EAA Chapter 639


Chapter 639 -Soloing A Group Fight And Breaking Through To The Earth Realm Part 2

Dongfang Jun’s expression turned ashen. He was like a storm with his aura bursting forth from his body. He rebuked, “Aren’t you afraid to be mocked by the world from saying such vulgar words as a girl?”

“I’m just stating the facts. I’m not like someone that always does some low-class matters.” Mu Ru Yue smiled lightly as she looked at Dongfang Jun without any fear and continued, “Dongfang Jun, you should be clear as to whether I’m slandering you or not!”

Her main purpose in coming to this banquet was to isolate the Dongfang family from the other families. Even though the Nangong family was reconsidering the marriage alliance, it wouldn’t be sufficient for the Nangong family to treat the Dongfang family as their enemy.

She must make the Nangong family be displeased by his actions.


Moreover, Dongfang Jun was planning to continue the marriage while hiding his body’s condition. It would be key point in making the two families fall out.

As for the Moshang family… It was completely the Dongfang family’s fault!

“Mister Dongfang is actually impotent? Tsk tsk! I really didn’t expect that…”

“He became like this and still wants to marry young mistress Lan. Isn’t this making her lose her life’s happiness?”

“It may not be. This may just be a plot by the Ouyang family, trying to destroy the marriage alliance…”

Several people agreed to the last statement.

How could Dongfang Jun be impotent? They sided more to the side that the Ouyang family wanted to ruin the marriage alliance…

Mu Ru Yue smirked slightly and shot out a sword aura from her palm.


The sword aura cut Dongfang Jun’s pants, exposing the hidden ghastly sight…


Faces of some girls at the scene flushed as they hastily turned their head away from that sight.

Dongfang Jun dazed. It was unimaginable for him to predict that Mu Ru Yue would do such an outrageous action before the crowd.

Was she still a girl?

“You aren’t allowed to see!” Ye Wu Chen pulled Mu Ru Yue domineeringly into his embrace, burying her head at his chest as he said that, slightly displeased.

Mu Ru Yue didn’t resist against Ye Wu Chen and freely allowed him to press her head against his chest.

“Quickly look! Dongfang Jun is really impotent. He has been crippled by someone!”

An exclamation was suddenly heard.

Those girls curiously cast their gazes over to Dongfang Jun again with astonishment in their eyes. Following that, their faces flushed again…  

“Head of the Dongfang family, how dare you!” Nangong Chen’s gaze turned dark as he said in fury, “You want my younger sister to marry an eunuch?! If she was to really marry Dongfang Jun, her entire life’s happiness would be ruined! You must give us an explanation for this matter!”

Nangong Chen initially didn’t have any means in terminating the marriage alliance. Now that such an opportunity came, how could he easily let it go? Furthermore, Dongfang Jun was incompatible to his younger sister just by his personality.

“About this…”  Dongfang Liang was stunned for a moment as he was at a loss on how to explain this matter.

It was the truth that Dongfang Jun was crippled by someone. Yet, the Dongfang family kept the Nangong family in the dark, not terminating the marriage alliance. How could the Nangong family not hate them for such a deceitful action?

“Mister Nangong, please hear my explanation…”

Dongfang Liang pondered for a moment before he hardened his heart to say, “I actually didn’t know about this matter. It was all Dongfang Jun’s action. I can’t believe that I was also kept in the dark for such a matter. If Mister Nangong is dissatisfied, I have a few more sons that are all eligible…”

Haha!” Nangong Chen raised his head and burst out laughing before he replied, “What do you all treat my younger sister as? Zi Lan is our entire Nangong family’s precious jewel. We usually can’t even bear to let her suffer in the slightest. Yet, you kept us in the dark and wanted to trick her in marrying into your family! Who knows whether the next one will also be an eunuch or perhaps accidentally becoming one? Head of the Dongfang family, I believe that this marriage alliance between our families should come to an end!”

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