EAA Chapter 735


Chapter 735 -Zi Feng’s Death With Her Soul Obliterated Part 5

‘You ingrate!’

“Zi Feng, you have not only killed our young mistress, you have also ruined the sect master. I definitely won’t forgive you!”

Jun Lan glared furiously at Zi Feng



She dashed toward the girl that was lying on the ground.

In her point of view, Shangguan Lan was like her daughter and had similarly treated Zi Feng as her granddaughter. Who knew that such a matter would occur?

She definitely wouldn’t forgive this girl!

Nangong Zi Feng really despaired this time. If she knew that the Heavenly Phoenix would be so unreliable, she wouldn’t have exposed herself. Otherwise, how could she be in such a dire situation?

But it was already too late no matter how she regretted…

Currently, Jun Lan no longer cared about the Yao family as she wanted to kill the girl before her more than them.



A ray of light was suddenly shot and landed on Jun Lan’s body.


Jun Lan was sent flying backward. Following that, a navy-blue figure then materialized before Zi Feng.

“Jun Lan, what are you doing?”

The man’s temple bulged up as he clenched his fists so hard that they crackled. He then said furiously, “Feng Er is the young mistress of the Immortal Doctor Sect. Why are you all trying to kill her?”

Jun Lan withdrew his hand and when she saw the man’s handsome face, she was stunned momentarily before replying, “Mister Yan Yun, this girl had just killed the sect master!”

The man known as Yan Yun (smoke cloud) glanced coldly at Jun Lan. He then snorted coldly and rebuked, “Shangguan Lan is Feng Er’s biological mother. How could she kill her own mother?”

Jun Lan’s expression instantly became gloomy. She didn’t expect that Mister Yan Yun would appear at this place.

Mister Yan Yun was a disciple of that lord. His status naturally wasn’t as noble as Mister Murong’s but he still held a high status.

Moreover, Mister Yan Yun seemed to have some affections toward the young mistress. But the young mistress was no longer the same young mistress. Her body harboured a soul from a different person instead.

“Mister Yan Yun, this matter could be proven by these many people as we had personally seen it. Moreover, she is no longer the young mistress. She is just another girl that killed the young mistress and taken over her body!”

Yan Yun chuckled coldly and said, “Jun Lan, what joke are you talking about? How could Feng Er kill the sect master with her current might? Moreover, I am the one that knows best whether she is Feng Er or not. I don’t need you to say otherwise.”

Yan Yun glanced at Jun Lan’s pale face before shifting his head toward Zi Feng and said gently, “Feng Er, don’t worry. I will protect you.”

A tinge of a cold ray of light flashed past Zi Feng’s eyes but she didn’t express it on her face.

“Jun Lan teamed up with the Yao family and other powers to kill my mother. She originally wanted to kill me too. But you appeared here, in the end, foiling their plans.”

She smiled bitterly while she said that. Sorrow filled her eyes as she continued, “I had not been by my mother’s side since young. I’ve been brought back by her eight years ago. Mother had treated me tremendously well during this half a year so how could I kill her? But these people killed my mother by cahooting with outsiders in order to obtain the power of the Immortal Doctor Sect! I, Shangguan Feng, swear that I’m unfit to call myself human if I don’t avenge her!”

Yan Yun’s heart ached when he looked at the girl’s resolute and cold expression. That pain made him want to instantly break the bones of all of these damnable fools present and scatter their ashes in order to help her avenge her vengeance!

“What else do all of you have to say now1?”

Yan Yun glanced coldly throughout the crowd with his gaze darkened.

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  1. Miki helps them say, “FML! You stupid love struck fool!”

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  1. Another fool who has fallen under Zi Feng’s charms. Seriously, is there no one present who has brains and smart enough to realize that this girl no longer has the same soul in her.

    All transmigration stories and reincarnation stories, the people who usually interact with the transmigrated and reincarnated persons notice a change in personality, character and behavior. But all these people in this story doesn’t notice this at all. They are must have really low powers of observation for such highly skilled martial persons.

    1. Post

      I kinda like it that the opponents are weak a** as you don’t need to think much when reading it as you know they will eventually dig their grave~ hahaha but I do understand why you want more intelligent opponents~ but it is also a pain if they are too intelligent xD

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