EAA Chapter 712


Chapter 712  -Crisis and Bai Ze Part 7

Shangguan Feng lowered her gaze slightly with gloominess in her eyes as she said, “Mother, I understand. I will do as you said. I will make those people be unable to leave the magic array after entering it!”

She shook her long sleeves downward slightly before turning around, leaving the secret chamber…

When her figure appeared under the sunlight, she couldn’t help but smile as she commented, “Mu Ru Yue, you’re still not my match again. So what if you meet up with him? You will be trapped inside the array for your entire life after breaking the spiritual stone. Moreover, you should be grateful toward me. You should thank me for leaving you with your life…”

‘That man will certainly be mine after she dies!


‘It’s a pity that I’m unable to let that girl see us rolling in the bed, making love. If she did, she would definitely feel a pain that makes her want to die!’

Shangguan Feng raised her head with happiness slowly filling her cold eyes. It was as though she could already see the scene where she had anticipated for so many years…

A man had his eyes shut inside a room. His soft silver hair brushed lightly against his face when the breeze blew past. His hair was like silk, giving off a dazzling glossy glow.

The man suddenly opened with eyes. With a light smile, he said, “It seems that she will be meeting with some troubles. But she can settle it herself. Since she won’t be in any danger, I will let her go as she pleased. Sometimes experience leads to maturity after all…”

If that trouble endangered Mu Ru Yue’s life, he wouldn’t stay unconcerned. Since that matter would be an experience for her and allow her to make a breakthrough, why should he interfere with that then?

Murong Qing Chu closed his eyes once again upon thinking about that. His handsome face gave off a glow under the sunlight. He looked like an exiled immortal that didn’t consume the food of common populace…

The Breeze blew gently in the valley.

Nobody dared to move carelessly on the wide mountain path. They were afraid that they would suddenly die from an explosion. Thus, this worked in the favour for Mu Ru Yue as she stored numerous medicinal plants in her storage ring.

Everyone was envious as they watched her action but they could only curse in their heart that she would lose her life from greed!

But Mu Ru Yue was unharmed from the start and there was only a negligible amount of demon beast that they encountered…

Everyone suddenly halted their steps when they raised their head to look at the dead end of the valley before them. Some couldn’t help but exclaimed.

“We reached the end? What about that rumoured powerful and mysterious demon beast? I’ve clearly read about it in an ancient book so why isn’t it here?”

They had come here for that demon beast.

Had they gotten nothing in the end? How could this be acceptable to those that had lost numerous of their comrades? Everyone’s heart trembled with frustration surging in their heart.

They didn’t obtain anything nor the demon beast after coming this far. Why did they come here for then? This was clearly wasting time!

Someone suddenly thought about something and looked furiously at Mu Ru Yue before demanding, “We didn’t obtain anything on this trip, but this girl has gotten a lot of treasures. If you don’t share some of those treasures with us, we will definitely not let you leave easily!”

“That’s right! Quickly take out some of those treasures!”

Everyone’s gaze landed on Mu Ru Yue, hooting. In their point of view, only Mu Ru Yue obtained so many precious treasures so it was too unfair to them.

Thus, they must get a portion of those treasures no matter what so that this wouldn’t be a wasted trip…

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  1. yep…indeed even if she was powerful in the past, she wasn`t at all her her match, since she did really fell for her schemes…damn…

    1. hahahhha so laughable…yeahhh Zi Feng…that´s like “Exito”´s meme for you…and reminds me of Inception since Wu Chen is inside the book, Mu Ru Yue is inside the array, the array is in Zi Feng´s hands, and their fate is in Murong Qin Qu´s eyes…hohoho beautiful xD

      “He looked like an exiled immortal that didn’t consume the food of common populace…” it wasn´t necesary, right? yeahhh he is inmortal like, so many times he is described like this, that I am beggining to wonder if this is some kind of foreshadowing fuahahhhhahahahhahHAHAHAHA

      Damish…useless people, who wants to take Yue´er harvest, it is not her fault their greed and slaking off…tsk tsk…

  2. Little did she know that if she destroys the magic array, she wont see ye wu chen anymore thus making it Mu ru yue’s win

  3. ja! ¿Por qué ella debería entregarle cosas que consiguió con su esfuerzo? cuerda de parásitos… consigan ustedes mismos sus cosas. Ah cierto… entre ellos hay idiotas de esa existencia estúpida que aun sueña que WC será suyo si MRY deja de existir…, luego de haber masacrado a su familia, de haber mutilado a su hijo y hacerla desaparecer… es que golpearla a morir, quitarle las extremidades y extraer su alma para que sufra su ruptura pedazo por pedazo no sería suficiente.

  4. This Zi Feng is seriously, completely, madly, deeply Pathetic… she got me speechless.. really.
    Btw Miki thank you for your hard work, i recommended to my friends to read this novel on your website.

    1. Post

      Hi hi~ Nope I did not write this book. I am just translating what an author that wrote this book in Mandarin raws to English.

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