EAA Chapter 48


Chapter 48- Soloing The Crowd Part 4

The crowd became nervous as they stared unblinkingly at the battle between the two girls.

Mu Yi Xue tightly clenched her small, delicate fists. With a worried gaze, she asked, “Father, do you think elder sister Ting Er will be able to win?”

Rubbing Mu Yi Xue’s head, Mu Qing smiled with confidence. “Although that wretched girl really gave us a fright, how can Ting Er lose now that she is a Fifth Martial Stage practitioner? Hence, she’ll definitely achieve the final victory. She just needs to win, and the negative comments about her will disappear.”

Mu Yi Xue blinked her adorable eyes as she nodded seriously. Elder sister Ting Er was an idol in her heart. She definitely wouldn’t lose to Mu Ru Yue.


At this moment, Mu Ru Yue quickly pulled back and created some distance between her and Mu Ting Er. She released her grip of the sword in her hand, causing the sword to hover in midair.

Suddenly, an identical sword separated from the longsword. The two made swishing sounds as they slashed at Mu Ting Er. At that moment, the surroundings of the two swords gave rise to layers of flaming light. They were like two scorching, fiery balls. They seemed to illuminate the atmosphere.

This was a sword technique Mu Ru Yue had learned during her previous life: Ten Thousand Swords As One. Even though it was the first stage dual sword technique of the Ten Thousand Swords As One, it was sufficient enough to deal with Mu Ting Er, who hadn’t genuinely become a Fifth Stage expert.

“Dont!” Mu Ting Er’s complexion became deathly pale from fright. Her legs quivered incessantly as she hastily raised her ice sword. When that sword came into contact with the scorching heat of the dual swords, the ice sword’s blade in her hand unexpectedly melted.

This expensive sword had been bought by Mu Qing for her. It was said that this sword had been carved from ice brought down from an ice mountain and wouldn’t melt for a thousand years. It allowed her to bring forth greater might from her ice sword technique.

Who knew that this sword would actually be melted by Mu Ru Yue’s flame?

Seeing the dual swords approaching her, Mu Ting Er gritted her teeth as she withdrew the belt tying her clothings to viciously strike against the two swords. But before the belt could even near the swords, it turned to ash.

I’m over now. Everything is finished. With Mu Ru Yue’s viciousness, she would definitely kill me! But I don’t want to die!

Thinking about it, Mu Ting Er didn’t care about her appearance as she shouted loudly towards the stage below, “Father, Your Highness Crown Prince! Please quickly save me. Mu Ru Yue said that if I were to die, the Crown Prince would be hers, so she wants to kill me!”

After hearing what Mu Ting Er said, Mu Ru Yue smiled with mockery, but she held no intention of withdrawing her attack. Still, she definitely wouldn’t take Mu Ting Er’s life.


Swish! Swish!

A couple of distinct, crisp sounds were heard as the two swords directly sliced Mu Ting Er’s clothing to pieces, exposing her white and delicate body. What was made clearer was a clear and distinct hickey mark beside her belly button. It seemed to be from some time ago, according to its faint colour and luster.


Mu Ting Er shrieked as she hurriedly tried to cover the trembling Jade Bunnies1 in front of her chest. Her action, however, had allowed the crowd to see that there was no longer a Seal of Chastity2 on her arm.

Mu Ting Er, from the Mu family, was unexpectedly not a virgin.

At that moment, those who were lecherous in the crowd looked with disdain at her. The men rarely saw such a magnificent and delicate body, so they couldn’t shift their gaze away from her body, while the girls looked scornfully at her.

They initially thought Mu Ting Er was an exceptional girl, but now they knew she was just a slut that underwent sexual intercourse before marriage.

“Feng Er, this is the girl you want to wed?” The Emperor of Zi Yue’s gaze chilled. With an unpleasant expression, he continued, “It offends public morals for a girl to lose her chastity before marriage. My Royal family definitely will not allow such a girl to enter the family.” 3

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  1.  I think the author wants to be civilised. What are the two protruding thingies on a female’s chest called? Guys also have it but they might be smaller unless they suffer from a condition to get ⇒ Man B_ _ bs. 😛
  2.  Seal of Chastity (守宫砂). It was usually a small red circular tattoo marked on every girl’s arm when they were young and would disappear once they underwent sexual intercourse.
  3. Miki: So unfair! The guys can be whores, but woman can’t. pout

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  1. >.< destroy heeeeeerrrr!!!! Slap your ex-sister and ex-father to Shameville!!! I cant believe it! They didnt hear Ting-biatch say she did bad things even if she said it out loud! omg!

    1. Oh they heard. As far as their concerned she’s not “feeling well,” I think.

      To be fair, given the latest revelations on how she’s literally an idol to her little sister (and I assume the father as well), maybe to believe she’s not what she’s been pretending to be for 14years! is the same as suddenly being told that the word is round and not flat.

      Ignorance is bliss, and in their case maybe they’re willing themselves to be ignorant.

      We didn’t really get much exposition on just how much they love Ting Er, but if we were to infer based on how INSANE they are, she didn’t just get MRY to be hated by them, or herself to be praised by them, she got them to be completely fanatical about her, like some kind of super idol. Not really too far fetched considering the prince took a liking to her.

      If that’s the case then shit, previous MRY had it rough.

      1. Well, true. Considering how much they were manipulated and brainwashed by Ting-b.

        If we also try and look at the past MRY, she may not be that innocent, I suppose, if we take how the Mu father and sister described her (but hey, those two were way too biased so yeah…we cant totally count on that.). But still, my money goes to MRY, be it the past or present. She’s better than Ting-b.

  2. The suspense for each teaser is increasing ever so slightly with each update! I’m literally hanging off the edge right now ;D Thank you so much Miki for the teaser and chapters, it really makes my day!

    1. I think it’s float, though could go either way. Maybe its something that only something people of certain talent level and mental ability can do at her level, or a skill from her previous life. Either way, if Ting Er can’t emulate it, it’s checkmate on the talent department. Imagine the embarrassment from forcefully increase your power and still being shittier then your “weaker” in power opponent with supposedly “trash” talent.

  3. I am getting excited with this novel..It’s pace is quite fast and thanks for new chapters everyday..Looking forward to the next chapter. Can’t wait! hehehehe

  4. It would be cool when Mu Ting E’r losses that she shows her real side in Rage and goes yelling so everyone hears and knows what she did or blames everything on Mu Ru Yue saying that if Mu Ru Yue wasn’t born that she would not have to steal her father, sister and lover.

  5. Seriously, they had no comments for the floating, dual flaming swords of Little Yue?! I mean, it’s floating swords! With flame! Floating dual flame swords! XD

    Oh, Ting Er is SCREWED! (sorry for the pun) XD

    1. I think Ting Er can only be a concubine which will destroy her ego. She’ll destroy the Crown Prince’s home life. Can you imagine what she would do to the CP’s wife and children. (when he has them)

  6. Wow this king… It really hurts to defend Ting Er but who does the king thing did the deed with Ting Er and took her viginity? There ere two people involved and one is a stupid stud horse the other is a evil but seemingly faithful bitch

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