EAA Chapter 648


Chapter 648  -Heaven Stage Pill and Tribulation Lightning Part 2

Everyone couldn’t help but to tremble as they saw this sight, quivering in fear. Nobody would have imagine that this man would be so ruthless.

Dongfang Jun’s outcome would be much more painful as compared to Dongfang Ying and Wu Niang.

No ordinary people would be able to endure the pain of having their soul incinerated.

Dongfang Jun’s soul was rapidly burned to ashes, scattering throughout the plaza by the wind…  


“Jun Er!”

Dongfang Liang yelled out heart wrenchingly. Fury burned in his eyes as he glared at Ye Wu Chen and asked, “Mister Ye, what do you mean by doing this?”

The man shot a cold gaze at Dongfang Liang’s gravely pale face. With a light smirk, he replied, “Didn’t you tell me to give you a justification? This is my answer!”

He had said that sentence in an indifferent manner. Yet, it landed heavily into everyone’s ears, making them look at the silver masked man with astonishment.

That’s right, that was his answer!

However, this man perhaps should be the only one that would say such domineering words…

“Mister Ye!” Flames of fury blazed in Dongfang Liang’s. With a sinister cold gaze, he proclaimed, “You will definitely pay the price for what you have done today!”

Nobody that killed a member of the Dongfang family would be able to continue living!

Haha!” Ouyang Yun Jin laughed as he reminded, “Dongfang Liang, don’t forget that you were the one that said that blades and swords don’t have eyes so nobody is to be blamed other than themselves for being too weak if something was to happen. Can it be that you regret saying that now?”

Dongfang Liang’s complexion continuously switched between white and green as he clenched his fists so tightly that they trembled slightly.

But nobody sympathized him!

There was a proverb that fits his case perfectly, ‘If you don’t seek death, death won’t come to you’. He just reaped what he sowed today.

“Lady Mu,” Dongfang Liang took in a deep breath before looking coldly at Mu Ru Yue before continuing, “I heard that you are an alchemist. I don’t know if you have the guts to battle against the alchemist chief of our Dongfang family, Grandmaster Lin Yi (Forest abundance).”

Who was Grandmaster Lin Yi?

He was the alchemist chief of the Dongfang family and had already reached the Mundane Stage Peak Realm. He wanted this little girl to compete against him?

This was clearly bullying the young!

The crowd shook their head. Some couldn’t bear to watch on as Dongfang Liang’s action was completely akin to face slapping himself.

Grandmaster Lin Yi wouldn’t win honorably even if he won, making the Dongfang family become a laughing stock of the continent.

Mu Ru Yue’s brows raised as she smiled faintly and agreed, “Alright, I accept!”


Clamours rose from the crowd as they looked in shock at the girl’s face that had expressed a candid smile. Nobody would be able to predict that she would have agreed so easily to such a disadvantageous competition!

Of course, Mu Ru Yue would never agree to compete in such a meaningless competition if it was the norm.

Yet, she had a purpose in doing so this time. She wanted to prove that she was strong enough for all of the families to swear their devotion and loyalty to her…


Dongfang Liang’s heart skipped a beat after hearing Mu Ru Yue agreed so readily, but he regained his calmness instantly.

It would be impossible for her to reach the Mundane Stage Peak Realm no matter what.

There wasn’t any other reason than her being too young. How could such a youthful girl like her have such accomplishments? Moreover, it was the Mundane Stage Peak Realm.

Everyone knew that lots of time and energy were required when improving their cultivation in either the martial or alchemy training. If she had focused all of her energy on martial training, how could she have much accomplishments in her alchemy?

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      You have poor memory~ You should eat more memory improving supplement haha~ Wu Niang is the girl that Dongfang Jun wanted to give the MC to destroy their relationship with the help of a medicinal plant (Love Hallucination Grass I believe that’s the name) to make Ye Wu Chen forget Mu Ru Yue and fall in love with Wu Niang. But the plot failed before it could even start as Ye Wu Chen obliterated her with black flames ~

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  1. Really? MRY even won on the fighting category which is not entirely her forte and now they’re challenging her in Alchemy? It’s just like you escaped the frying pan just to jump onto the fire.

  2. La maestra del libro de Alquimia, anteriormente la Mayor Yue… ¿no es una gran alquimista? jajajaja, espero que no arrepientas.
    Muchas gracias.

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