EAA Chapter 726


Chapter 726- Mu Ru Yue’s Return Part 4

Three years had passed in the Central Region. Yet, countless years had passed in Realmless. The imperial power had already changed a couple times. But what was really stunning was that no matter how much time had passed, Yi Shao Chen and his million strongholds of cavalries neither aged nor died…

Yi Shao Chen had similarly been deemed as a God by the people of the Kingdom of Ling Yun!

Nevertheless, Yi Shao Chen would never forget who was the one that allowed such a drastic change in his life. It was unquestionably due to that person’s appearance that changed his entire life…

“About these Spiritual Realm experts…” Moshang Yun paused for a moment before saying with a smile, “Isn’t there three of them? How about we fight an opponent each?”


Haha!” Nangong Lie laughed out loud before agreeing, “Alright! Since that’s so, let’s have an opponent each and compete who will finish their opponent the quickest! I’ve broken through to the Spiritual Realm the fastest so let me deal with that girl that looks like the strongest out of those three!”


He didn’t wait for any replies before directly expanding his entire body’s aura and pressuring it toward Shangguan Lan.

Shangguan Lan’s expression had changed long ago. With a gloomy filled gaze, she proclaimed, “All of you will die a terrible death for opposing my Immortal Doctor Sect!”

Nangong Lie didn’t stop his movement in the slightest. The sword in his hand soared to the sky, carrying a mighty gale with it. It had even made the temperature in the surrounding to decrease a little.

“Let’s see who will die first then!”

“Uncle Bai Ze, when will my mother be breaking through?”

An adorable appearance entered Bai Ze’s sight inside the mountain valley.

He possessed an exquisite face. He looked just like a porcelain doll with his jade carved-like face. The toddler seemed to be very young. He was approximately four to five years of age. He also had an immensely adorable steamed stuffed bun-like tiny body.

Moreover, he possessed a pair of purple eyes that was extremely similar to Ye Wu Chen’s, making his appearance to be like a mini version of Ye Wu Chen…

“It will be really soon.”

Bai Ze smiled gently. He used his large hand to pat gently on the little fella’s adorable head. With doting filled eyes, he repeated, “She will be breaking through real soon.”

The little kid creased his brows tightly. He was really tempted to dodge Bai Ze’s hand that was treating him like a child but he still bore with it in the end.

He lifted his head to look at the closed-eyed girl that was sitting crossed-leg near him. A tinge of vibrant light filled his innocent, bright large eyes.

“Mother had started training in seclusion right after giving birth to me. Her seclusion training lasted for three years straight, not giving me any attention…”

Grief was expressed on his face with slight resentment in his eyes when he said that.

Bai Ze’s heart ached a little. He wanted to console him but was at a loss on how to do so.

“Hua Yun, what monster do you think Mu Ru Yue had given birth to?” Fu Qing looked with slight fear toward the toddler with a jade carved-like face before continuing, “He is definitely three years old, but looks five years old instead. How is he growing so quickly? Furthermore… furthermore, he is too matured. He is so mature that he doesn’t resemble a child in the slightest.”

The sole relief was that the child drank milk just like any other newborn baby. But Mu Ru Yue was trying to cultivate as much as she could so she would isolate herself from the group, passing him to them…

Otherwise, he was really a monster.

“He seems to be a kid to me. You are just overthinking it.”

Hua Yun shook his head as he disagreed.

“A kid?” Fu Qing pouted and rebuked, “Have you seen a three years old kid that could speak so intelligently? Can a three years old kid really possess such wits? He definitely isn’t an ordinary kid. He seems like a little devil instead.”


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      he was the one that found Mu Ru Yue in the Ouyang family’s border when Mu Ru Yue first entered into Realmless and initially thought she was a spy~

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      Thank you xD I’m glad you are enjoying it and hope you will continue hehe~ comments like yours gives me motivation to translate even though I do try my best to post a chapter a day~

  1. The son is finally born! Ru Yue after giving birth, soon went to cultivate and left him alone, so even being able to be three years with her, without Wu Chen messing up, he does not owe their attention … and after they leave there even less …

  2. I hope it will be a happy reunion for Wu Chen family. Kid, don’t be too resentful for the fastest she breaks thru the fastest you all can get out.
    Thanks for the chapter!

  3. Yo también me pregunto sobre la identidad de un niño que tardó como elefante por nacer… solo un inmortal de nacimiento podría ser ese niño.

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