EAA Chapter 598


Chapter 598 -Departing To The Ouyang Family Part 4

Dongfang Jun’s expression turned cold as he focused his gaze on the girl before him. A cold glimmer flashed across his eyes as he asked, “Who are you?”

Zi Shao folded her arms across her chest as she side glanced the two figures standing in mid air as she replied coldly, “What is it got to do with you as to who I am?”


Dongfang Jun’s expression changed drastically, but just when he wanted to say something, he was stopped by the elder by his side.


Elder Ma frowned slightly as his gaze landed on Zi Shao. He then said indifferently, “Lady, you are indeed an expert but you aren’t allowed to bully my Dongfang family!”

“Dongfang family?” Zi Shao chuckled coldly and, with a voice coated with mockery, she continued, “Don’t even mention the Dongfang family, even the old fellow in the Demon Beast Mountain Range wouldn’t be able to touch a single hair of those two!”

Elder Ma’s expression changed completely.

Many people feared his might ever since he became famous. But this little girl seemed to be really young. She should at most be thirty years of age. Yet, she dared to speak such brazen words. She clearly did not place the Dongfang family in her eyes.

“Good! Very good!” Elder Ma laughed out from his fury and proclaimed, “Since you are seeking death, I shall grant that wish!”


An intense pressure like a tempest came over, tightening the air in their surroundings. It was as though the air was being pulled by something.

Dongfang Jun, who was beside Elder Ma, could feel it the clearest. Air seemed to have vanished before him and his heart seemed restricted.

He could imagine how powerful Elder Ma’s attack would be on Zi Shao.

“So boring.”

Zi Shao yawned from being unimpressed and with an unchanging smile, she said, “Old man, Ghost King and Mu Ru Yue aren’t here so it is meaningless in you coming here. I also am not interested in playing with you. But if you really want to play, I don’t mind going to the Dongfang family to find you.”

Suddenly, a gale rose in the girl’s surrounding.

Her hair danced in the violent wind.

Her appearance wasn’t outstanding but she gave a terrifying pressure at this instant. Her light smile was as eye-catching as dimples.


Elder Ma was forced to retreat two steps with astonishment expressed in his eyes. His complexion turned ashen as glimmering flames of fury dwelled in his eyes.

However, when his gaze landed on the jade pendant at the girl’s waist, his entire body shuddered…

“You… you are a person from that place? No! This is impossible!”

Elder Ma was startled with a shock-filled face.

“Elder Ma, what happened?” Dongfang Jun was a little puzzled and looked curiously at Elder Ma.

Elder Ma eventually came back to his senses and focused on the girl’s face which had a faint smile on it. He then took in a deep breath and said, “Young Master, we should go.”

Dongfang Jun was startled and rebuked, “But…”

“Let’s go!”

Since this woman was from that place, they naturally couldn’t provoke them!

It was unexpected for people from that place to appear here…

Dongfang Jun was slightly unwilling but he could only nod and agree, “Alright.”

He then cast a gloomy gaze toward Zi Shao after he said that.

“Hey! Why are you leaving so soon? You don’t want to play anymore?” Zi Shao giggled before she continued, “But don’t you worry. I will definitely make a trip to the Dongfang family to play with you guys. I shall give you a friendly advice. You should stay alert while you sleep at night. I might make an appearance in your rooms late in the night. Of course, my sight isn’t terrible enough that I would try and rape you guys. I will at most stab your necks with a knife a couple of times…”

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