EAA Chapter 312


Chapter 312- Academy’s Exam Part 2

Seeing his younger sister being so sensible, Zang Tian Ming smiled, pleased…

The green-clad girl smiled like a blossoming flower inside the mountain range. She glanced curiously at her surroundings. It was as though she were intrigued by everything within the Central Region.

Mu Ru Yue’s heart rippled slightly as well.


She felt an extraordinarily nostalgic feeling when she entered the Central Region. It was as though she had lived here before.

“You are Lei Feng?” Mu Ru Yue’s brows rose as she smiled faintly toward the green-clad girl.

The green-clad girl blinked her eyes and remained silent for a while before replying, “I am Yao Yun Qing. As for the name ‘Lei Feng’, it is from my homeland. There was once a person who didn’t want to use their name after doing a good deed, so they gave the name Lei Feng instead. Hence, after that incident, anyone that didn’t want to leave their name after doing something good will call themselves Lei Feng.”

“Is… is your homeland known as Hua Xia?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes! That’s right, my homeland is Hua Xia… Eh… you… how… did you know that?” The green-clad girl looked with shock at the young girl with such an impeccable appearance.

Mu Ru Yue smiled slightly as she replied, “It is because my homeland was also called Hua Xia. In that place, there was similarly a person called Lei Feng. That Lei Feng also didn’t leave his name after doing a good deed…”


The green-clad girl was stupefied as she blinked her eyes dazedly. She stared at Mu Ru Yue as though she were looking at a monster, disbelief filling her widened, clear eyes.

“You… you are also from Hua Xia?”

‘There are people that have crossed over into this world other than her?’

“Tell me how you came here.” Mu Ru Yue shrugged her shoulders as she spoke calm and collectedly.

Yao Yun Qing came back to her senses after she heard Mu Ru Yue’s words. Fury blazed her heart.

“I was implicated!”

She gritted her teeth in fury as she remembered her past. “I was an ordinary person in Hua Xia. My parents had divorced and I followed my father. My father then wedded my step-mother who had a daughter three years younger than me. Who knew my younger sister that shared the same father but different mother wanted to steal my boyfriend and threatened me to break up with him? I was moody so I went to Long White Mountain. I didn’t expect for people to be fighting there, and they were all martial experts!”

That scene was too stunning. It was like something that could only be seen on television. How could she, Yao Yun Qing, know that such terrifying battles occurred in the modern world?

“After that, the girl was plotted against, leading to her losing the battle with severe injuries. I still had the mentality of ‘Lei Feng’ after those people left and went to save that girl. Who would have expected that a storm would rise from that girl’s body? I then came to this world, possessing the body of a girl known Yao Yun Qing.”

Yao Yun Qing narrated her story in grief. She was just a kind-hearted passerby. It was due to her wanting to save that girl that she ended coming to this foreign world.

“Right, how did you come here?”

“About that…” Mu Ru Yue looked at Yao Yun Qing hesitantly.

She couldn’t tell her that the girl battling at Long White Mountain was her, right? It was her fault that Yao Yun Qing left Hua Xia and came to the Martial God Continent.

She couldn’t say those words.

“I… I was just sleeping before coming here.”

Sleeping before coming here wasn’t a lie as she had died already before coming over…

“You were sleeping before coming here?” Yao Yun Qing blinked her eyes before saying in sympathy, “Why are you more unlucky than I? I at least clearly knew I had transmigrated while you slept during the transmigration. That’s right, I hadn’t ask for your name.”

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