EAA Chapter 44


Chapter 44- Fourth Martial Stage Practitioner

It was night when Mu Ru Yue stopped cultivating. She gently let out a breath as she raised her head to look at the bright moon outside the window that shone with an unsteady flow of light.

A single night of cultivation had finally allowed her to break through to become a Fourth Martial Stage practitioner. She would now have strength great enough for self-preservation despite the fact that a Fourth Martial Stage practitioner couldn’t be counted as strong.


Three days passed like a breeze. The rest of the rankings of the remaining competitors had been posted in those three days. Some were dejected while some were elated. Of course, that sudden unforeseen event three days ago was still discussed enthusiastically.


Everyone thought that Mu Ting Er wouldn’t participate in this competition, but she still came with Mu Qing today.

Mu Ting Er today was quieter when compared to her usual incredibly delicate behaviour. It was only when she looked at Mu Ru Yue that a bone-piercing hatred would be expressed from within her beautiful eyes.

When Ye Tian Feng saw Mu Ting Er appear, his heart stirred. It looked as though he wanted to head over to her to say something, but he still sat down in the end. As for Mu Ting Er, she had hoped for him to come and talk to her. When she saw his actions, her heart couldn’t help but chill.

He had clearly promised three days ago that after the competition, he would come to find me, but he still hadn’t.

Thinking about that, Mu Ting Er’s mouth tasted bitter. She hadn’t expected that the man she loved whole heartedly wouldn’t even stay by her side when she needed him the most.

But why couldn’t she let him go, even when he treated her in such a manner?

Suddenly, a voice was heard, causing Mu Ting Er to retract her gaze.

“Hey, look. It’s Mu Ru Yue from the Mu family. What is she planning to do?”

When Mu Ting Er heard the name ‘Mu Ru Yue,’ hatred flashed past her eyes.

That’s right, it is all that slut’s fault! If it isn’t for her existence, I will already have become the Crown Prince’s Main Wife. Why will I need to participate in that competition then? Moreover, if it isn’t for this competition, how can I have been disgraced to such an extent?’

She should have died long ago.

That slut didn’t have any paternal or maternal love and even the Crown Prince is disgusted by her. Since nobody cared for her existence, why didn’t she just die?

A useless person didn’t have the right to live in this world!

Feeling a heated gaze from beneath her, Mu Ru Yue lightly glanced downward and stopped her gaze on Mu Ting Er for a moment before shifting her line of sight without even the slightest hint of feeling.

“Competing one at a time will be too boring. How many people have passed the first round? Everybody come up against me! I don’t have time to fight single matches with all of you.”

The young girl’s words were like a thunderclap that mercilessly struck at the hearts of the crowd. Everyone widened their eyes in surprise as they looked unbelievably at the remarkably beautiful figure of the youthful girl on the martial stage.

Challenging everyone at once?

Who did she think she was? She was a mere Third Martial Stage practitioner. She actually dared to challenge the crowd? Was her mind really functioning properly? A normal person wouldn’t have said what she said.

Everyone, not to mention Fourth Martial Stage practitioners like Mu Ting Er, would be able to crush her with their numbers.

Mu Qing’s complexion turned into the colour of pig liver as he suppressed his impulse to viciously teach Mu Ru Yue a lesson. He instead shouted loudly at her in fury, “Wretched girl, stop embarrassing yourself and get off the stage now!”

Didn’t she feel that she’d disgrace herself enough? Which youth would behave with such arrogance like her? It would have been alright if she had the ability, but her current action was just seeking death.

Mu Ru Yue’s eyebrows raised as she lowered her gaze to look at Mu Qing, who had an ashen complexion. “I’ve already been expelled from the Mu family by your order, so what rights do you still have to discipline me?”

“You…..” Mu Qing pointed and shook his finger at Mu Ru Yue. He really regretted allowing such a delinquent and imprudent girl be born. Instantly, his glare intensified before he smiled in anger and shouted, “Good, very good! Don’t you go and regret saying that after today!”

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