EAA Chapter 767


Chapter 767 -Eastern Island And The Qiancheng Family Part 5

Mu Ru Yue agreed with a slight smile, “Alright, I will be troubling the head of the Qiancheng family.”

“Xiong Da,” Qiancheng Yun Long glanced at Xiong Da before ordering, “Immediately let someone set up a place for this lady.”

“Understood, head!”

Xiong Da looked curiously at Mu Ru Yue.


‘What seal is she talking about? There’s a seal in the young master’s body?’

But Xiong Da was naturally dimwitted so he just tossed the question that was too hard for him to the back of his mind. He shook his head as he brought Mu Ru Yue to the back courtyard…

A middle-aged man was sitting on a luxurious seat inside the Continent of Jun’s manor. With a cold and strict appearance, he swept a cold gaze at the youth before him before saying expressionlessly, “Qiancheng Yan, just return. Yan Er will certainly not be married to you!”

Qiancheng Yan’s expression changed as he replied hastily, “Governor, didn’t you say that you wanted two ten-thousand- year old medicinal plants as your betrothal gift? I had spent a couple of months searching and finding them. How can you go back on your words?”

He had suffered so much in these two months and even nearly lost his life several times. But he bore with it in order to marry his beloved girl.

Who knew that the governor would go back on his words at the last moment? What was the point in doing all those things during the previous days then?

“Enough!” Jun Lin Tian (reaching heaven) explained coldly, “Qin family’s Qin Fei is only twenty-one-year-old. Yet, his cultivation has already reached the Xiantian Full Circle Realm. He is, more importantly, a Mundane Stage Low Rank alchemist. How can you be comparable to him? I won’t let my daughter marry a trash like yourself unless you can surpass him!”

That word ‘trash’ pierced deeply into Qiancheng Yan’s heart. He clenched his fist tighter with his youthful face pale.

“Do you mean that if I can triumph against him,  you will let Yan Er marry me?” Qiancheng Yan’s voice was choked up with his emotions as he stared at Jun Lin Tian.

“That’s right,” Jun Lin Tian smirked and with a cold smile, he continued, “I will personally host a duel between the two of you in half a month’s time. If you can defeat Qin Fei, I will let Yan Er marry you!”

‘It is impossible for him to overtake Qin Fei in his might in just half a month’s time…’

Qiancheng Yan’s heart sunk heavily. He then raised his head to look at the strict appearance of Jun Lin Tian and agreed, “Alright, I will agree to your request. I don’t mind doing anything for Yan Er. I just hope you won’t go back on your words again.”

Jun Lin Tian sniggered as he reassured, “Don’t worry. If you are more outstanding than Qin Fei, how can I not allow you to marry my daughter…”

‘It is impossible for him to be more outstanding than Qin Fei!

‘Qiancheng family’s Qiancheng Yan is a well-known trash of the Continent of Jun. He is already nineteen-year-old but he still hasn’t reached the Xiantian Realm. If that’s not a trash, what is?’

Qiancheng Yan didn’t say further as he turned around to leave the manor. Yet, a hasty figure suddenly appeared in his sight at this moment…

“Elder brother Qiancheng!”


The young girl leaped into Qiancheng Yan’s embrace. She raised her alluring face and with teary beautiful eyes, she said, “Elder brother Qiancheng, I don’t want to marry Qin Fei. I know that you must be here for me…”

“Yan Er!”

Qiancheng Yan’s heart shuddered as he tightly held her delicate body in his embrace. Time seemed to have stalled as the light of the sunset shone on the couple…

Jun Lin Tian’s expression became gloomy as he said, “Who is it that let the young mistress out? Immediately bring her back to her room! She is forbidden to leave a single step out of her room without my permission!”

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