EAA Chapter 650


Chapter 650 -Heaven Stage Pill and Tribulation Lightning Part 4

Dongfang Liang’s heart relaxed upon hearing that.

It seemed that this woman knew that she wasn’t Lin Yi’s match so she had randomly wrote down a bunch of precious medicinal plants wanting the Dongfang family to lose a lot of their resources. It was a pity that even if that was the case, it would be really difficult for her to escape the lock of her fate… 

“Lady Mu, it won’t be that simple in trying to drain our Dongfang family’s resources. I want you to promise me that if you are to lose in this competition, you will end your own life!”  



Ouyang Yun Jin stood up from his seat and yelled furiously, “Dongfang Liang, how can you suggest this kind of request?”

Dongfang Liang sniggered as he replied, “Won’t it be too boring without a bet?”


Ouyang Yun Jin furiously pointed toward Dongfang Liang. But an indifferent voice intercepted before he could say further, “Head of the Dongfang family, what if I win?”

Dongfang Liang was first startled before he laughed as though he had heard a hilarious joke. He then replied, “If you win, you can deal with the Dongfang family as you like. Of course, the prerequisite is that you win against Grandmaster Lin Yi.

What he meant was that she definitely wasn’t Grandmaster Lin Yi’s match.

“Alright, I agree!” Mu Ru Yue raised her gaze to look at Dongfang Liang laughing expression before continuing calmly, “But I hope you won’t go back on your words. If he loses, I will be able to do anything I like to the Dongfang family!”

Dongfang Liang sneered as he rebuked, “Grandmaster Lin Yi will never lose!”

Thus, that promise was non-existent!

Mu Ru Yue didn’t say further but the smirk on her face gave people an extremely strange vibe…  

Somebody quickly gave her the medicinal plants that she wanted. This made Mu Ru Yue sighed inwardly towards the Dongfang family’s collections. They were able to prepare all of the medicinal plants in such a short time frame. Even if it was the Ouyang family, they would definitely need more time than them.

Following that, she chose three medicinal plants and tossed them into the Alchemy Book. If Yan Jin was to consume those ten thousand years old medicinal plants, he should be able to breakthrough to the Heaven Realm…

“Who do you think will be victorious in this battle?”

“Do you even need to ask that? It will certainly be Elder Lin from the Dongfang family as he is already a Mundane Stage Peak Realm alchemist after all…”

“It may not be the case as didn’t we all thought that Mu Ru Yue will lose without a doubt soloing against the crowd? But who knew she would win and breakthrough to the next realm…”

Discussions spread throughout the plaza, but nobody was able to shift their gazes away from those two that was standing on the arena.

Lin Yi finally took out his pill furnace under the crowd’s gaze. With an arrogant smile, he glanced with slight disdain toward Mu Ru Yue.

Simultaneously, Mu Ru Yue spread some of her mental power on top of the medicinal plants as though they would infiltrate into them…


Lin Yi snorted coldly before withdrawing his gaze. He no longer focused on Mu Ru Yue. With a brandish of his palm, a medicinal plant was tossed within the pill furnace.


Surging flames burst forth from the bottom of his pill furnace, giving off a scorching heat…

“It is as expected of Grandmaster Lin Yi. His alchemy standard is too outstanding. Did you see his fluid, accustomed movements? Only an expert like himself will possess such a standard.”

That comment was from a disciple from the Dongfang family.

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