EAA Chapter 310


Chapter 310 – I Am Lei Feng Part 3

Tsk! Tsk! The people of the Zang family are really mighty. Don’t you know what ‘first come, first serve’ means? Everyone else queued up properly before and only gave way to you because they didn’t want to injure others. Can it be that the Central Region is only filled with barking dogs?”

A green-clad figure flashed over, her lily-white hands touching the cold blade of a sword. With just a bit of strength, the sword snapped in two.

The girl smiled at the guard as his expression changed dramatically.

This girl didn’t have a devastating beauty, but her clean and pretty face was similarly pleasant to look at. Her eyes contained a smile and her lips curved up into a slight grin.


Even if this happy appearance wasn’t exceptional, it was still captivating. It was like a ray of sunlight brightening the day.

“Who are you?” The guard’s expression turned ashen as he glared furiously at the green-clad girl that appeared out of thin air.

The green-clad girl blinked her eyes and smiled beautifully as she replied, “Don’t ask my name. Just call me Lei Feng.”

‘Lei Feng?’

Mu Ru Yue looked curiously at the green-clad girl. There wasn’t anyone in Hua Xia that didn’t know the name ‘Lei Feng’. After all, it was name used especially when people weren’t willing to say their true name after doing a good deed.

‘Could this just be a coincidence or am I imagining it right?’


A shout was heard just as the guard wanted to make his move.

From the palanquin came a man and woman.

The man wore embroidered clothing. His face was as handsome as a carving. The woman by his side was someone Mu Ru Yue knew…

“Wu Qing Xue?”

Mu Ru Yue was stunned. ‘Why is she here?’

When Wu Qing Xue and her eldest brother loved each other, she left him in the end. However, after the Wu family knew eldest brother’s identity, the family was ruined. No news of the Wu family came after that.

Who knew that Wu Qing Xue would appear here…

Wu Qing Xue glanced at Mu Ru Yue. With her fist clenched tightly, a trace of hatred flashed in her clear eyes.

‘If it wasn’t for this woman, how could she have fallen to such a state?

‘Everything was all due to Xiao Feng not telling me his identity. If I knew his identity, would I have left him? Who in the world would really be willing to elope with a trash?’

Hence, she shouldn’t be blamed for what she did…

Yet, she didn’t expect she was an illegitimate daughter of the Zang Family’s head and shared the same mother as Zang Tian Ming. Since her elder brother was a boy, he was brought back to the family twenty years ago by her father. After she was born, she was passed to the Wu family to be raised as she was a girl. Now that her brother became the young master of the Zang family, she got to know her true identity and was brought back to the Central Region.

She, however, couldn’t have predicted that she would meet with the girl that led to the Wu family to its current sorry state before she went to the Central Region. As they say, ‘enemies met on a narrow road’.

Mu Ru Yue’s eyes narrowed slightly as a peculiar ray of light flashed past her eyes when she looked at the two’s similar looks.

“Elder brother.” Zang Qing Xue tugged at Zang Tian Ming’s sleeve. With a slight droop of her eyes to cover the malevolence in her gaze, she continued, “Since they want to head there first, let them go first.”

When Zang Tian Ming looked at his long lost younger sister, his expression softened as he nodded toward those guard. “Didn’t you hear the young mistress’ words? Let them leave first. I don’t want their blood to tarnish Xue Er’s eyes. Xue Er has been living outside of the family so her heart is still pure and clean. It should not be sullied.”


Tsk! Tsk! The people of the Zang family is really mighty. Don’t you know what  ‘first come first serve’ means? The others were queuing up properly before they gave way to you as they didn’t want to injure others. Can it be that the Central Region is only filled with barking dogs?”

A green-clad figure flashed over and her lily-white hands landed on the icy blade of the sword. With a just a bit of strength, the sword snapped into two. [Miki frowned. “Why are you acting cool? Miki had changed the material of the sword into gummy so even a toddler can break it as if anyone wants to hurt my female lead, wait for 100 years.” Miki shook her head.]

The girl looked smilingly at the guard that had a drastic change in his expression.

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      Wu Qing Xue is the girl that saved Xiao Feng after he was ambushed by the Nangong family. But since his powers were sealed, she left him as she thought he was a trash to be with a man that her foster father of the Wu family arranged for her to break them up.

    2. The slut that let Mu Ru Yue’s brother Xiao Feng get beaten half to death by her fiance. She didn’t want to elope because she thought Xiao Feng was trash (he was sealed).

      *Just a thought… why is it so easy to “seal” someone in this novel? Why can’t our protagonist just seal everyone she dislikes…*

      And seriously, why are all the females in this novel so full of hate, why do they think their men will pamper them if they’re always wanting to kill someone that looked at them wrong?

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