EAA Chapter 47


Chapter 47- Soloing The Crowd Part 3

“Mu Ru Yue, do you know what your greatest mistake in life is?” Mu Ting Er coldly sneered, shouting loudly enough that everyone on the fighting stage could hear. “Your greatest mistake is being born as the Mu family’s blood daughter. I’m obviously much more talented than you are, but I’m only an adopted girl. What rights do you have to inherit the Mu family’s bloodline? It’s too unfair! If it wasn’t for my adopted daughter’s status, I wouldn’t have needed to put in so much effort in stealing your father, sister and even your fiance from you.”

She hated Mu Ru Yue, but she also hated her biological father.

Because her biological father was trash, it prevented her from having a great background. That kind of trash didn’t deserve to be her father. It was good that the trash still doted on his daughter and purposely sacrificed his life to save the Mu family’s old madam in order to provide her support from beyond the grave.

But if her father was a dragon among people like the Royal Emperor of this Kingdom, wouldn’t she be able to get whatever she wanted? She wouldn’t need to work so hard to obtain a future.


Thus, that man was still too trashy. Towards those kinds of useless things, she had always disdained them as completely worthless.

“Are you really more talented than I am?” Mu Ru Yue smiled, but to Mu Ting Er, it was like she was gazing at a sinister demoness. “You should know better than everyone what you had done that year.”

Mu Ting Er’s expression changed. Could it be that this slut knew about that matter? No, that was impossible. She had meticulously done it secretly so that it would be impossible for her to know about it.

After thinking about it, Mu Ting Er’s heart stabilized as she replied with mockery, “Mu Ru Yue, stop framing me. It’s obvious you’re trash, so don’t even think about competing against me just because you can cultivate now.”

She softly spoke those words, so the crowd beneath the stage had no clue of what their conversation pertained to.

Their conversation came to a rapid end, however, as Mu Ting Er flashed behind Mu Ru Yue. She brandished her sword, aiming the tip of her icy blade at her opponent’s neck.

But Mu Ru Yue seemed to have eyes on her back as, and with a wave of her long sword, she easily blocked Mu Ting Er’s attack.

The autumn wind rustled, and the dead leaves falling in large numbers.

At this moment, there were only the two of them on the martial stage.

When the crowd saw the many bodies strewn across the stage, they gulped their saliva. Who could still say that Mu Ru Yue was trash? Even if Mu Ru Yue were to be defeated by Mu Ting Er, Mu Ting Er had previously increased her power by consuming a pill.

If Mu Ting Er hadn’t consumed that pill, she would have already fallen like the rest.

“Your Majesty, what do you think about that Mu Ru Yue?” Ji Ru Ya smiled as she played with her hair. Interest filled her eyes, and she asked, “I’m really curious as she definitely wasn’t trash, so how had those rumours arose?”

The Emperor of Zi Yue also didn’t understand what was going on. ‘If I knew that Mu Ru Yue is this talented, I would have casually bestowed a marriage on her and wed her to my son or grandson. How could I have let that brat at the Ghost King Manor reap such a profit?

Thinking about that, the mood of the Emperor of Zi Yue became slightly unpleasant.Ji Ru Ya just smiled and didn’t speak any further. She shifted her gaze to Mu Ru Yue, her smile intensifying and becoming increasingly capable of enticing a person’s heart.

But currently, everyone’s gazes were on the martial stage…

Mu Ting Er’s attacks were so rapid that it would have been difficult for people to deal with her sword. Her sword seemed to confuse the eye when it struck towards Mu Ru Yue. Since it looked like multiple illusory thrusts in everyone’s visions, they were unable to determine the actual location of her sword.

No signs of panic could be seen on Mu Ru Yue’s face since the start of the match till now. Her body constantly shifted from left and right to evade the blows, avoiding that complex sword’s movement.

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