EAA Chapter 606


Chapter 606 -Departing To The Ouyang Family Part 12

“Xiao Yue, are you really unwilling to give me another chance?” He raised his head to focus on Xiao Yue’s face as he pleaded with sorrow, “It can’t be that you have forgotten how you took care of me when I was injured? Have you also forgotten those memorable days where we were together?”

Dongfang Jun’s final hope was in moving this woman.

Xiao Yue closed her eyes slowly, her eyelashes trembling.

Scenes of her past flashed in her mind like a movie. It was so vivid. That man’s gentle words and gaze were her only solace during the period where she was separated from master.


But what was unforgettable to her was the scene where she was group assaulted….

It was at that moment that her feelings for him had been crushed…

Dongfang Jun looked at her elegant face with traces of hope in his eyes. He thought there was still hope since Xiao Yue didn’t reject him straight away.

Yet, the girl who had closed her eyes as she was in deep thoughts suddenly opened them.

“Dongfang Jun, I’m no longer in love with you. Why should I give you a chance then?” Xiao Yue smiled elegantly with a hint of a smirk as she continued, “I can live better after leaving you. Why should I make myself suffer for you? I was such a fool before to bear with being humiliated for a man. Now, I won’t do anything that would damage my dignity. Furthermore, since you vilified my, Xiao Yue’s, master today, you won’t even be a stranger to me but an enemy from now on!”


Dongfang Jun’s heart seemed to have been torn into pieces by her hand. It was unbearably painful. His face was pale-white as he looked sorrowfully at the girl before him.

‘Is she really so heartless? Not even giving him a chance?’

“Mister Dongfang!”

Ouyang Lin climbed up to her feet and wiped off the trace of blood from the corner of her lips as she looked at Dongfang Jun with heartache.

Her Mister Dongfang was always so prideful. But he placed down his status to beg for Xiao Yue to return to his side. Yet, Xiao Yue didn’t accept his feelings.

How could her heart not hurt?

She bit on her lips before looking at Xiao Yue with determination and said, “Mister Dongfang is a good man. He definitely isn’t how you said he was. You must have some misunderstanding toward him. If you lose a man like him, you will never be able to find a second one!”

The heavens know her heart was bleeding as she said those words. But she had no choice but to do it for her beloved man.

Even if every word she said was like a blade that pierced mercilessly in her heart.

Xiao Yue smiled. Her smile looked so elegant and noble, but it gave people chills.

“If that really is the case, I must either be blind or someone from the Dongfang family is impostering Dongfang Jun.” Xiao Yue’s face became increasingly cold as she continued, “It is your matter for liking Dongfang Jun, but not everyone will be able to accept him! In my eyes, Dongfang Jun is just trash!”

Mu Ru Yue knew Xiao Yue was indeed enraged as she, who had always been elegant, spoke with such words. Xiao Yue had already said it so clearly but these two people seemed unable to understand human words and continued to pester her.

“Xiao Yue.” Mu Ru Yue patted Xiao Yue’s shoulder before shifting her gaze to the paled Dongfang Jun and said, “Dongfang Jun, this will be my last time repeating it. You are not compatible with Xiao Yue!”

Dongfang Jun didn’t say anything, but Ouyang Lin couldn’t stand her words. Just as she wanted to say something, she received a gaze from Mu Ru Yue.

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