EAA Chapter 659


Chapter 659 -Gathering And Reunion Part 2

“Zi Shao!”

Ye Wu Chen’s expression turned black.

‘This girl’s willful temperament hasn’t changed in the slightest after so many years. If it wasn’t for Mu Er’s protection over her in their past life, she will definitely be scolded and punished several times more.’

Zi Shao made a ghost face toward Ye Wu Chen, but she giggled inwardly. What she loved to do the most that year was to piss off her cousin. It was due to him forbidding her to near Mu Ru Yue after she had helped him get Yue Er. He even tossed her several times at least ten kilometres away from them…


Thus, how could she give up on a chance in getting her revenge?

“Zi Shao, it seems that I should find someone to marry you off!” Ye Wu Chen narrowed his eyes slightly. With a trace of sinister light that flashed across his eyes, he continued, “You won’t have time to take my wife away in that case.”


Zi Shao’s expression instantly turned sorrowful. She then looked pitifully toward Mu Ru Yue and said, “Sister-in-law, look at my brother… He bullied me. You should not sleep with him tonight and sleep with me instead.”

“Zi Shao!”

Ye Wu Chen’s face was as black as the bottom of a pot. It seemed that they were really too lenient toward this bizzare little girl.

Zi Shao stuck out her little tongue. She knew that if she were to continue, her cousin that loved his wife as his life would definitely go after her with all his might…

“I’m just kidding. How can I really take her away? If grandfather were to know, he definitely will…” Zi Shao knew that she had said the wrong words so she hastily shut her mouth.

It was due to her feeling the surge of a sinister cold aura bursting out from the man before her. Of course, the target of that aura wasn’t toward her.


Zi Shao looked somewhat timidly toward Ye Wu Chen.

How could that horrible incident where the Zi family was annihilated be not a pain in their heart that they could never forget? It was all due to that girl Zi Feng! If she were to know Zi Feng’s location, she would definitely tear her corpse up into tiny pieces!

“Wu Chen,” Mu Ru Yue patted Ye Wu Chen’s shoulder before she shifted her gaze toward Zi Shao’s delicate and pretty face and asked, “You are Zi Shao? A member of the Zi family? The aunt that Jing Er had mentioned?”

Zi Shao bit her lips as she nodded slightly and replied, “Sister-in-law, I’ve let you down…”

She wasn’t able to protect Jing Er well, making him suffer so much. If it wasn’t for her to be out travelling that day, she wouldn’t have been able to escape from that calamity. Nevertheless, her parents and relatives had all died under Zi Feng’s hand. How could she have the face to continue living in the world? If it wasn’t that she wanted to rescue Jing Er, she wouldn’t have hide at a place to train secretly…

A sorrowful atmosphere leaked out subconsciously from her body as she thought back to everything that had occurred in the past. Following that, a pair of arms extended before her, pulling her into her embrace.

Zi Shao’s body stiffened. Tears welled in her eyes as she shouted, choked with sobs, “Yue Er! I…”

“You don’t need to say further. I had heard a lot about what happened from Jing Er. His limbs were reconnected with your help. Moreover, it should be really harsh on you all these years. Furthermore, Wu Chen and I wasn’t able to appear by your side earlier. Zi Shao, even though I don’t remember anything, I have the urge to get close to you at first glance. Our relationship in the past should be really good, right?”

Zi Shao bit her lips. Her teary eyes made her look so pitiful, attracting affections toward her. She secretly wiped away her tears before she replied with a smile, “Yue Er, we were partners that went through life and death situations. We both experienced a life and death crisis at a dangerous place in the continent that year. I still remember that you didn’t escape on your own when I nearly fell off a cliff into a deep mountain steam as you pulled me up instead. If it wasn’t for you, I perhaps would have already died without a complete body…”

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