EAA Chapter 771


Chapter 771 -Eastern Island And The Qiancheng Family Part 9

Qiancheng Yan didn’t hesitate in the slightest as he raised his head to swallow the pill.

The pill melted instantly in his mouth.

Refreshing medicine flowed down his throat, entering his body. The after effects were tremendously soothing as the medicine warmed his internal organs…

Qiancheng Yan was jubilant when he felt the changes in his body. He turned to face Mu Ru Yue before kneeling down. He said emotionally, “Master, if it weren’t for you, I probably wouldn’t be able to achieve my dream. Moreover, I can continue living…”


His gratitude wasn’t only because she had saved him…

If he defeated Qin Fei, he could be with Jun Mo Yan…

“It’s only natural that I save you since you’ve acknowledged me as your Master.” Mu Ru Yue said with a slight smile, her gaze wasn’t as cold as usual.

Right now, Qiancheng Yan was already imagining Jun Mo Yan’s blissful appearance, unknowingly stirring him up…

Qiancheng Yun Long hurriedly paced back and forth outside the room while frequently glancing at the tightly shut door.

The door was suddenly pushed open. Qiancheng Yun Long stopped pacing as he looked at the youth that came out of the room in astonishment…

“Yan Er!”

Qiancheng Yun Long briskly walked forward as he stared at the youth and asked, “Your cultivation has reached the Mystic Realm?”

“Yes!” Qiancheng Yan nodded, “Father, the seal in my body has been removed.”

“How is your body?” Qiancheng Yun Long balled his fist tightly, nervousness creeping into his gaze.

Qiancheng Yan chuckled as he replied, “I don’t feel any discomfort. Father, I’m really fine…”  

Qiancheng Yun Long was momentarily stunned. After a long time, he raised his head and laughed heartily. His laughter filled the sky, making those of the Qiancheng family look at him. They didn’t know why the head was acting so peculiarly.

“Qiancheng family, I hope you’ll use all your strength to find the person I’m looking for after this matter has settled…”

Mu Ru Yue walked out of the room, she looked indifferently at Qiancheng Yun Long.

Her voice brought Qiancheng Yun Long back to reality. He walked briskly towards her as he replied, “Lady, don’t worry. No matter whether you’re Yan Er’s Master or have just saved Yan Er’s life, I will certainly do my utmost best in helping you. I can definitely find this man if he’s around here. If he isn’t, I can dispatch my men to help you search the whole of Eastern Island.”

Mu Ru Yue nodded slightly and replied, “Then I will have to trouble the head of the Qiancheng family this time…”

Qiancheng Yun Long smiled out of gratitude. He didn’t say anything more and left to make preparations for the another urgent matter. The news about the duel was released the moment Qiancheng Yan left the governor’s manor…

Qiancheng Yan was going to duel Qin Fei for Jun Mo Yan. The battle would be hosted in just half a month!

Qin Fei was the top talent in the Continent of Jun. He had reached the Xiantian Full Circle Realm at the age of twenty-one. But what about Qiancheng Yan? He was merely trash that hadn’t reached the Xiantian Realm!

Could it be that he thought he could surpass Qin Fei in just half a month? It would be impossible for even the son of God to make such rapid breakthroughs…

Qiancheng Yan wouldn’t stand a chance against Qin Fei. How could a person like him try to steal a girl from Qin Fei?

It would just be a joke.

Nonetheless, the plaza was packed with people after half a month. They seemed to be here to watch how Qiancheng Yan would humiliate himself…

No one knew who the final victor would be after all!

Qin Fei sneered at the youth before him in the arena. With a mocking smirk, he goaded, “Qiancheng Yan, are you here to humiliate yourself? You don’t have the qualifications to fight against me…”

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