EAA Chapter 635


Chapter 635- Giving A Woman To Ye Wu Chen Part 8

His father had promised to make him the successor if he was able to obtain Nangong Zi Lan’s love. Hence, he didn’t mind giving up Xiao Yue to successfully achieve the young master’s status among the several candidates…

“Mister Ye and Lady Mu, it has been ages since we last met.” Dongfang Yun smiled but his smile didn’t reach his eyes when his gaze landed on both of them.

Dongfang Liang frowned and asked, slightly displeased, “Jun Er, you know them?”

“I previously had some encounters with them.” Dongfang Jun chuckled before continuing, “It seems that the two of them have some misunderstandings about me. I’ve prepared a huge present for the two of them this time as an apology. Someone, bring forth my present!”


A subordinate walked before Dongfang Jun and held out a box before him once he said that.

Dongfang Jun took the box and with a wave of his hand, he instructed, “You are dismissed.”

“Yes, young master!”

That person retreated quietly.

The crowd shot their gazes over to Dongfang Jun at this instant. They perhaps didn’t understand why Dongfang Jun was giving them a present after Mu Ru Yue crippled Dongfang Ying.

Mu Ru Yue was unable to shift her eyes away from the box ever since Dongfang Jun took that box…

‘Love Hallucination Grass!’

That’s right, there was Love Hallucination Grass in that box! Mu Ru Yue could guess what medicinal ingredient it was from just its scent.

Love Hallucination Grass was a hallucinogen. It was said that the consumer would forget the person they loved the most and fall in love with the first opposite gender that they see.

Of course, Mu Ru Yue knew of other ways in using the Love Hallucination Grass as she needed this medicinal plant as an ingredient for a Heaven Stage Mid Rank pill.

Who knew that someone would sent this medicinal plant to her this quickly…

‘But What is Dongfang Jun’s motives in giving us the Love Hallucination Grass?’

Dongfang Jun chuckled again when Mu Ru Yue was in deep thoughts and said warmly, “Mister Ye and Lady Mu, it should be really taxing for you on your way to this city. The Ouyang family doesn’t seem to bring any servant girl along. In this case, I’ve planned to give my personal servant girl to both of you. I hope that the two of you will accept my kind intentions.”

A trace of light flickered across Dongfang Jun’s eyes. With a hand gesture, he instructed gently, “Wu Niang1, you are to attend to Mister Ye and Lady Mu from now on.”

A fragrance assaulted the crowd’s nostrils once he said that. An alluring girl walked out from among the crowd, entering everyone’s sight.

That girl was beautiful and alluring with feelings filled eyes. Her hot body would make blood vessels of men to expand drastically. It was especially the case when her dress was too revealing, exposing her pair of snow white jade-like legs. Some of the men in the crowd couldn’t stand such an erotic sight that they instantly got a hard-on.

“Don’t look!”

Gu Ying Ying pinched Moshang’s hand and said that domineeringly.

Moshang Fei chuckled and replied, “How can such a flirtatious woman be comparable to you my wife? But Dongfang Jun is going down this time…”  

It was impossible for that man to be a womanizer.

His eyes could only contain that white robed girl no matter where he was. Hence, Dongfang Jun’s plot in wanting to seduce that man would most likely be flushed down the drain…

Mu Ru Yue’s brows raised as she swept a glance at Dongfang Jun. When she saw the sneer in his eyes, she connected the dots in him giving that medicinal plant, making a sudden realization.

So that was his plan!

Mu Ru Yue’s expression chilled momentarily after knowing his intentions. With a cold smile, a trace of chillness flashed across her eyes…

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  1. Wu Niang= dance lady for direct translation of the characters.

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