EAA Chapter 37


Chapter 37- Downfall Of Mu Ting Er’s Reputation Part 1

“Mister Li, according to your status as a younger generation, I will not lower myself to your level, but please be respectful. My daughter was from an honorable past. If it wasn’t for Ting Er’s father sacrificing himself to save my mother, my mother would have died. Moreover, Ting Er has been obedient and kind-hearted. Who in the Phoenix City doesn’t praise her? The reason why I hated Mu Ru Yue was because she has a venomous personality, always bullying Ting Er, a kind-hearted girl. Therefore, who do you think I would love and pamper?”

Mu Qing was upright and confident as he said this. It made it seem as though Mu Ru Yue was really a venomous girl that was malicious, while Mu Ting Er was a small white flower that had always been bullied.

Following Mu Qing’s words, Mu Ting Er shed fake tears. Her feeble appearance that seemed unable to withstand the wind attracted tender affections.



Ye Tian Feng violently hit the table with his temple throbbing and veins protruding. He wanted to teach lesson to Mu Ru Yue and Li Lu as they had made Mu Ting Er cry, but he was restricted by a gaze from Tian Yuan.

“Feng Er, calm down. Don’t worry, nothing will happen. You’re a judge afterall, so you shouldn’t make any rash move.”

Those words calmed Ye Tian Feng’s heart. He looked worriedly at Mu Ting Er, but when his gaze swept Mu Ru Yue, his gaze showed disgust and anger.

Even though that girl wasn’t trash, she still wasn’t comparable to Ting Er.

At this moment, nobody saw Mu Ru Yue secretly take out a emerald green pill and used her energy to powderise it. After making a transparent mist with the powder, she inwardly used her energy to send the medicine into Mu Ting Er’s nose and mouth.

After Mu Qing’s words, the crowd, which didn’t know the truth, thought that Mu Qing’s words were the truth. They started to criticise Mu Ru Yue for having such a venomous heart. How could she bear to bully Mu Ting Er, a delicate girl that should be protected? A person like her was inhumane. Even a beast was more kind-hearted than her.

When the crowd said those unpleasant words, suddenly, Mu Ting Er’s tear stained, beautiful face distorted as she glared loathingly at Mu Ru Yue.

“Mu Ru Yue, why aren’t you dead? Which part of me is lousier than you? You were engaged to the Crown Prince just because you’re the genuine young mistress. Let me tell you this; the Crown Prince is mine and no one can snatch him away from me! Why should girls need to share their husband? He can only be my man! Haha! Mu Ru Yue, just die quickly. A trash like you shouldn’t live in this world! Only I am the most outstanding!”

“And you, Zhang Ya Xin. Actually, during the previous competition with you, I wanted to kill you. Who told your sister to have affections towards the Crown Prince? I wanted to kill you, but still had to show a happy expression. Do you know how difficult that was? Your sister is so stupid, and you’re nothing better. Your strength is weak,and you are so ugly. Who will want to marry an ugly person like yourself? However, I’m the most kind-hearted so how can I really kill you? See how kind I am! Hahaha!

Mu Ting Er laughed as though she had gone insane, her venomous gaze sweeping past everyone that was present.

The crowd was stunned as they hadn’t expect Mu Ting Er, a gentle girl who seemingly possess a kind heart, to say such words. Could this be her real personality?

“So that is the weak and often oppressed girl the Mu family’s head spoke of? Tsk! Tsk!” Ji Ru Ya smilingly shook her head. “She really is a kindhearted and obedient girl. She’s so kind-hearted she wanted to take innocent lives. I really suspect the credibility of what the Mu family’s head had said. There’s a phrase that fits this situation perfectly: ‘Like father, like daughter.’ It might even be true that she’s your biological daughter from an unknown brothel prostitute.”

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    1. It might or it might not XD I’ll be lying if I said I don’t know haha~ but ponder about it until it’s released tomorrow. I made the comment is to see if anyone can guess it right for the fun of imagination ^_^ and if this novel is as cliche as some people have thought >.> Well if someone could guess it, I also don’t mind haha~ The story outweighs the cliches~ in my opinion <3

  1. Oh my gosh I love how overly protective of Mu Ru Yue. It is so cute how genuinely angry he is for her! Thank you so much for you hard work and you have made my day by making spoilers for us to read!! Thank you very much!

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  6. My guess is the royal grandfather’s concubine. Sinc it was mentioned that she didn’t like tinger at the beginning of her fight and was said that she favored the one from the other day which is mu ru yue. She is like “Luke I am your father” sorry story line… “Mu ru yue, I will be your mother”

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