EAA Chapter 794


Chapter 794 – Eternal Night forest Part 5

Since that power belonged to Yan Jin, she definitely wouldn’t let anyone snatch it away no matter what…

“How do you plan on preventing us from entering?” The beauty had widened her eyes as she rebuked furiously, “Do you trash really think you can hog this place? I’m just telling you that we have fancied this place. This missy shall give you one last chance to scram. If not, this missy will let you understand what regret means!”

‘These trash dares to fight against us? Do they know how death is written?’

“Master,” Qiancheng Yan frowned as he moved in a flash to stand before Mu Ru Yue. He then said, “Let me teach this brat a lesson!”



A crisp sound was heard.

The beauty was stunned as she looked in astonishment at Qiancheng Yan that had suddenly appeared before her. She then pounced crazily at him after being in a daze for a while.

AHHH! You brat, you dared to hit me? I am going to kill you!”

‘My parents don’t even bear to hit me since young. Yet, this brat slapped me. This is something that I can’t stand!’


Qiancheng Yan snorted coldly. Just as he raised his hand to slap the beauty again, his hand was gripped tightly by another hand.

Instantly, a pair of glacial golden eyes entered Qiancheng Yan’s sight, a chill subconsciously crept up in Qiancheng Yan’s heart.

“Aren’t you being too gutsy?”


With a wave of Jin Kai’s hand, Qiancheng Yan was forced to rapidly retreat a couple of steps back.

“Elder brother Jin Kai.”

The beauty ran briskly to Jin Kai’s side. A handprint was clear to sight on her tear-stained face, enhancing her pitiful appearance and attracting affections to her.

“Elder brother Jin Kai, this brat dares to hit me. You must help me to kill him. No! Killing him will be too simple. I should give him a life worse than death!”

Her beautiful face distorted when she said that.

Jin Kai didn’t even look at her. But he still charged toward Qiancheng Yan with his mighty aura bursting forth from his body. Suddenly, Qiancheng Yan’s body stiffened and the complexion of his youthful face turned gravely pale.

A white robe soared through the sky before Jin Kai could near Qiancheng Yan. With a raise of her hand, a red light shot out from her palm making Jin kai retreat a couple of steps back.

“You aren’t allowed to teach my disciple a lesson!”

The girl’s voice was extremely cold. Her words was like a cold wind that struck the crowd’s heart.

“Elder brother Jin Kai, help me kill this girl too!” The beauty shot dagger-like gazes at Mu Ru Yue’s face. Jealousy and hatred brimmed in her heart.

‘I thought I am exceptionally pretty already. Yet, this girl not only has such a devastating appearance, she even carries a peerless grandeur with her.

‘How can I not be jealous of her?’

Jin Kai didn’t say anything as his golden eyes meticulously sized up Mu Ru Yue. A discreet glint flashed past his eyes.

“Elder brother Jin Kai!”

The beauty was stunned as she widened her eyes in shock. She didn’t expect that Jin Kai didn’t avenge for her nor kill that damnable girl!

Jin Kai glanced coldly at the beauty’s face with a frown from slight annoyance. Following that, he discreetly glanced at Shu Ning before he turned around to leave the cave.

His golden figure quickly vanished into the night…

“Elder brother Jin Kai, why did you let them off?”

The night breeze blew past in the forest. The beauty was biting on her lips in dissatisfaction with extreme anger in her eyes.

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  1. ¿Lo conoció en otra vida? nuestra prota se ha encontrado con otra reencarnada (?)
    Y… por qué siempre tiene que ser celos y envidia… no sé, deseo ver cosas más profundas, pero siempre es que uno termina enloquecido por uno de la pareja protagónica o por celos de belleza…

  2. Instantly, a pair of glacial golden eyes entered Qiancheng Yan’s sight, a chill subconsciously crept up in Yan Jin’s heart.
    Shouldn’t that be Oiancheng Yan who got a chill?

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