EAA Chapter 785


Chapter 785 – Trash Squad Part 6

The first large event would be hosted in three days. Hence, everyone was making use of those three days to cultivate. But there was a minority that used those time to socialize, rarely appearing in the room…  

An Lin was in that minority.

Shu Ning was rather elated that she wasn’t around. Otherwise, she really didn’t know how to interact with that Miss High and Mighty. On the other hand, Mu Ru Yue didn’t care whether An Lin was in the room or not as she was just an insignificant stranger in her point of view…

“Yue Er!”



The room’s door was pushed open abruptly. An Xi and Qiancheng Yan dashed into the room from outside.

He said anxiously without recovering his breath, “Master, Elder Cheng (City) wants all competitors to gather at the plaza!”

Mu Ru Yue’s brows rose. She got out of bed and said with a smile, “Let’s go!”

Shu Ning suddenly closed the book in her hand the instant they were about to leave the room.

She smiled elegantly at Mu Ru Yue and asked, “Do you mind if I tag along?”

“By all means.”

Mu Ru Yue smiled as she had a great impression of Shu Ning…

The plaza was already filled with people.

The competitors for this large event was countless due to the lack of restrictions for the initial elimination competition. The plaza was densely packed with heads under the morning sunlight.

An Xi looked past the crowd, focusing on An Lin’s bashful face. She dazed for a moment before blinking her eyes and asked, “An Lin? Why is she with Liang Wen from the Liao family?”

An Lin seemed to have felt An Xi’s gaze as she shot a vicious gaze at her. Her smile was like a venomous dagger, fear-inspiring and horrifying.

“Qiancheng Yan, you all came as expected!” Liang Wen had his arm around An Lin’s petite waist when he suddenly pinched her waist hard. When he heard the other moaned out in pain, he then burst out laughing and walked toward Qiancheng Yan’s group. “That’s right, Lin Er, do you know them?”

Liang Wen obviously saw viciousness shown past the eyes of the girl in his embrace previously.

An Lin shyly leaned into Liang Wen’s embrace. She then replied in a sweet voice, “Elder brother Liang, she is my younger sister, An Xi. Her physique is terrible so she wasn’t able to cultivate since young. Moreover, these two girls are the ones that have been assigned to live with me. Their cultivation is at the Xiantian Mid Rank.”

She had purposely emphasized that rank with ridicule in her beautiful eyes.

In her point of view, Xiantian Mid Rank was a substitute name for trash…

Shu Ning sneered as she commented, “An Lin, I didn’t expect that you are able to be with a person at the Xiantian Full Circle Realm in just three short days. It’s no wonder why you hadn’t been cultivating in the room these days. So, you had been fooling around with men!”

“You…” An Lin glared at Shu Ning before shrinking pitifully into Liang Wen’s embrace. She then complained, “Elder brother Liang, look at them…”  

Liang Wen felt so satisfied being depended upon by a beauty. He gripped onto An Lin’s sharp chin before lowering his body to kiss her deeply.

Following that, he raised his gaze to look at Shu Ning. He sniggered before saying, “You don’t have the right to teach my Liang Wen’s girl a lesson. However, if the three of you are interested, feel free to leap into my embrace! I’m a much greater choice as compared to Qiancheng Yan!”

He glanced at Mu Ru Yue while he said that.

‘This girl had greatly humiliated me in public. I must make her fall in love with me no matter what before ruthlessly dumping her in the next instant!’

“Elder brother Liang!”

An Lin’s complexion changed with tears in her eyes. The gaze that she shot at Mu Ru Yue was filled with undisguised resentment.

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