EAA Chapter 50


Chapter 50- Hidden Growth In Feelings Part 1

Ye Tian Feng frowned as he’d overreached himself. If he knew she was so talented, why would he have wanted to withdraw from her marriage?

“The Ghost King isn’t suitable for you. Marrying me will be your best choice.”

Mu Ru Yue didn’t expect Ye Tian Feng to be so shameless. Was she some call girl to be thrown and called back? If she didn’t have the ability to resolve the poison in her body, then Ye Tian Feng wouldn’t have even glanced at her.

“How do you know the Ghost King isn’t suitable me? I’d be more willing to marry the Ghost King than to wed you.”


The girl’s words startled Ye Tian Feng. This girl had always been so persistent towards him and used any method to gain his attention. Why had she stopped now?

It was unknown when, but as Ye Tian Feng looked into her cold gaze, his heart felt extremely uncomfortable. Who knew it would feel this unpleasant when a girl, one who had loved him so much, would suddenly have such a great change of affections?

Cough! Cough!” The Emperor of Zi Yue cleared his throat and surveyed the crowd with a domineering gaze. “Since the winner of the competition has been finalized, the competition is concluded. As for Mu Ru Yue, come along with Us to the palace. We will personally award you.”

In the throne room, the Emperor of Zi Yue sat on the Dragon throne, gently tapping on the head of the dragon design of the chair. He looked calmly at the crowd beneath the throne with a slightly imposing gaze.

Excluding Mu Ru Yue, there were also a couple of talented princes and royal family members in the throne room, including Ye Tian Feng.

When the Emperor of Zi Yue’s gaze stopped on Mu Ru Yue’s body, he stayed silent for a moment before saying, “The competition this time was hosted by the Qing Yun Sect. We, as the Emperor, can only award in their place. The prize handed out by the Qing Yun Sect this time is a storage bag.”

Upon hearing this, the princes and royal members looked enviously at Mu Ru Yue. Storage bags were extremely precious, among the crowd, only Ye Tian Feng possessed one.

When Mu Ru Yue went forth to get the storage bag from a eunuch, she glanced at the item and knew the item wasn’t bad. She no longer needed to dread on the thought of how to store her medicinal ingredients in the future.

“Furthermore, there is one more matter.” The Emperor of Zi Yue frowned slightly as he said indifferently, “We have decided to revoke the order on the withdrawal of the marriage between Mu Ru Yue and the Crown Prince.”

Hearing that, Mu Ru Yue smiled with mockery as she lifted her head to look at the Emperor of Zi Yue. She said, neither rude nor polite, “Your Majesty, as an Emperor you should logically understand what it means to have a golden mouth and jade words1. Is this the way an Emperor should act? By repeatedly going back on your word?”

Mu Ru Yue wasn’t in the slightest bit courteous, causing the atmosphere within the throne room to tense up. The crowd constrained their breathing as they didn’t dare to say a word in fear it would anger the person with the highest and most exalted status in the room.

The Emperor of Zi Yue’s expression darkened as he coldly looked at Mu Ru Yue. Simultaneously, an aura that solely belonged to an Emperor burst forth, pressing downwards upon the head of the young girl.

Yet there wasn’t any change in the girl’s expression as she indifferently looked at him.

“Mu Ru Yue, are you planning on defying Our order?” The Emperor of Zi Yue’s complexion ashened. It was obvious that he was enraged that Mu Ru Yue rejected his order.

Emperor? He was indeed an Emperor. Yet no matter how powerful his position was, how could he compete with the power of sects? Moreover, he clearly knew the reasons why the parents of Ghost King had died.

It would have been alright if she were a trash, but since she wasn’t, he definitely couldn’t let them be together.

If she persisted in doing so, he could only kill her and eradicate future problems.

Suddenly, a clamour could be heard from outside of the throne room, causing the Emperor of Zi Yue to frown slightly.

“Let me go! My wife is in there. I must enter to see my wife. Don’t you even think of bullying my wife!”

“Wu Chen?” Mu Ru Yue’s heart palpitated when she heard the last part of what he’d said. A trace of warmth rose from within her heart…

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  1. It means that an emperor’s words carry great weight

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  1. Ohhhh, she just said that she’d rather marry the ghost king, and considering the title, is she going to develop feelings for the ghost king? Or is it the other way around?…

    1. Gomenasai~ (Sorry) But it’s just this period that I can’t post much chapters haha xD I’ve originally planned to release the novel in November so I didn’t care much in stocking the chapters beforehand. Now that I’ve released the novel a month earlier haha I can’t stock it up to toss chapters out like candies xD

  2. Am sure they will try to persuade or threaten her to marry the crown prince, but her master is still there, so they can’t harm her.
    Thanks for translating miki, all the best with your exams.

  3. I don’t get it, it seems the author has hard time coming to terms with what character he should give the crown prince. Such wild mood and personality swings don’t bode well for the rest of the story at all.

    1. actually the picture has been kinda clear from the start
      an over emotional immature brat who’s rich daddy spoiled him too much who will gradually realize that he fucked up when he threw away a raw diamond for a glass bead, and that being a man-whore may not be the best way to live his life

    2. The CP is a stud horse and the MC is beautiful. He would not have abandoned her originally if she had talent. Unfortunately, he doesn’t want to lose something that was his but its too late. I suspect he and the emperor will try to correct the situation by eliminating the Ghost King.

  4. Because this series doesnt repeat the same content 3x in a row.. other series tend to write the same thing trice but in different words. Its because other authors think that to make something important it needs either exclamation marks or tripple emphasizes ….

    Like this comment did… same stuff, 3x the words. Its bound to happen when you get paid per word, like a lot of Chinese authors ..

    A novel like this with a fast pace and no repeating of clutter content is lovely to read.

  5. I like you so much Miki :* :*
    Thank you for the chapter.
    I have a funny imagination about what will happen in the palace. Where is the ghost king? miss him already xd

  6. OMG. Ye Tian Feng… so thick skinned!!!

    And what prize??? Going to the palace for an award, might give them means to do something nasty. It wont be witnessed by the public afterall.

    @daremhie… I think that feeling part is on ye tian feng. He’s been having that feeling a few chapters back, juz ignoring it. Lol.

  7. ooohhhhh shiiiiittt……..why,….why…why are you so bad???…..why …why you left it there? I go crazy if I don´t read the next chapter………..T-T…..XP

  8. Awwww so sweet of Wu Chen to come!

    Hmp! That emperor…I have this feeling he was the one who killed Wu Chen’s parents. Hmp! Or, it could be that Wu Chen’s mom was someone with powerful enemies…welp…we’ll see.

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    1. *Receives heart and see poring pouncing around the given heart* hmmm xD~ One night makes her think about you already~ Not good, I must step up my game to make poring stay with me forever!!!!

  10. Happy Halloween
    Thank you for the chapters.

    This Emperor is a chump – cannot be bothered to investigate before acting; his favorite Concubine loathes him; he knows he cannot touch the power of a sect, but still thinks he’ll be able to eliminate Mu Ru Yue… what a putz

  11. How come my prediction came true!!!!! Man, I am really pissed by how thick-skinned and self-centered people can be. What happened to before when he said something about “Our words cannot be so easily taken back.” I can’t wait to read about his expression when they back him into a corner to the point where he can’t take back his word!.. Well enough with the ranting. Thank you for translating this awesome novel!!!!

  12. Chapter 51 (Teaser)- Hidden Growth in Feelings Part 2

    The Emperor of Zi Yue’s complexion sunk. Why was that fool barging in? Actually, he knew Wu Chen couldn’t be counted as a fool, but his mentality had stagnated since he was six, so wouldn’t he be considered stupid when compared to a grown up?

    “Let him in,” said the Emperor of Zi Yue, heavily.

    Right after, a figure was seen flying in. When he saw a perfectly unharmed Mu Ru Yue, he inwardly heaved a sigh of relief before expressing a resplendent smile on his face.

    “My wife, I’ll protect you.”

    1. So gallant, and (I hope) so silly.
      I am so eager to see the next show Wu Chen will put on for everyone. It’s kind of great how he’s got all these jerks bamboozled into thinking he’s a simpleton, or at least no further along mentally than a somewhat bright 6-year old.
      The Emperor is caught – if he goes back on his word often enough, the people will have no trust in him, leading to dissatisfaction amongst the powerful, and thus to civil discontent and even revolution. Plus, unless his nephew does something quite blatantly dangerous or seditious, he can’t publicly harm him or all the other lesser nobility may begin to worry about their own safety and positions (should the Emperor covet anything they have). A general feeling of distrust then arising brings about…etc.
      Still, I wonder how Wu Chen will extricate them all from this possibility before anyone can plunge the county into turmoil.

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