EAA Chapter 681


Chapter 681- Xiao Feng and Yao Yun Qing’s Crisis Part 12

Huang Ying jumped up in fright and her complexion instantly turned deathly pale as she yelled in fury, “Who is it?!”

Two peerless figures enter her sight when she was raging. While she was slightly dazed, she heard Yao Yun Qing’s elated exclamation from behind her back.

“Yue Er, you have finally shown up!”

When Huang Ying, who was pondering who they were, heard her words, her expression darkened. “Yun Qing, these are your friends? Why are they so undisciplined? I don’t know how their parents raised them to be such savages, just barging into other’s home!”


Mu Ru Yue’s gaze shifted from Yao Yun Qing to the sneering Huang Ying. She narrowed her eyes slightly and asked, “What did you say?”

Hmph!” Huang Ying snorted coldly as she replied, “You didn’t hear what I said? I said you don’t have any upbringing. You are far inferior compared to my daughter. It seems that I really need to teach you a lesson on behalf of your parents to make you understand what manners are!”

Coldness surged in Mu Ru Yue’s eyes as she walked toward Huang Ying. Huang Ying instantly felt pressured internally and physically at this moment, making her unable to voice out.

She wanted to cry out in fear, but she was unable to say anything no matter how much she tried…

Huang Ying was only feeling regret at this moment. She regretted taking her rage from Yao Yun Qing out on these two people, regretted blurting out such brainless words.


Mu Ru Yue infused some of energy into her palm before slapping Huang Ying’s face. Huang Ying’s innate talent wasn’t strong so she was just a person at the Xiantian Full Circle realm. Thus, she was sent flying out of the room by that slap.

Mu Ru Yue stepped on Huang Ying’s chest and twisted her feet a couple of times. A layer of frost covered her face with a glacial aura enveloping her body.

“No upbringing?” She chuckled lightly and with a voice as cold as always, she continued, “I will show you what my upbringing is!”

Dragons had reverse scales.

Her reverse scales were people that had a position in her heart…


Huang Ying spat out a mouthful of blood, staining her distorted expression red. She stared furiously at Mu Ru Yue. Her heart seemed to have been filled with hatred as though ten thousand ants were crawling in her heart.

Mu Ru Yue raised her gaze slightly before gradually withdrawing her feet. She then raised her toes and kicked Huang Ying, sending her flying into the backyard.


The porcelain teawares in the room fell onto the floor, shattering instantly.

Following that, she just walked past Huang Ying to stand before Yao Yun Qing. With a light smile, she said, “Qing Er, I am here to bring eldest brother and you back to the Xiao family…”

Perhaps it was due to the feeling of safety after seeing Mu Ru Yue. The resentments and fears that accumulated over the days burst forth. She wailed and leapt into Mu Ru Yue’s embrace. She gripped tightly onto Mu Ru Yue’s robe and said in a shaky voice, “Yue Er, quick… quickly save Xiao Feng… He has been severely wounded. He might not make it…”

Mu Ru Yue glanced at Huang Ying who had collapsed on the ground. With a slightly darkened gaze, she asked, “Where is Xiao Feng?”

Huang Ying bit her lips, refusing to reply.

She was the only one who knew Xiao Feng’s location. Her precious daughter, Yao Lan, was greatly touched by Xiao Feng’s dedicated feelings toward Yao Yun Qing, and fell in love with that callous man. Hence, she had secretly brought Xiao Feng out from the underground prison. Thus, for her daughter’s happiness, she definitely mustn’t tell them Xiao Feng’s location.

“Refusing to talk?” Mu Ru Yue’s brows rose as she continued, “Very good! I have thousands of methods to make you tell me what I want to know. I just don’t know which one you will choose.”


Huang Ying abruptly got a fright and her complexion instantly turned gravely pale as she yelled in fury, “Who is it?!”

Two peerless figures enter her sight when she was raging. When she was in a slight daze, she heard Yao Yun Qing’s elated exclamation from behind her back.

“Yue Er, you are finally here!” [ Miki suits up in her protective full body guards before handing out harnesses to her precious readers Don’t kill me but here’s some support to stay alive from this cliff. Please note that some harnesses are old and doesn’t work though but majority should be fine so have fun! winks ]

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  2. ohhh goshh I wanted to read that the door actually slammed on the face of the old and well preserve hag´s face xD hhahahah
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    Mu Ru Yue smiled and raised her hand to pat Ye Wu Chen’s head as she said, “Good. Let’s go and find Yao Yun Qing…” ohhh my gosh…If I was on the backround and just as a bystander with no knowlegde of their personalities, what kind of reaction would I have after witnessing this master and pet like scene? hahah

  3. ¿Felicidad de su hija? jajaja en serio acá las mujeres son estúpidas… solo porque ven que el hombre trata bien a otra piensan que serán tratadas con el mismo afecto, sólo por desearlo (?) es en serio (?), no sé si son descerebrados o ¿qué?

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