EAA Chapter 588


Chapter 588- Why Aren’t You Helping Me To Wipe? Part 4

Nangong Zi Lan’s heart was filled with honey when she thought about how she would be marrying her beloved elder brother Jun soon. She had already started thinking about the scene of when they got married.

Even though Dongfang Jun was smiling, his eyes didn’t have the slightest happiness as they were just gloomy. But Nangong Zi Feng who was on cloud nine and didn’t notice that…  

“Mu Er,” Ye Wu Chen’s lips touched past the tip of Mu Ru Yue’s ear. With smiles in his purple eyes, he said, “Wait here for me. I need to settle some stuff.”

“Wu Chen…”


“Mu Er, you are my, Ye Wu Chen’s, wife. I won’t let you suffer the slightest harm! It is unbearable for me even if you never care about what others say! You just need to stand behind me today. I am here to help you settle everything…”

Mu Ru Yue’s heart warmed as she smiled faintly.

Ye Wu Chen didn’t say anything as his purple eyes shot toward Liu Yu who had a pale complexion.

Liu Yu’s body shuddered momentarily. A sinister aura pressed against her, making her panic. She then shouted anxiously, “Elder brother Chen, please save me. Quickly save me. I am willing to be your slave or maid as long as you save me!”


‘I don’t want to die yet!

‘My outcome will still be terrible even if the man didn’t plan to kill me.’

Yi Shao Chen cast a cold gaze at Liu Yu’s panicked expression. He just smiled gently without any intention of helping her.

He had already let her off once and just tarnished her. Who knew she didn’t learn from her mistake. Since this was the case, it would be good to teach her a lesson she would learn from…

Despair leaked into Liu Yu’s heart, but to Liu Yu, what hurt more was Yi Shao Chen’s attitude.

They had grown up together since young. Even if this man didn’t love her, he should at least still have other feelings for her. But he didn’t even care about her life or death at this moment.

‘So I am so negligible in his heart…’

Liu Yu’s heart ached as her hatred for Mu Ru Yue intensified.

‘How could a girl like her get someone who loves her wholeheartedly while I am unable to gain elder brother’s heart no matter how much hard work I put in…’

“Elder brother Shao Chen, are you really this heartless?!”

Liu Yu’s eyelashes trembled slightly as she shouted with tear stained face.

Sh was still holding onto her last string of hope for him…

But what awaited her was still silence.

Liu Yu’s heart slowly sunk to the bottom of a valley. She then laughed madly. Tears flowed from her eyes while she laughed as she looked sorrowfully at her beloved man.

If a person’s live could start over, she really hoped that she wouldn’t love this cold-hearted man!

“Aren’t you being too much, Ghost King?”

A cynical voice was suddenly heard in the banqueting hall.

But it was undeniable that his voice sounded heavenly to Liu Yu…

Dongfang Jun fiddled with the porcelain in his hand. With a light smile, he continued, “She just said a few words and you want to punish her for that. This is not how a gentleman should act. She at least is still a woman!”

Nangong Zi Lan looked toward Dongfang Jun with slight curiosity.

‘Elder brother isn’t one that loves meddling in others business. Why is he helping that woman then? Of course, I don’t believe that elder brother Jun loves her since he didn’t even give Liu Yu a glance from the start. He just kept glancing frequently at the white robed girl with impeccable appearance beside the Ghost King.

‘Am I being too sensitive or is it that Dongfang Jun seems to hate her?


Nangong Zi Lan frowned, her long, shapely eyebrows creasing slightly, unable to understand…


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  1. “Even though Dongfang Jun was smiling, his eyes didn’t have the slightest happiness as it was just gloomy. But Nangong Zi Feng who was on cloud nine didn’t notice that… ”

    Holy sh*et that witch managed to sneak into the chapter without anyone noticing. KILL IT. KILL IT WITH FIRE. NAO!

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