anxiety filled her heart, but she could only believe in her at this moment. She had to believe in a young girl of 17…

Mu Ru Yue lightly closed her eyes as she stood within the flame. Her body slowly absorbed the tyrannical power. The power rampaged inside her as if it were trying to break free…

However, how could Mu Ru Yue allow that to happen?

She instantly activated the Alchemy Book, making the immeasurable energy fill her dantian to the brim.

“Not good!”

Nangong Zi Feng’s expression changed drastically as a fear of unknown origin permeated her heart. She had a feeling that once Mu Ru Yue absorbed all of that energy, the outcome would be undesirable!

“No! I must stop her!”

Intense killing intent filled Nangong Zi Feng’s eyes. Her body moved in a flash as she raised her sword and pointed it at Mu Ru Yue. But at that moment, Mu Ru Yue’s previously shut eyes abruptly opened. A cold ray of light flashed in her eyes.

She held an extraordinary aura incomparable to before…

Her hair fluttered without wind. The blood stained white robe danced with the wind. She looked as though she had just climbed out from the underworld, possessing a terrifying aura.

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  1. Damn it mom. Do as I say or your grounded ? I need that power to form my spirit ball. So stop hesitating and give me all your energy??

  2. Nangong Zi Feng, please die, please die, please die, please die, please die, please die, please die, please die, please die, please die, please die, please die, please die, please die, please die, please die.

    Hopefully she doesn’t have enough plot armor to come back a 4th time. This novel is “Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Wife”, not “Troll Cray B*tch Won’t Ever Die”. I want to read about alchemists and ghost kings, not some reincarnating spinster.

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