EAA Chapter 32


Chapter 32- Prior To The Competition

The hottest topic in the Phoenix City was definitely the huge Practitioner’s Competition, which would be hosted by experts from the Qing Yun Sect, and would be judged by Crown Prince Jing. Those who succeeded in reaching the top three positions could enter the eyes of the experts of the Qing Yun Sect. Thus, many people had signed up early to participate in it.

“Hey, have you heard that Mu Ru Yue of the Mu family will also be participating this time?”

“What? Mu Ru Yue? The number one trash of the Kingdom of Zi Yue? What a joke. Why did she join? For the laughs?”

“I guess it’s to be humiliated. Haha!


The crowd’s undisguised mockery had made Mu Qing’s face redden. He complained about his daughter, a trash. ‘Why doesn’t she obediently stay at home, rather than come out for humiliation? Can it be that she thinks she can compete against Mu Ting Er?

Since the participants’ names were only announced today, Mu Qing was kept in the dark until now. If not, he would have stopped her.

“Father.” Mu Yi Xue fumingly searched for Mu Ru Yue’s figure. With fury expressed on her delicate and adorable face, she commented, “Today was supposed to be the day elder sister Ting Er shines, but that trash just wanted to interfere. From how I see it, she’s jealous of elder sister Ting Er.”

No matter what, that trash was still a member of the Mu family so if she were to be humiliated, it was the same as the Mu family being mocked. ‘Could it be these last couple years of mockery wasn’t enough? I really don’t know how my parents gave birth to such a trash.

At this moment, no one discovered that in a close-by restaurant, there were a pair of angered eyes that were glaring at the talking crowd.

Wu Yu gulped a cup of wine to suppress the frantic anger in his heart.

Trash? Those bastards dared to call my disciple trash? If that was the case, then what will I be? The Master of the trash, won’t I be the trash among trashes? If that girl’s talent was rubbish, then I dare to swear that there won’t be a talent in the world.

“Mu family?” Wu Yu coldly smiled as he lowered his gaze upon the father and daughter of the Mu family.

During those few months of interaction, he already knew from Mu Ru Yue that she was poisoned before the test when she was five and that resulted in the blockage of her meridians, making her unable to cultivate. If it wasn’t for an expert that helped her detoxify the poison, she would be a trash her entire life.

Of course, Wu Yu didn’t know that the expert was Mu Ru Yue herself.

But thinking that such a talent could have been discovered 10 years ago but was only discovered now, Wu Yu’s heart hurt. He really wanted to immediately tear that Mu family apart with hatred.

“It isn’t all bad, however, as least, during these last few years, Mu Ru Yue had clearly seen the personality of that brat Ye Tian Feng. Otherwise, wouldn’t my good disciple have been tricked into that stinky brat’s hands?”

Having thought so, Wu Yu felt slightly better. His disciple was abnormal, so only an outstanding man had the rights to be her husband.

“My wife.”

A nice and pleasant voice was heard behind Mu Ru Yue, who was not far from the martial stage. From that voice, she knew who it was.

“Why are you here?” Mu Ru Yue turned around to look at the young man behind her. When she saw the hurt expression on his face, her words unknowingly softened.

The young man smiled candidly. Due to the sunlight shining on his smiling and handsome face, it seemed as if it could sweep anyone off their feet. It was as though he were the brightest existence in the world. Even the man who held the title of being the most beautiful man in the Phoenix City, Ye Yi Hua, couldn’t surmount to even half his looks.

He just stood there, but it was breathtaking.

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  2. I really hope that his personality isn’t a complete act. It’s fine if he’s a cold badass to others later on, but I hope that he is sweet and devoted to the MC, and doesn’t turn into a sadistic, crontrolling, nutjob like a lot of other CN male leads

    1. This has actually been on my mind as well. The title suggests she’s his concubine, not wife, so I guess something happens or already happened so as to make him his 2nd and/or of lower status. If I’m not mistaken you can have “wifes” in polygamous context unless there’s some rule in this setting that you can only have 1 wife and everyone else is de-facto concubine.

      But yeah it already feels like she’s been wronged, just from the series title. I hope it turns out to be just some convoluted pet peave of his and she can only be his concubine since he never wants anyone as “wife.”

      (I assume the title is completely accurate and it’s not meant to be “wife” instead of “concubine”)

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        1. Umm… *nips this in the bud*
          妃 |fēi| means “Imperial Concubine” or “The Wife of a Prince”
          To be more specific, it means “wife/spouse/imperial concubine”
          Aiya… the struggles of multi-definition CN words with differing connotations compared to EN words

      2. I also thought about that but I could imagne that they just never get really married. They are in a relationship but because they are not legally married to each other she only has the title of concubine. Or the better idea would be that they won´t get married and she can only be his concubine. But not because of their relationship I could imagne that they fall head over heels in love but because of political reasons the ghostking (after his body gets fixed) he is bound to marry some princess of so. To prevent war maybe. They will love each other and he won´t touch his “wife” maybe sadly they can´t be legally be husband and wife.

  3. Short but sweet. Nice build up. The main players are coming out and we just got to wait on the ex-fiancé and co. and we can get things started.

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