EAA Chapter 784


Chapter 784 – Trash Squad Part 5

Flames of fury arose in her heart when she saw Mu Ru Yue at the entrance of the room. She shouted, “Bitch! Don’t think that you are really my match due to successfully catching me off guard previously! I just didn’t feel like bothering with you. Who knew that I will be assigned to be in the same room as you are?! It seems that we will need to settle the debt between us in the near future!”

An Lin was so enraged that she shot a death gaze at Mu Ru Yue.

Shu Ning frowned from slight impatience. She glanced at An Lin’s furious appearance. With a calm expression, she said, “If you don’t like this room, how about finding somewhere else to stay? Furthermore, since we will be staying together, I don’t want any infightings to occur.”

An Lin sniggered. A trace of disdain flashed past her eyes when she looked at the emblem on Shu Ning’s chest. She mocked, “Xiantian Mid Rank? It seems that you are also only at the Xiantian Mid Rank. What’s there to be prideful of? I am a Xiantian High Rank practitioner so both of you must listen to what I say!”


‘Xiantian Mid Rank?’

Mu Ru Yue looked curiously at Shu Ning with a slight frown.

‘The aura from her body doesn’t seem to be one at the Xiantian Mid Rank.’

‘She is hiding her power?’

Shu Ning replied indifferently with a slight smile on her beautiful face, “This lady, I shall give you an advice. Everything you see might not be the truth in the Eastern Continent. Some people that you should not be offending may just be those that seem like the most insignificant person among the crowd sometimes.”

She glanced vaguely at Mu Ru Yue after saying that. Her gaze seemed to be able to see through everything, giving Mu Ru Yue a peculiar feeling.

‘Has Shu Ning seen through my cultivation?

‘My true cultivation has always been hidden by the Alchemy Book so it will be impossible for ordinary people to see through my cultivation…’

“This is interesting.”

Mu Ru Yue smiled.

‘It seems that Shu Ning isn’t an ordinary person…’

“There are people that I can’t afford to offend hidden in a crowd?” An Lin sniggered. With a smirk, she continued, “You can’t be referring it to yourself, right? Brat, don’t be too egotistic. You won’t end well being so egotistical when you don’t have sufficient ability.”

Shu Ning smiled and said, “I am just giving you an advice. Don’t blame me for not warning you due to you not willing to heed my advice.”

Shu Ning raised the book in her hand again upon saying that, not looking at An Lin anymore…


An Lin was so angered that she stomped her feet. She glanced furiously at Mu Ru Yue. Yet, her heart shuddered uncontrollably when she received Mu Ru Yue’s glacial gaze. Following that, she bit her lip in frustration.

‘She is just a Xiantian Mid Rank trash. She was just lucky at catching my whip. It isn’t her true might so I shouldn’t need to be fearful of her…’

At this moment, An Lin didn’t in the slightest think that how could a Xiantian Mid Rank practitioner be able to receive a Xiantian High Rank practitioner’s attack with ease just by luck.

Of course, An Lin would still be guessing Mu Ru Yue’s might if it wasn’t for the emblems given to them from the first large event. But currently, her pair of eyes had been blinded by that emblem…

“Just you wait! I certainly won’t let the two of you off!”

Maliciousness flashed past An Lin’s eyes. Her intense anger distorted her face.

‘I definitely won’t let these two girls that had disregarded me off!’

Shu Ning smiled coldly. She never has good impression toward a spoilt brat like An Lin that had been overly pampered. Hence, she wasn’t willing to look at An Lin any longer, quietly reading her book…

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