EAA Chapter 52


Chapter 52- Hidden Growth In Feelings Part 3

After returning to the Mu family, Mu Qing instructed two maid servants to look after Mu Ting Er; he didn’t want to even glance at her, as that girl had made him lose face. How could he dote on her like he usually did?

Currently, the reason he didn’t abandon her was due to his repayment towards her family, as her biological father really had died while saving the Old Madam’s life.

“How had Mu Ru Yue suddenly undergone such a great change?” Mu Qing knitted his brow. When Mu Ru Yue had revealed that she was a Third Martial Stage practitioner, he had secretly hated that brat for hiding it from him. But now that he knew her actual strength, Mu Qing really regretted it.

If he knew it would be like this earlier on, he wouldn’t have expelled her from the family. However, it was too late for regrets.


At this moment, Mu Qing heard clamouring from outside his manor. Not waiting for him to send someone to find what was happening, several old officials, along with their wives, walked in from outside the hall.

“Mu family Head, congratulations!”

The person who spoke out first was Zhang Lin, Minister of Revenue. He walked in and congratulated him with a smile on his face.

Mu Qing chuckled bitterly. “What good thing has happened that would warrant a congratulation?”

“Your manor’s eldest young mistress, Mu Ru Yue, had become champion of the competition and gained recognition from the Qing Yun Sect. Isn’t that worth congratulating?” Zhang Lin looked curiously at him as he said this.

Mu Qing sighed helplessly as he shook his head, replying, “Lord Zhang mustn’t have known that the wretched girl has already been expelled from the family. She is no longer a member of my Mu family.”

Who knew that even after hearing those words, Zhang Lin didn’t turn to leave? Instead, he smiled and commented, “Mu family Head, as they say, blood ties prevail over all else. How can Miss Mu Ru Yue really leave the Mu family? You should go and convince her to come back to the family. As Mu Ru Yue’s biological father, I doubt she wouldn’t agree.”

Mu Qing felt that Zhang Lin’s words were logical, so he set down his apprehensiveness and freely accepted the congratulations of the others. It seemed that if he lowered his status to kindly persuade Mu Ru Yue, she might still return to the Mu family.

Afterwards, excluding the nobles of Phoenix City, people from the Qing Yun Sect also came knocking on the door. Some of them even offered to recruit Mu Ru Yue as their disciple, but Mu Qing didn’t know the current location of Mu Ru Yue. He could only send for people to find her location.

As for the main instigator of this matter, after she left the palace, Mu Ru Yue didn’t step out from her house so she naturally didn’t know that the Mu family was searching high and low for her.

She placed the pills she had just manufactured today into her Storage Ring. It felt like a long time since she’d gone to meet with Wu Yu, so she packed up her pill refining tools before leaving her house.

The shopkeeper of the Hundred Medicine Hall was familiar with Mu Ru Yue, so upon seeing her, he directly led her to the Pill Refining Room.

In the Pill Refining Room, when Wu Yu saw Mu Ru Yue enter the room, his eyes lit up. He quickly stood and strode towards her.

“Little girl, why have you come?”

“I came to have a look.” Mu Ru Yue blinked her eyes as she surveyed her surroundings. “Master, what are you currently up to?”

Hehe! Nothing much, it’s just that a stalk of a medicinal plant of the Hundred Medicine Hall is withering. I’m currently brainstorming ways to save it.”

Wu Yu’s gaze landed on the medicinal plant on the table as he spoke.

Mu Ru Yue followed his gaze and saw an eight petal lotus-like medicinal plant on the table. Its bean-sized yellow core gave off a faint light while the other petals tilted downwards. It was obviously dying.

“Eight Leaves Snow Lotus?” Mu Ru Yue became excited; Eight Leaves Snow Lotus was an ingredient that could be used to manufacture an Earth Stage Mid Rank Essence Purification Pill. Who would have thought she would find it here?

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  1. Several old officials along with their wives… possibly.. an issue concerning MRY???

    But she’s expelled already.

    Lol, im used to being wrong 2/3 in this novel, but it’s fun to keep guessing anyway.

    Thanks for the update!

    1. Well MRY already publicly announced (with Mu Qing pretty much reinforcing that) that she was expelled from that shitty family that only cares about how you can be used to advance the rest of them. So I doubt it’s a marriage proposal, but it may be talking about Ting Er’s marriage with Tian Feng (likely can only be a concubine at best). Mu Qing is certainly regretful in various ways, and it will likely only become bigger as MRY becomes greater.

      1. Well if this father of her is not at all weirded out by how could his daughter cultivate and didn’t suspect poison immediateçy while a 4 year out knew of such fact means he royals and generals are quite dumb so unless they are there to propose marriage to MRY it is to ask for a sort of proposal to exchange Mu Ting Er(to become a concubine for the old men) for money.

  2. I they are the censor lol going to talk about mu qi unfair treatment to his daughter and they would berate him until he lost his face lol….

    ” what kind of father are you favoring the adopted daughter who has no morals while disregarding the real and genius daughter”

    Hehe something like that….

    Woooooh,,,,, imagination flying…?????

    1. That adopted daughter having no morals (“putting out” for the Crown Prince before marriage) was directly encourage by Mu Qing, outside in the garden no less, so her being a non-virgin is totally on him (dictionary really should come up with a neutral and all encompassing term to describe the opposite of a virgin, “deflowered” having a bit of a negative connotation and being used more for females than males). The wives being there in addition to the officials does seem to suggest that it is probably to do with something more “unofficial” or not more casual such as an informal marriage proposal, or even just coming over to gossip and gather info on this newly appeared peerless genius (MRY) who came from the Mu family (such a genius would obviously have a huge impact so having more info than not is better). Even if she is no longer apart of them, the family itself has at least some information on her as they have been living together for years. So I doubt they would personally come to his house to insult him as backbiting comments are more for restaurants, inns, and other relatively (rich/high class) public places excluding households where family drama is held.

      1. wow xD lots of thinking there <3 This is what I call for a comment haha It doesn't need to be as long though haha A summary of your prediction is fine ^_^ I can use it to make my day if it's too far out from the story 😛

  3. I think ghost king was the one who put the treasury on fire so he can slip away with his wife without putting suspicious on himself.
    Secondly he probally left some evidence wich points to Ming Qui the father of the MC as REVENGE.
    That is why the officials are storming his house at this moment ghost king could even have put some evidence pointing to the adopted child acting in a rash manner because she lost or something.

  4. Oooooh snap xD I wonder if those are all marriage proposals and if they are I wonder what this imbecile is gonna do. Is he gonna save a bit of face and tell them that she is already married to the ghostking or is he going to be so stupid to agree to the best Deal? You will see tomorrow in the next episode of some kind of Desperate Housewifes + GoT crossover 😛
    Thank you Miki <3 And I have a question should I keep using the "official" synopsis or should I use the one you wrote (in the reddit posts) or both?

    1. Use both? XD The author’s synopsis is a tad too brief fro my liking and mine is a tad too brief on details. 1/2 + 1/2= a whole 😛

  5. I doubt the burning of the treasury and all the elders visiting is connected.

    I do think the elders are there to forceren Mu Qing to abdicate his position of patriarch. Because he clearly screwed up big time.

  6. Ghost King is probably the rightful heir to the throne taking in the fact that his parents were killed by the reigning monarch when he was still a child. And in order to survive,he has to act the fool to throw away suspicions on himself. When he is strong and capable, he will make his moves to strike and start regaining his rightful position. Burning of the treasury could be a cover for an empty treasury…hehehe

      1. Aaaaannnnd another false guess 😛
        This novel really playing with our mind lol

        Btw, is Wu Yu trying to see Little Yue ability to rejuvenate and increase plants age?

  7. ┑( ̄Д  ̄)┍
    This is getting exciting
    MQ is a scumbag: “that girl had made him lose face” what a narcissistic!!
    Get over yourself, all self important *something “good” is coming your way* MQ

  8. Tsk tsk. But his blood daughter is already there. She could accept his apology for some reason or another, and scheme from inside… but why go back when when she was inside she couldnt wait to get out?

    1. I say she doesn’t go back too. Biological father means nothing to her, especially when he killed the original MRY with out so much as a second though. No sympathy from me, he deserves every misery he gets.

  9. ah, poor master will have his herb stolen from him 😛 though a blessing if he was able to see how she saves it

    gracias ❤(っ^▿^)

  10. Can you start translating “space dimension ring” as a “storage ring” it’s a common tool in books like these

  11. Thank you for the chapter. It appears we’re in for some groveling (Mu Qing) and some growing (Mu Ru Yue), and possibly some super loose ends (treasury fire, anyone?).
    I bet she either makes it put forth seeds, or requests a piece of it which she can regrow.

  12. Chapter 53 (Teaser)- Hidden Growth in Feelings Part 4

    “Master, if I can revive it, can you give it to me?” Mu Ru Yue’s eyes glimmered, obviously desiring that Eight Leaves Snow Lotus.

    Wu Yu chuckled. “Since it’s dying, it will be useless for me to keep it here. If you are truly able to revive it, I’ll give it to you.”

    Hearing that, Mu Ru Yue didn’t say anything else. She walked up to the side of the Eight Leaves Snow Lotus and gently placed her palm over it. A warm energy flowed out from her palm and gradually trickled into the petals of the the Eight Leaves Snow Lotus.

    Wu Yu initially had a ‘whatever’ mindset, but when he felt the changes of the Eight Leaves Snow Lotus, his expression changed drastically. He looked, stunned, at the Eight Leaves Snow Lotus currently bathed in energy.

    Although the changes were minimal, it was still obvious that the Eight Leaves Snow Lotus’s vitality was increasing….

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