EAA Chapter 41


Chapter 41- Separation Part 3

Ye Wu Chen furrowed his beautiful brows as he looked at Mu Ru Yue. With a blank expression on his handsome face and clear eyes that didn’t have the slightest impurity in them, his gaze was so pure that it made people doubt if that kind of gaze actually existed. He asked, “My wife, who is this uncle? Why did he call me a mister? What is a mister? Can it be eaten? That uncle is such an idiot. He asked me why I’m here? Of course, I’ve come to find my wife. Why will I want to come to find him? But I heard from others that this uncle is not a good person as he has a habit of exploiting people.”

Hearing those words, Mu Qing didn’t need to guess any further.

“Delinquent! Have you forgotten that you’re marrying the Ghost King? How can you have a relationship with another man?! I must immediately discipline you on the virtuousness of a woman!”

Mu Qing raised his hand to viciously slap Mu Ru Yue. But at this moment, Ye Wu Chen seemed to mindlessly give him a glance. Plop! Suddenly, Mu Qing abruptly knelt before Mu Ru Yue.


“My wife, why did that uncle kneel towards you?” Ye Wu Chen blinked his innocent eyes, as though nothing had happened.

When his gaze met with her suspicion filled eyes, his heart jumped a beat. ‘I may have overdone it. Can it be that the girl saw that?’

“My wife?” Ye Wu Chen blinked his eyes as he looked at Mu Ru Yue with an innocent and enticing gaze.

Seeing that he looked as though he really didn’t know what had happened, Mu Ru Yue withdrew her suspicious gaze. She might have been mistaken during that split second.

If Ye Wu Chen is really pretending, then that man’s level of deceitfulness definitely won’t be low.’

Thinking about that, she smiled at Mu Qing, who was still kneeling. “Father, please rise. You’re really torturing me like this. Oh! That’s right. The words ‘virtuousness of a woman’ should be taught to sister Ting Er instead. She was unwed, but had already given her innocence to Ye Tian Feng. Or, did that mean virtuousness instead? Moreover, wasn’t that matter also silently approved by father?”

Even though she was smiling, there was nothing that seemed to be able to make the iciness of her gaze to fade.

Cold sweat from Mu Qing’s head flowed down. He tightly clenched his fist as he climbed up. That humiliation viciously pierced his heart.

“Mu Ru Yue!” Mu Qing angrily hollered. “Immediately kneel down now!”

Seeming not to hear the hollers of Mu Qing, Mu Ru Yue’s lips curved up into a faint smile with undisguised mockery in her eyes.

“Good! Very good!” Mu Qing was so angered that he laughed instead. “Since you’re so undisciplined, I’ll expel you from the Mu family and eradicate your name from the family’s record.”

He thought that those words would frighten Mu Ru Yue and make her kneel before him, begging for forgiveness. But she didn’t. She just smiled at him. That smile made him anxious.

“Alright, that decision is great as I don’t want to continue staying in this place anyway.”

As if she didn’t see the ashened Mu Qing, Mu Ru Yue turned around with a smile, pulling Ye Wu Chen along as she left wordlessly.


Mu Qing raised his palm and slammed it against a table, making it split in half. He didn’t seem to feel any pain in his hand as he stared fixedly at Mu Ru Yue’s departing figure. With gritted teeth, he hollered, “Mu Ru Yue! You will regret doing this!”

Regret?’ Mu Ru Yue smiled. ‘I don’t know what regret is since the day I was born.’

“Father.” Mu Yi Xue looked dazedly at the back of Ye Wu Chen as she arrogantly said, “I fancy that man. I want to marry him.”

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    1. I don’t know how he could act like that 🙂 I’m not the type that can act like him as my laughing system seems to be attached to playful lying. hahaha XD

  1. Lol. Lol. I dunno whether to call that father malicious or stupid, although he seems to be both… and both her sisters have the habit of wanting to snatch her intende huh? Can they not find their own potential husband? Is Mu Ru Yue some filter for good specimens of men that they only pick from her future husbands? Ahahaha.

  2. -.- (my face when he does not realize the guy calling the main character his wife is the ghost king *after ghost king revealed he did not know what mister means*)

  3. Only he can keep up Mu Ru Yue in personality and physically. Even in attitude, match made in heaven if she opened her eyes better.

  4. Miki let´s talk serious for a second, how much do you love it to leave us with teasers like that q.q On another note it seems stupidity and ignorance runs in the Mu family, independent of blood relations …. RIP my hopes for a maybe not so bad ending for the little sister.

    1. I hate to be serious, but if I have to, my reply on the first question is I love it to the core. ^_^ It makes me wonder what type of comments will be coming. 🙂 I’m the type of person that likes to tease and prank people so how can I dislike leaving such master piece teasers? Teasers are meant to tease people 😉

      1. No wonder you activated comments on the teasers xD Evil little Miki likes to watch the readers burn in anticipation :3 There should be a top 5 list for the best teasers for this novel. The one with the “bang” and this one are really (evil) good.

          1. @lord bunny XD If I were to add, it will be nothing elates me more than to tease and prank people~ but I try not to overdo it ^^ If not, people will start to hate me. I’ll cry then.

  5. I honestly love the pacing of this series. Unlike other Chinese novels, this one doesn’t take 100 chapters to get to the sweet revenge. It also seems like it won’t take long for her to become Empress of everything. ?

  6. Love Ye Wu chen too! but that ninja woman who is his subordinate and is in love with him I’m sure is going to be some kind of a problem… and that little black beast? why do I see some flags there too?!

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  8. Thanks for the chapter ~

    Based on the title and how long this is going I’m guessing she’s gonna split from her family. Is it even possible for her to “leave” her family? Since I would imagine her shitty family would have dropped her if they could long ago. Would she be called just Yue Ru then? Until she becomes Ye Yue Ru at least.

          1. She’s finally out of the manor that binds her. I actually looks forward to the regrets that they will encounter in the near future 🙂

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      Also, ghost king seems to be a real softie, based on this chapter. Hehe.

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