EAA Chapter 610


Chapter 610- Sullen Dongfang Jun Part 3

Ouyang Lin smiled coldly as a trace of a sinister light flashed across her eyes.

Mu Ru Yue’s expression was still as calm as she was from the start. It was as though she didn’t hear her words. This made Ouyang Lin increasingly frustrated.

“Hmph! I will see how long you can pretend!” Ouyang Lin’s gaze turned slightly grim. An intense ball of fury blazed in her heart when she thought about this woman disparaging and humiliating Mister Dongfang.

“It can’t be you think that someone will save you, right? Didn’t you hear what father said? Even god wouldn’t be able to save the two of you! Only death awaits both of you as spies that had the guts to infiltrate Ouyang City!”


‘Once they die, that wolf’s contract will terminate. The wolf will then be unable to leave Mister Dongfang after he forcefully contracts her.

‘Mister Dongfang won’t be in so much pain then.’

Ouyang Lin’s heart ached and she smiled bitterly. She had done so much for that man and even helped him think of ways to get that woman. But there wasn’t any presence of her in his eyes from the start…

“Is that so?”

An elderly voice came through the door from outside the interrogation room.

Ouyang Dan was stunned. He then saw two people walking into the room when he turned his head.

An elder in a flax-colour gown with long sleeves that covered up his arms was seen. That gown enveloped his thin and feeble body.

There was also a handsome middle aged man beside him. His gaze was as cold as blades. His eyes was as sharp as an eagle’s as he threw a gaze that landed on Ouyang Dan.

“Family head and young master, why have you come?” Ouyang Dan was slightly shocked.

‘Why has the family head and young master come to this place?”

“Ouyang Dan,” Ouyang Ling Tian’s gaze landed on Mu Ru Yue and his gaze slightly darkened, he continued, “I don’t know what crimes they did for the two of them to be locked up in the interrogation room.”

Ouyang Dan looked puzzledly at Ouyang Ling Tian but he still explained, “It is like this. Family head, the two of them entered the Ouyang City without passes so I suspect that they are spies from other places. Hence, I captured them to interrogate them. Who knew they wouldn’t cooperate and won’t confess their motives. I was just planning to torture them into confessing before you appeared.”

‘Torture them into confessing?’

Ouyang Ling Tian’s expression darkened instantly. He was so tempted to just smack this fool who only screwed up more than accomplishing tasks to death!

He had already regretted after Mu Ru Yue told him he didn’t have long to live. He was thinking of ways on how to repair their relationship. Who knew Ouyang Dan would suddenly lock them up.

In this case, it would make this matter even more challenging…

“I will settle this debt with you later.” Ouyang Ling Tian cast a ice-cold gaze at Ouyang Dan. He then walked briskly toward Mu Ru Yue with a smile on his strict face and invited, “Lady Mu, I’m here to invite you back to the Ouyang family as a guest.”

‘The family head… smiled?’

Ouyang Dan and Ouyang Lin were stupefied as they doubted their sight.

The head had personally come here to invite this woman with a smile? What identity did she have? What about her was worthy for the head to personally make a trip to visit her?


Ouyang Dan’s face paled after he thought about what he had done previously. His body started to sway.

‘I’m doomed. I had captured guests of the Ouyang family. The family head will definitely not forgive me this time…’

Ouyang Lin was even more alarmed compared to Ouyang Dan.

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  1. that girl really loves that man…poor her, he doesn`t deserve her love…but anyway she is just too sinister to furcefuly wanting to give Xia Yue to him, just because he wanted her…

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      I believe in her mindset, Xiao Yue is just like a wild puppy that needs to be trained as she thinks demon beasts are
      inferior beings~

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