EAA Chapter 803


Chapter 803 – Setting A Battle Appointment Part 5

The sky outside the Eternal Night Forest wasn’t as dark as in the forest. The noon sunlight shone warmly at the foot of the mountain, shining through the motley trees.

It had already been half a month. People were constantly leaving the mountain range, giving rise to liveliness to the quiet foot of the mountain…

“How do you think that little trash team is doing? It has been so long. Yet, they didn’t use the Teleportation Talisman to exit the forest. Can it be that they had already met with mishap?”

Haha! It will certainly be the case. How can they survive in the Eternal Night Forest with their current might? They must have already died by those ferocious demon beast’s claws since there hadn’t been a trace of them in this half a month. It will be impossible for them to appear again.”


“They were really seeking death. With those girl’s appearance, some experts would definitely accept them in their team. Yet, the four of them were adamant in forming a trash team. If they weren’t seeking death, what was it?”

The crowd shook their head as they sighed with slight pity.

Lin Li sneered as he heard the discussions of the crowd. Liang Wen had sought for him before heading to the Eternal Night Forest. He had used a Mundane Stage Low Rank pill to bribe him in tweaking the runes on those talismans. He had indeed done that so it would be beyond the bounds of possibility for those people to safely leave the forest this time.

Lin Li couldn’t help but raise his head to look at the entrance of the Eternal Night forest while thinking about that. With that glance, an appearance gradually enlarged in his sight, gloominess filled his eyes.

Those figures had suddenly reflected in his eyes under the sunlight…



‘They should have died. How could they still be able to appear at this place? Could it be they found a place to hide and left the forest after half a month?

‘This is the only logical reason I can think of for them to be able to safely leave the forest…’

Lin Li clenched his fist tightly. He could only suppress his killing intent after taking a deep breath. Following that, he shot a sword-like gaze toward Mu Ru Yue’s team.

Mu Ru Yue discreetly glanced over after seeming to feel his gaze. Her gazed met with a pair of gloomy and enraged pupils. She already had some understanding as to why he had such a gaze.

“It seems that the water is similarly really deep in this City of Chaos.”

She chuckled while she smirked, thinking nothing of him.

Cough! Cough!

Lin Li withdrew his gaze. He then cleared his throat before announcing, “Since everyone has returned, the first elimination round has ended. The second competition will be held three days later. Everyone should use that time frame to rest up to be able to deal with the next competition with full power!”

He didn’t dally at the place upon saying that as he firmly swung his sleeves downward before turning around and left. The grey robes gradually disappeared under the sunlight.


Liang Wen snorted coldly as he said with contempt, “You guys were lucky this time. I won’t be as courteous for the next round of competition. I will let all of you understand the gap between a talent and trash. Lin Er, let’s go!”

‘I will unquestionably defeat Qiancheng Yan.

‘I won’t be satisfied from just defeating him. I must make that man kneel down before me and plead for mercy! Otherwise, it will be hard to appease my anger!’

Liang Wen took in a deep breath after each and every scene that transpired these days played in his mind. He then disappeared from the crowd’s gaze without looking back.

Shu Ning sneered. Just when she withdrew her gaze, a robust figure suddenly appeared before her. Her entire body shuddered a little from his cold aura.

With a cold smile, she said, “Mister Jin, please get out of the way if you don’t have any business with me!”

Jin Kai frowned slightly as he looked coldly at the girl before him. He then said with a cold voice, “We know each other!”

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      But it is fun to see them dig their grave. It is one of the main purpose of novel xD It is like an eye punching bag to relief the stress built up in the day as you see ‘clowns’ playing around, getting bashed up/crippled haha Hmm~ that sounds a little dark *sweats*

  1. True but it felt kind of repetitiv while binge reading especially all the brain dead families. But it is funny none the less xD Mistress Miki likes to see others suffer O.o

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      I don’t think he wants her at all haha but she is like a parasite sticking to him or due to family order that didn’t let him to chase her away.

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