EAA Chapter 743


Chapter 743 -Zi Feng’s Death With Her Soul Obliterated Part 13


A tyrannical power burst forth from her body. Her aura poured out from her body toward the sky. Following that, her body gradually swelled up under the crowd’s gaze.

“This is bad!” Ouyang Yun Jin expression changed before continuing, “She is trying to self-destruct!”

Several people would be severely injured from her self-destruction with her current cultivation.


However, a hand seemed to have squashed her aura at this instant, calming Zi Feng’s rampaging aura.

A breeze blew past, the surrounding regained its tranquility. Zi Feng’s body shuddered abruptly when she raised her head to look at the god-like man standing in mid-air.

The man’s white hair that fluttered in the wind enhanced his sinister appearance. There wasn’t a single ripple in his glacial eyes, void of any warmth.

“Bai Ze!”

Zi Feng took in a mouth of air.

‘Bai Ze had really reunited with her!

‘My chance of victory is getting slimmer with Bai Ze by her side…’

“I’ve mentioned that I will surely not let you die easily!” Mu Ru Yue smirked slightly. A light smile gradually started to appear on her face.

But that smile was so cold that it made Zi Feng’s heart shudder.

“Zi Feng, how did you treat the Zi family previously? A thousand members of the Zi family died under your hands! I will avenge for the deaths of the Zi family!”

A cold killing intent flashed past Mu Ru Yue’s eyes. She then gradually neared Zi Feng with her powerful aura expanding outwards. The slightly fluttering white robes enhanced her beauty.

Ye Wu Chen just stood behind her from the start, silently watching. But he didn’t make a move.

He knew that Mu Ru Yue had waited for this day for too long already…


Zi Feng shrieked with terror-filled eyes.

Following that, a fist landed on her body.


She was sent flying backwards…

“Don’t worry. I won’t let you die easily. I have ways to bring you back to life even if you near death! I will avenge for every single life of the thousand lives lost under your hands!”

Mu Ru Yue’s voice was shaky. She then closed her eyes with killing intents that filled her heart at this moment. She then abruptly opened her eyes before raising her leg to ruthlessly kick Zi Feng straight in the face.


Zi Feng was sent flying backwards again, crashing against a tree.


Zi Feng’s complexion turned gravely pale as she spat out a mouthful of blood; shock was expressed on her face.

‘Senior Yue in this life is similarly as strong! She will eventually reach that pinnacle once again with time, looking down on the common populace!’


Zi Feng experienced a pain worse than death in the next instant!

Each punch that landed on her body seemed to have shattered her bones, intense pain was transmitted throughout her body.

Her body spasmed from the pain…

Yet, Mu Ru Yue didn’t stop her movements in the slightest. She desperately wanted to tear up the corpse of the girl before her into tiny fragments whenever she thought about everything that happened in her past life.

Quickly, there was no longer a part of Zi Feng’s body that was uninjured.

Her bones had been shattered from the barrage of attacks, but were quickly healed with a pill. Following that, another bout of beating occured, not giving her any breathers.

“Mu Ru Yue, you will definitely die a terrible death! Ah! Ahhh! You will surely die a terrible death!”

Zi Feng raised her badly mangled face as she shot a death-glare at Mu Ru Yue. Her sinister expression evoked dread in everyone’s heart.



A tyrannical power burst forth from her body. Her aura poured out from her body toward the sky. Following that, her body gradually swelled up under the crowd’s gaze.

“This is bad!” Ouyang Yun Jin expression changed before continuing, “She is trying to self-destruct!” [Miki: Zi Feng… is this the only move you know?]

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  1. Hasn’t MC stopped that move at least twice in this life? She may have done it more in previous lives, but that is the current known number. She is also quite proficient at it, so it seems it is pointless. Though I do wonder if they can retrieve the Zi Family relic that she seems to have been using to continue on as an evil spirit in all but name?

  2. Forgot one thing: self destruction (for the purpose of not letting your soul be destroyed by ending your life) seems a tad slow in all honesty. The type that burns your soul as a last middle-finger to your killer (or some other noble ideal or loyalty that basically results in the death of the killer, or at least serious injury) also seems slow. You would think such technique (the suicide to save your soul) would focus more on speed and getting your soul to reincarnate safely as opposed to ballooning and explosive power? It is understandable why you would want the type where “you don’t care about your soul” to be as powerful as possible, but speed should still be key (preferably without sacrificing explosive power) unless you have a method to hold them down in the time it takes to do it, in which case being a little leisurely is ok.

  3. crieeeeee zi feng, you showed such prowess in the fights before why is this suicide explosion your go-to every single time???? Does she have no other techniques

    1. Post

      I think she has no choice xD she is weaker than so many of them so she chose death to escape being killed by them. I lt is like how samurai gut themselves for honour or so I think~

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